Unboxing PS4 1TB Spiderman Bundle for $199 “Black Friday Special” @ Best Buy

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“Everybody this is a bit flashback and i just picked myself up a ps4 spider spider man bundle at best buy during black friday for 199 dollars. And this game pretty much the selling point for me. I ve heard a lot of good things about it and this game. Does not disappoint and as many of you may already know i m more of a retro gamer but every once in a while there s a game that brings me right back to the future in spider man is one of those games.

So today. I m going to do an unboxing video to show you what comes with a spider man ps4 bundle. Now this is not a ps4 pro which supports the 4k but this is a slim model and this has one terabyte of storage that s built in a dual shock for wireless controller and of course. The spider man game and oddly it s been a long time since i played a spider man game.

I think the last time i really got into a spy ran game was on the gamecube and that was a game called spider man as well. But it was based off the movie at that time that featured tobey maguire and that was way back in 2002. But if i can remember right. I think that game was kind of short and i was able to beat it in like two days.

But i did have a lot of fun playing it and i liked that movie as well okay. What do we have inside the box looks like we have an hdmi cable along with some headphones with a built in mic for online game. Play we got that wireless dualshock..


4. Controller. And i really like the way these look they re nice and sleek looking. And i got some lights that glow on them that make them really appealing.

And it looks like there s also a usb charging cable for that controller along with the power cord for the ps4 itself. So that looks like everything on this side. The box and now i got to flip it around so i can get to that ps4 so this is actually my first time owning a ps4 and now i have every playstation console. And the reason.

I waited for the most part is because i m more of a retro gamer. But also the price was a. Factor so when this one on sale for 199. With spider man.

I couldn t resist so on this side. The box. We have the instruction booklet..


The warranty information and that game is hiding in here somewhere. There. It is and i really like when you get the physical copy of the game a lot of times when you get these bundles they give you like a digital download. And it s just not the same when you had the physical game it just feels like you re getting more for your dollar.

And it s also nice that if you wanted to in the future you could sell this game or trade it in with the digital copy it just can t do that and ever since i got this my son has been hooked playing this game. And he loves this game. And there s a couple other goodies inside this box. We get some playstation logo decals.

There is the regular colored one and a white version. Which is a little hard to see. But it is there and there s a small booklet inside here that advertises the playstation store with the 20 off coupon and i see what some of you guys are up to that s why my thumb was covered in that code and here is the ps4 itself. And it s got a nice and sleek compact design with a ps logo on the top on the front.

You got a power button along with two usb ports. And they can be used to charge. The controllers or you can just use white controllers..


But wireless is so much better on the left side the console is going to be access to your hard drive. So. If you ever need to upgrade that or replace. That your accesses can be located right here you know what s pretty crazy.

It s not that hard to go through a terabyte of storage back in the day trying to go through a terabyte of storage would have been unheard of but now when you got games that are all 40 gigabytes of piece. It s not that hard and a nice little feature. They added is on the bottom of the console and stead of having just regular rubber circular feet. They re shaped like the playstation symbols on the controller now this is nothing huge.

But i think it gives it a nice little touch and here s an up close look at that playstation. 4. Controller. And it s got a nice little touchpad.

It s located in the middle and like i said. I m really a big fan of the way ds look. In feel it seems to be a nice solid controller and this is the headphones to have that built in mic for online game..


Play. And the quality of this is okay. I wouldn t say this is spectacular. But it gets the job done well i guess.

That s it there is nothing else inside the box. So it s time for me to go have some fun and play some spider man. So if you like that video. Please click that like button.

If you want to hear more from me. Please subscribe and have yourself a great day. And i ll see you next time ” ..


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