TypewriterMinutes-Typewriter Review: 1979 Brother Deluxe 1350

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“Everybody thank you for joining us today. We re going to draw a hand reaching reaching out just to be a perspective sort of thing where we will put down framework to begin so this to an oval. The start off will have the fingers going this way. The thumb is going to be placed here somewhere here.

So well first please use very light strokes. Because it s instrumental in correcting. Any mistakes so the bottom of the hand or you can get out of the way like that and then just follow some curvature and place the foam right here. The site of the hand can be put down as well and the thumb now depending on of course.

How much we want to force shorten things can change like it can be larger. If we change the angle. A little bit because that s how dynamic hand placement and finger and anatomy plays my desk. So then we go out and put down the fingers so they ll start off somewhere here.

And let s do one two three now that s really short because we re doing for shortening. These are the google images and you will see that a lot can be seen online. 1 2. 3.

1. 2. 3. And just one two three.

I m going to throw in some builders maintain that sausages help in getting the fingers in place. A one two three now. There s foreshortening. That s what that was really short one.

Two three one nice and big to third one. Right. There. There will be a skinful and we go into the index finger.

Which is actually spread out so one two just make it nice and large and three so what we re going to do around that is we re down. Some details. Indexfinger essentially going like that from the top and going backward. And concentrating here another skin of the hand right around there that finger and then the next finger.

It s putting some finger lines or at the bottom. And and at the top. So talk. And that is the bottom neal and then the little guy coming in and rounding this off and of course.

The essential skin folds falling. Where we want them to now thumb is going to change the placement ever slightly. So we can also now this is more complicated now we can also change the placement of the finger entirely in that we can just go and put the index finger right out like that probably end up somewhere there along those lines. But we did a slightly like complicated aspect.

There as well so that that can also recover thumb can also be placed as we mentioned before differently could come in like that and change. The placement of the hand. Here. So you could go back and change the back of the hand just to like add it up work.

A little bit. So it could also work that way and the fingers of course. The placement can switch anything. But we could also have more for shortening in the sense that so that can be nice and large nail can come and you can just go that much farther similar exercise here and we could also change the setup of that move the nail there we go with that throw know this highlight one certain aspect that we tapped into here just so that this is not as messy for us to look at if you want to comprehend.

It one more time so we chose let s say eventually to go with an angle. Like that and it will really work we have other videos in which we have shown and reaching out from different angles. Please do check them out as well and we hope that this was of some help please subscribe keep in touch ere and here or surface cracks. I don t think it s it s not cracked all the way through so it s just an interesting combination of metal and plastic on the on the metal cover.

There s i don t know three sets of doodads these outer ones pivot down into these grooves here and here and then the center. One has a doodad one of them s pointed up a little bit more than the other and this guy..

Which has a little hook on it pivots down underneath this plastic tab that sticks out so so far this hasn t broken. But it s that s just interesting that they combine metal and plastic like this the inside of the type asket looks familiar looks like a later model jp. One that we ve shown on some of our other videos just a basic type basket has the automatic ribbon reverse you have to have eyelets on these ribbons and they come out and trigger the ribbon reverse forks and if you want to switch a manual you just have to go dink dink. It s a very reliable machine like all other brothers that we have they just work i mean.

It was dirty when we got it took it all apart and cleaned it. But now it s typing like a champ. These are just one of my favorite machines as far as being easy to clean maintained and they re just dead flat reliable. So we ll go ahead and put cover back on like that and you ll hear it click down into place one of the reasons like i mentioned that i bought this machine is the spanish keys.

We have only had one other machine that had spanish keys. But it didn t have the full set it didn t have the this one has if you ll come up here. Mr. Cameraman as the upside down exclamation mark in the upside down question mark do you use at the beginning of sentences.

It also has the nea here with the little tilde over it and then it has the accent mark. I keep my work that s called the tilde or just an accent mark and then the diaeresis. I believe the two dots on a couple spanish letters. That goes over the letter u.

And then a couple other oddball keys up here. You ll see this bs key. I guess you could use that for a couple different things if you wanted to write bs on something. But i think believe it stands for bolivars maybe.

Venezuelan boulevard and then over here has what looks like a pound sign and then a degree sign so it s an interesting set of keys on this machine it does have the red repeat spacer. I just fun to have and then it also has a tab button with preset tab stops and got to take the carriage lock off. But the preset tab stops for every 10 spaces. So 20.

And 30 40. 50. 60. 70.

That wasn t working. When i got it. And that has been tweaked and now. It s working like a charm and then of course it gets your ribbon color selector over here black red stencil and touch control over here light and heavy and like so far every brother machine that we ve had this makes a difference.

If you just lightly push a key. There s a noticeable difference between the heavy. And the light. So life is for easier typing.

H. Is for heavier typing. But it also makes the type march snap back quicker. I believe so quit her tyler maybe you would want it on heavy.

I usually keep it in the middle. And that s it for the keyboard okay. If you ve seen our videos. You re familiar with the features on the brothers that you know i want you to tell us what some of the basics are back here like them.

So let s leave it in the unlocked position. So that we can move the carriage. There s only one like on a lot of ultra portables. They re just one carriage release lever on that side not on the other side.

Very easily and easy and reliable doink. That s always nice on some of the some of the later model brothers. Even though. This is a later model later model.

Brother they got rid of the paper support well. I think..

It was just a cost saving feature. So it s kind of nice to still see it here because that keeps the paper from flopping over the back side and then we have a paper bail. But we noticed something what did we notice on the paper bail yeah on some of the brothers. There s a little little hook on this side on this side that just makes it hair a bit easier to grab and pull up this doesn t have them so not a big deal this just looks like a teeny tiny cost saving measure.

It still works and then it also has the little eraser table. Thing here that i guess people used to lay it flat and then you could erase on there. But don t do that on this machine please keep your eraser and your eraser shavings away from your typewriters and then over here. We have the line spacing single space space and a half double space and then our is the release position so if you release it you know i be my guest.

The clicks are gone and you can move it wherever you need to on a form. If you re typing. And then when you re done just click it back into place either single space to half or double space and then i can t bear. If we show this in our other videos.

But on a little up by the ribbon vibrator. There s a little tiny divot on this side and a little divot on this side. And you can stick a pin in there pin or a pencil and either turn the platen this way what what to get vertical lines or slide. The carriage.

Left and right to get the horizontal lines so just to what i ll notice. But interesting feature. I think that about covers it the the return handle does go it s now has a little notch ball down in here. When you re ready to put in the case this needs to go down and i recommend i m gonna grab it while i have a camera on just make a little bubble wrap thing like this this one is taped.

So there s just a little cylinder and you can slide. It i can t do it holding the camera. But maybe my trusty sun will help me put it on just slide it on over the handle that way when you put it in the case. Won t ding.

The body here. It looks like it s got a little a couple little teeny tiny chips probably from that so when you put in the case. Keep your bubble wrap on i m gonna get some touch up paint and touch that up so alright well do the type test next and now it s time for the type test. But first we re gonna look at the feet all right smarty not that type of feet on all the other brother gp ones that i have i have a system down where i replace the feet.

I have a special replacement screws replacement feet and those fortunately these feet are still in good shape. Because it s fortunate because my replacement feet would not work on this the the bottom plate and the way these rubber feet fit. It s like a double sided not double sided. It s like a grommet it goes through and pokes out the top so long and short my replacement feet don t work on this.

But fortunately. These original feet are still good i do recommend that you have one of these rubber anti skid pads out of the machine that keep it firmly planted and one of the things i like about brothers. And i know i ve said this over and over. But the rubber platen and the feed rollers on every single one that i ve had feel like brand new you can stick your fingernail in them.

And it s just still soft compared to the diamond. Hard planten s that we have on a lot of machines like the hermes 3000. So that s a plus. I still recommend to two pieces of paper.

But probably can get away with one piece of paper. So we ll put the paper support up i got it straight. But if it s crooked when you put it in just flip the little paper release lever can you see that mr. Cameraman flip that guy when you can scooch.

The paper and get it straight and then that lever back and you re ready to go so we ll start with a couple lines this with this margin out here do a couple lines on black there s the bell keep going when you get to the margin your line lock kicks in that way the tie bar doesn t keep typing over the last letter. And then just put margin release type into the margin by the way this margin release button also acts as a dj murky. So that if you get too tight bars stuck. You can either flick.

It back. With your finger or push the margin release key jam ricky. The keys come right back. Do complains on red.

Okay. I pass off the camera grab..

The camera for my helper. Then you see the typeface is nice and aligned the upper and lower case letters. We re a little bit off and i got it an adjustment for those nice name is steven i like the way brothers type. They do sound a little bit loud and clanky compared to like a hundred three thousand that has lots of sound insulation on the inside.

This doesn t really have any sound insulation on the on some of the other brother jp ones they at least have a like a little thin little foam pad on the bottom metal plate this one doesn t have anything it s just the bare plastic. So a little bit loud a little bit clingy sounding. When you re typing. But just dead plant reliable and again i like the repeat spacer something i forgot to show these this key here is a dead key.

So on every other every other key on the machine. When you type it advances. The carriage one line at one space. But not those so when you re ready to do type.

A letter with an accent you type the accent first and the carriage. Doesn t move and then you can type all the kerschen sorry. It s on shift let s try it again so first we ll do the little accent mark type. It carriage doesn t move now you can type the letter.

I see you have an eye with an accent over now same thing with a little too dot diuresis. We ll do a shift. So man when i type it doesn t move now. I can type the letter u.

So. If you have a word like virg winds uh that shows you that the u is pronounced like a w. So this has the full slate of spanish keys got the upside down exclamation mark to begin a sentence. Same thing with exclamation mark oops.

Exclamation. Mark and question works to start your sentences with so kind of neat and if you don t like the way somebody s reviewing your articles. And you have to type them. A letter you could just tell them it s a bunch of i m not gonna tell my assistant.

What that means all right as we were editing the video. I noticed that on the red sitting every now and then on the top you get a little bit of a black then i ve done some adjustments. And i ve almost taken care of it every now and then when you re shifting on the first letter. You get a little bit of black on the top and every now and then just to stray a little bit of black.

But it s better than it was i think that s as good as i and now a look at the case. So. The case is really in pristine condition. You ve had several like this in blue and i ve had one in brown.

This is the first one that i ve seen of this light gray color light gray. It s got a black and silver or black and white handle. But it s in really good shape. It s got the four feet down on the bottom and zippers.

An excellent shape one little teeny tiny scuff right there otherwise the outside looks fantastic. I ve cleaned it inside is your typical brother jp1 leather at case. But one thing. I noticed they ve improved with this version is this little pocket here on the other ones that we have this flap has just sewn on there and it s hard to get your fingers down in there without risking ripping it because it s just sewn this they ve added a little expandable flap in there so it gives you a little bit more room to put your stuff in put your hand in there without ripping.

It so that s one positive on this case compared to the nearly identical cases that we ve seen little blue and brown and then let s get the little rubber. Things here and i think just the weight of this machine sitting on its back all those years is what caused those little outside cracks on the back of machine. But anyway case looks great no tears or anything on the bottom a lot of times. These are ripped on the bottom a little bit of the edges fraying up.

But otherwise the case. I would say is a a 20 plus and the zipper always be careful with the zipper um machines that are this old our cases that are this old zipper still works great so that s a plus for a case. We wrapped up this review of this brother deluxe 1350. With some pros and cons all right first the pros those that have watched our channel.

Know that i m a big fan of brothers. They re really reliable..

They don t skip and bunch like some brands have a tendency to do yes. Royal plaid look so i m talking to you they re easy to take apart for cleaning and maintenance. Just a few screws to get the body panels off the spanish keys. Both the upside down exclamation.

Mark and question. Mark. The tilde for the letter. N.

Yay. And then the accent mark and diuresis. I hope i m pronouncing that correctly for the letter u. It s in excellent shape.

Both mechanically and cosmetically now that we ve got it cleaned out and fixed up the preset tab key and the repeat. Spacer keys are kind of cool. I like the first. I like the color and just makes it pop a little bit.

And then the functions are just kind of cool as the machine gun and then the preset tabs. It s kind of a compromise between having a full fledged tabulator or you can either set. It well with keys or on tap stops in the back. It s not quite that full feature.

But it does have preset tab stops every 10 spaces. So still kind of handy all right pop up paper support. I like that instead of having nothing on the back and having paper swaps over. I m a big fan of the little switchblade paper.

Support. The case is in excellent shape. And like i mentioned a little flap or paper pocket on the inside expands a little bit. So you can stick your fingers in there without but without as a greater risk of it ripping and then the interesting removable metal body.

It s just going to have this it s kind of olimpia sm9 opens up pivoting this way as opposed to this way on an olympia kind of like that eli. What are some of the cons. The plastic base was a few cracks in it but we think we fixed that yeah we re not sure long term of the plastic is as is as reliable as the metal base or if it s just this unit that had the cracks. But hopefully we resolved that with this machine there s no dedicated one or zero keys yeah.

I noticed that when we were doing the type test there s no one you have to do a lowercase l. And then four zero you have to do a shift shift o to get a nice size zero. It s somewhat loud and clingy sounded me yeah. Unlike some typewriters that have a lot of soundproofing.

Like a hermes 3000. A little bit loud and clang ii. The rubberband on the bottom helps with a little bit with the sound deadening. But i don t know the sound doesn t really bother me on a typewriter.

I d rather hear a little bit of noise rather than silently silently tap on a screen on an iphone or an ipad. So sam doesn t bother me. But if it bothers you that this might be a little bit louder than normal and also some keys are in different positions. So you ll noticed when i went and typed pros.

I try to type a colon and i accidentally typed in any a because all our other machines this key here is normally where the na is so that s gonna take some getting used to and then forget one or two of the other keys or in different positions. I think this shift the question mark is normally over here and it s bumped over one because they move the exclamation mark down here. So anyway like take a little bit of getting used to for some of the locations of the keys. But otherwise that s about all we can think of for pros and cons that s all for now on typewriter minutes be sure to share link like and subscribe adios.

” ..

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