Twitch FAILS: Windows CRASH/UPDATE Compilation

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“Did this happen how did that fuck your windows 10 to 3 i mean you you re i mean this is starting to get a bit. I mean i m simple man. Oh is everyone else experiencing the same nonsense. I am.

No i just want you disappearances. They work for our ngo idea. How funny that was was i in midair jumping and then i just disappeared. You look like you just hold down some stairs through the floor that s right look.

I think my computer. Just crashed. I m somehow still talking to you guys. Though ok.


You should see what i see what i see on my monitor is different than what i see on the screen. The stream is just like fuzzy back row. I see the game in my screamer. I have no idea what is going on it did not get back banned for my hacks look at this shit look at this stupid.

Bullshit restarting. In 12 minutes and 58 seconds. This shit comes up on my computer. Every single day automatically your pc needs to restart to finish installing important updates every single day and every single day i click later you know why i click later because there s no option to click never i d like to click never i never want to install these bullshit meaningless.

Superfluous. Sigh hatem i hate these stupid updates. The sun shocked edit oh bennet them going over here shut the fuck up off on why oh fuck this fucked. It who a desktop computer when i built by hand in like late 2012 december 2012.


I said running windows 7 for almost four years i had an indoor soccer game. I went and i indoor game was that like 10 30. I come back home and my computer and suddenly i m running windows 10 i m like what was that so my computer apparently auto updated windows 10 it s the last look the student with them for them to get those big plays. And also trim reality has the dead eye available azk.

Though also hasn t at the ready. And all the defense of ulta teamliquid are strong and available. So agility s immediately getting the dragonblade out. But transcendence denying any real potential whatsoever again and now bomb down they have to commit kadian at least with the molotov gonna try and flush out the player at the bench.

That s reds and we like windows flushed out the entire observer well we can still see what s going on just. The radio cars right now at epsilon do step up and they managed to hold it off it was a pretty lackluster hold ultimately. I don t have a lot of time that i don t know any information. I don t know where this guy is i know nothing i m the hope no no telephone optics.


No are you fucking kidding me why your foot. Anyway. Just answer yep. I m.

Though okay kyrie again is very well done i walk under windows everybody esl by doing a hot you could have to the radio kostas got we got this and then for you can buy be a good neighbor huh. Okay. I don t know why i gotta yell jed. Yeah.

11k you fucking out bitches get give dharma pieces of five just like it s 49. And there s no reason that s right what what all right guys well oh. This is pretty neat how did this happen how did does that fuck your windows 10 i will see you a maybe get this back hurry up but oh my god you have one job pc. We turned off everything i did that i i did i don t trust anybody anymore fuck you guys.


I m glad you can still hear me right now somehow. I m a wizard. What the fuck. What the fuck.

Oh dude d. Always what on earth is a schedule. Fuck. Is not the time for this no by the time no get outta here.

” ..

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