The Quietest Drone Ever Made? The DJI Mavic Pro Platinum Review! Drone Flight Friday!

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“Dji really create the quietest drone ever the mavic pro platinum let s reduce the the drone noise pollution together let s check it out the maverick pro platinum is slight refresh of the original maverick pro that was released in 2016. It s basically the exact same drone with a few notable exceptions. One is the sweet new paint job and stickers. The second notable exception is the quietness of the drone dji advertises that they are able to reduce the noise by eight decimal points.

Now that may not sound like a lot it doesn t to me. But with the way decibels are calculated in science math. Magic that s actually a potential 40 percent reduction in sound. They achieve this by both updating the propeller design and by updating the esc s.

Controlling the motors and i don t really know what that means either. But you don t really need to know to enjoy this drone third. Notable update is the battery life with a new type of battery and the new esc s. And some additional minor internal updates.

Dji says you should get around 30 minutes of flight. But just to be sure what we re gonna check that later so you can go out and read the specs if you want to i ll leave a link in the description to where you can actually go to purchase this if you really want to but i want to cover a few of the specs that are really important to. Me. Number one is the weight this thing should weigh 162.

Pounds or 732. Grams. And that is without the gimbal cover. It can travel up to 40 miles per hour in sport mode without wind.

It has a max flight time of 30 minutes with no wind and that s so you will get better battery life. If you re constantly flying as opposed to hovering and will when we do the battery test..

It will be hovering so there will be a little bit less of a battery life in that max hovering time is 27 minutes. It has a cmos sensor with an expected pixel of twelve point three five megapixels. The lens has a 78 degree field of view which is a 35 millimeter format equivalent or and f 22. It s visual recording mode of scan it can do cinema 4k that s 4096 by 2160 at 24 frames per second or it can do the more consumer for k of 3840 by 2160 at 24 25.

And 30 frames per second. And it does all of that at 60 megabits per second. They can do jpegs and d ngs. And can take video and mp4 and movie and movie film formats and those are really the most important specs to me if you want to see more specs follow the link in the description below.

Now that we ve covered the specs of the platinum let s go out and actually test the two main updates. This drone is it quieter and is the battery life worth. It let s go so it s time to do one of two most important tests. And that is how loud is it really let s check so right up on it i got about 88 decibels.

A couple steps back it dropped by 20 and a couple steps back. I couldn t pick it up over the background noise. So it s incredibly quiet let s compare that to my favorite drone. The dji spark so quite a bit higher on the spark then on the mavic.

The spark has more of a high pitched whine to it that you can hear for farther distances. Whereas. The maverick has more of like a low base that really dissipates as soon as it s just a little bit farther from there. But now the next big test battery life so we got a ok a fresh battery.

Fully charged. We re gonna see how long it lasts for honesty s sake..

I hope the camera can record as long as this is gonna fly. It s got the cameras got a fresh battery in a two but here s hoping okay here we go getting ready to start all right see you guys when it s done should ve brought him book. Like 30 minutes is a long time so well crap hindsight 20. 20.

I can t use my phone either because it s plugged into the the controller. So let s play around with this camera a bit. I guess cheese bees man. Attacking the bees up in here the bees don t like the mavic right there that guy kind of like look you know i m hanging out by myself talking to myself that s class jurassic park reference.

I didn t mean to screw the test right there totally that s biased that s biased now i ve totally compromised the results of the test all right ten minutes of solid flight and we are at 67 battery life okay so here s my concern obviously since we ve been doing this test those clouds yeah those clouds they look like rain and i think i ve been hearing some thunder. But i don t want to stop the test because it takes forever to charge these batteries and it took me 30 minutes to drive out here so do we like sacrifice the mavic let it get rained on to keep the test going it needs to run out of battery soon. But it s still go it s like oh should have brought a chair should have read a book it needs to run out of battery let s go let s go okay. We just have 15 minutes and you re 46 you re in battery life it is incredibly stable.

I mean you see it s barely barely but that s that s pretty impressive and it s windy out here okay we got our first low battery warning at exactly 20 minutes so it s 20 minutes. If that s in focus and we re at 30 battery life now. I m only gonna let it go down to 10. Because i wouldn t fly it anymore past 10 so see you in just a couple minutes okay 22 minutes 36 seconds for 20 ten more percent left to go okay ten percent whoa okay so twenty four minutes 40 seconds from full battery to 10 battery life.

Did you see that that s the only way i can hand catch you guys is i have to critically philby ob ob. Okay that s the only way i can hand catch. It is i have to make the battery go critically low. That s awesome.

Though first ever hand catch of a mavic you saw it here first so what right like who really cares about all this stuff should you get this drone. Honestly when i first heard about this drone..

I thought it was all gimmick 100 thought the dji was being lazy and because they were the kings of the market and they have all the market share. They decided they didn t need to do any extra research or they didn t need to do anything and they could just release a new paintjob in charges. Hundred dollars more for it they were gonna trick us into buying the exact same drone again that is what i hundred percent. Honestly that s what i thought i mean the battery life of twenty four minutes that s not terrible.

It s good for a drone. But it s not the 30 minutes that they advertise that s six whole minutes. I mean that may not sound like a lot. But in drone life my dji sparks battery.

Lasts twice of that of six minutes 12 minutes the real revolution of this drone is the noise reduction. It is crazy and i m not sure that the not sure that the microphone and the audio transmitting from me to you really does it justice like it s i thought it was gonna be a softer quieter sound. But it s necessarily a softer sound. It is a it s like a deeper sound.

So the the drone itself has a deeper quality to the noise. And that noise doesn t transfer as far we saw that the decimal reduction. Even a couple of steps is dramatic when you have the drone flying like 100 feet away you can barely tell. It s there and that is really a good thing.

And it s not just people trying to be sneaky with drones. But something that i really like drones. I really enjoy flying them i really like taking pictures with them i really like seeing what other people can create with drones. But what i don t like about drones is the noise pollution that they cause when i m going to the beach or i m going out to a cool place.

And i hear everywhere. I don t like that and that s why i really really like the noise reduction on this so if somebody s doing whatever they want to do they want to fill in the lake or they want to film the beach or they want to film some cool thing where they re legally allowed to go this makes it much better for everybody involved..

And i really think that this is a huge step forward in that direction. I i just i m very impressed by what dji has done with the noid. The battery life yeah whatever. But the noise reduction is really good so should you get this over the mavic pro regular well it depends.

Again it depends on all sorts of things like like my buddy. Bill utah. Has told me you can get a refurbished maverick pro for seven hundred some bucks not very much that s almost six that s almost half of what this costs seriously that s almost half of what this costs. So is it worth it if you re buying a brand new and you have to have a brand new drone.

This is worth it i think. This is definitely worth it for the noise reduction. You re gonna you re gonna make people a lot less angry by the businesses from wherever you go then if you get this drone. But if you fly in places.

Where you don t really you don t really need the noise reduction. There s nobody around well then just get get like a refurbished mavic or heck even get the spark because the sparks amazing. I was able to i was able to slide that spark reference right on in there no big deal well. If you like this video.

Go ahead. And give it a big thumbs. Up we do drone flight friday every friday at 12 00 pm. Eastern well hey on the everyday dad and if i can figure out that there s actually more to the maverick pro platinum than just a gimmick you can figure it out thanks for ” .


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