Top 5 Reasons You NEED the Buzzard in GTA Online

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“Everybody and welcome to game sauce. My name is bryce and i m back with with another gta online video just for you guys and this is going to be good one but before i get into anything else i just like to say that you guys are awesome the amount of likes that we got in that last video. I really owe that to the success that it had getting out there to as many people as possible. And i d really like this video to be successful too so.

If you guys could give this video like real quick. It would really help me out. And i d really appreciate it now without wasting any more time this video is about one thing. And that s an awesome freaking helicopter that this game has to offer the buzzard now seriously a lot of people would kind of overlook.

This one because they re so caught up with the whole savage and the valkyrie thing like in the missions or in the heists. I should say and honestly those things aren t really the best now the buzzard is way better and i really want to explain that to you guys because if you are serious about making money in gta online or if you re vip or ceo. Or you just like to do missions in general or anything honestly. A helicopters going to help you out an insane amount you guys have no idea and because of that this video is dedicated to the top 5 reasons you need to buy the buzzard in gta online.

The first reason and definitely the most boring is the price it is really expensive don t get me wrong. But the buzzard is one of the cheapest helicopters in the game which is awesome as you can see here i ve grouped it with other similar helicopters the valkyrie coming out at. 28 five. Million the savage at 195.

The annihilator at one point. Eight to five and the buzzard sits in the bottom at one point. Seven five which is pretty great next up..


We have the speed and agility of this thing which seriously is underrated in my opinion it s one of the fastest helicopters in the game both vertically and horizontally as you can see here you can maneuver through buildings pretty easily and even some more hard to reach areas of the map. This is especially helpful on missions like headhunter where you can just take out the enemies from the sky. Without even getting out of your helicopter. Even if they re in some sort of hard to reach spots like a parking structure for instance.

It s pretty easy to lower this guy down and shoot right in there now i did kind of touch on this and number four. But this thing is super helpful in missions especially the vip missions if you guys don t know anything about the vip missions please check out the video that i made before it is clearly in my opinion the best way to make money in gta online. You can get super rich from just doing these missions and having this helicopter will make things go so much smoother and so much faster. It s ridiculous spoiler alert.

My favorite two vip missions are headhunter and sites here headhunter. I already mentioned before but sites here you literally just have to go around the map. But having a helicopter make things go so much faster you can literally make hundreds of thousands of dollars for you and your friends just by doing those two missions and like i said go check out that video. If you want to learn more about that but seriously do not underestimate the power of the buzzard.

And it doesn t have to just be be ip missions. You know it could be any sort of mission. It s going to help you out in one way. Or another.

Whether it be getting to a destination. Faster or kind of just like blowing somebody up out of the sky instead of having to get out and shoot everyone so seriously consider that if you really want to make money in gta online. Now this is the part where it really starts to get interesting this helicopter is freakin deadly..


Okay don t let that low price fool you this thing can really pack a punch. Even compared to the other more expensive helicopters out there you ve got missiles homing missiles machine guns and even this cool little camera view for the missiles that the passenger can use so the driver can just focus on flying and the passenger can do all the work. It s pretty awesome. This thing also holds four people so no problems air you can take your whole organization around the map.

And just cause havoc as you can see here. I m just completely obliterating. The cops right now and you can also do this to people online as well it s pretty interesting. It s pretty entertaining and it s pretty powerful trust me so at this point in the video.

If you re still watching you re probably like wow. This video is absolute trash. I already knew all this stuff. And i m gonna know number one probably too well you may be right.

But you re wrong about this video being trashed because this is going to make up for absolutely freaking everything in this video. Right now. This is the absolute 100 number one thing about the buzzard and why i recommend it so highly. It is absolutely incredible that they they allowed this and i m not exaggerating seriously if you buy this you re gonna jizz your pants.

But first a small rant okay the buzzard is technically a pegasus vehicle. And i think pegasus vehicles are the stupidest things in this entire game okay so you spend millions of dollars on your pegasus vehicle and then you have to call a pegasus and have it delivered to you for more money. Oh wait..


When i say delivered to you i mean delivered halfway across the freakin map and you have to go retrieve it yeah. Pegasus vehicles are stupid. Why should i have to pay and have to go retrieve something that i already own okay. But but and i m sorry if you re not a vip or ceo.

You re really missing out and this isn t going to apply to you and you should be a vip or ceo. Because you can make lots and lots of money. But regardless you can totally bypass. The whole pegasus system.

And it s incredible introducing your number one reason to buy the buzzard in gta online. Yeah so basically using the vip or the ceo menu you can spawn this thing for free literally anywhere just look at where it is right now and that s not even the worst of it as you can see here it spawned underneath this bridge. So a word of advice is just try and do it in an open area. Because there are pretty much no limitations to where this thing will spawn the moral of the story is if you buy the buzzard and you re a ceo you can spawn it for free anywhere.

I think you can actually spawn it even if you don t own it. But it s not free. It s about 10 grand or something per use so i would really recommend doing that unless you re in a pinch or something. But for real.

This is an awesome purchase to make and i hope you learned at least one thing from this video. A bonus reason. I guess so you could call this five point five..


Is that if you re in an organization anyone in your organization can spawn this if you own it. Which is pretty cool not too at the same time. Though unfortunately. And that would be really epic.

So thank you guys a lot for watching this video. It really means the world to me thank you so much for all the awesome support all the really nice comments you left on my previous. Videos and really all of the new people we gained almost 9000. Subscribers.

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I hope to see you guys there get to know you a little bit more and thank you guys once again you guys are seriously awesome. And i ll see you in the next ” ..

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