The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 4 FACEBOOK LIVE STREAM 11/13 – PSA

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“Guys i m justin dejesus. Hey. I m tony kavari. I m jo white and and i m christopher millicent and you re watching pablo enjoy six.

But we re gonna go to the intro. Why because we just have an announcement a big big announcement yes. We re pregnant well. It was requested by a viewer that we live stream.

Our reaction to next week s walking dead episode..

Which is an extended episode. Yeah so i would have i think it s like an hour 25 min hour a half. I m sure with commercials on all the other stuff. Yeah we re gonna livestream our reactions throughout um.

The show next week. And then give you guys a super big opportunity to ask all the questions you always want to ask for to give us some insight as maybe we we re still very confused about one of the parts from this season or this past episode so hopeful this season this past episode hopefully when i get some answers to that question and we ll be able to answer your questions. Yes. We will and so you ll see this video.

Throughout social medias throughout our social medias..

Whatever and hopes and preparing for the live stream of next week s episode. So we re still going to do the after review that we do and we ll still have that up that night of course. But we want you guys to join us because this is the first time. We ve done something like this.

And i m excited yeah. We wanted to give you a heads up so that you ll know to be there and you can be enjoying it with well and you guys need to share this video. So other people know so your friends no see you re walking dead friends that are all sitting in your living room watching walking dead next week. No you can be part of the show that we re going to be doing.

Oh yeah..

We always have a room full of people so why don t you guys come and join us that s right a part of the day with us and we ll watch it together because next week s episode is not only extended. But it s extended because of the fucking content. Yes. We are going back to alexandria all need to be there for this ride so please join us next week.

And like she said share this video. So everyone else can join us as well alright. Tell your family and friends yes. Alright well.

I m just into a suit..

I m tony khavari. I m jr light and i am christopher millison and you even watching popcorn enjoys yeah trouble that i show because this is just a public service announcement. If you will okay yes all right well until next time guys we will catch you next week. I ” .


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