Urban Armor Gear Protective Case for LG G4

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“What s up everybody. It s your boy floss back again with another video and and today. We re gonna take a look at the urban armor gear protective case your lg g4 now shout out to everybody who watch my videos you see in this case. Before this is one of my favorite cases and i got it for all of my phones.

All right you seen it for my note for you seen it for the note for edge you seen it for the iphone 6 and 6 plus you ve seen it for the nexus. 6. You seen it for the htc m9 and you ve seen it for the s6 and s6 edge. This case is a certified win all right first up let me show you the website real quick so you can see where they get it from go to amazoncom.

I ll throw the link up in the description all right so we got the urban armor gear protective case for your lg g4 now the price for this 31 dollars and 43 cents. So after texas you re looking at about 34 bucks comes in two colors you got ice. Which is completely see through the clear version and you got ash. Which is a clear version with a great tint and i ll show you the difference between both of them pause.

This and read it for yourself. If you want. But featherlight composite construction. Got armored shell and impact resistant soft core.

It comes with an hd screen protector and cleaning kit. Easy access to all buttons and ports. And it meets military drops has standards iso all it is for about 34 bucks. Now like i said.

This is one of those cases that i get whenever i get a new phone. I m getting this case first. I now take awhile to get this one. But this is one of those mandatory cases for me.

If you get this case and the tempered glass screen. Protector..

Your phone is gonna be fully protected alright. So let s look at the presentation. Typical uag style. Listen you got your impact resistant feather like hd.

Screen protector real simple fellas. We haven t done it in a while activate beast mode. All right alright bring it down bring it down oh need it then alright. Let s see what you get inside.

Okay. Now. Here s your free screen protector. I just a flimsy one but better than none so if you don t got a tempered glass screen protector then use this one.

But me i just filed it to the side because i got a bunch of these ilene joints matter of fact i ll show you i did. A video on that already you already seen it got a bunch of them on deck. Though i switch them up all the time now. This is your little kit right here.

We don t have to open this up this is for the screen protector. It s just a microfiber cleaning cloth and the little instructions on how to put the screen protector on file. It to the side now here s here s the actual case itself this is a beautiful case right here. Now if you look closely it looks like it looks like screws in the back.

They re not real screws. But it gives you that illusion of screws that just makes it look like more of a rugged case okay. And it has that that hexagon kind of shaped pattern built into the back. This is real nice.

This is like a rugged this almost looks like something you ll find on a jeep alright. This is crazy right now you got your uag branding on the back okay..

That s pretty much it cutouts on the top cutouts on the top for the ir blaster cutouts on the back volume up and down laser sensor camera and your flash cutout on the back for the speaker cut on the bottom for your micro usb charging port. And also a cutoff for your headphone. Jack pretty simple look at the sides. Though alright look how this is raised up it gives you a nice firm grip on this right.

And this is one of my cases that i use when i go to the gym. One of my favorite cases because when i m in the gym working out. I dropped the phone out of my pocket a lot i put the phone down on the bench. And i might you know after i finished my set i d get up too fast on the phone and slide off my lap hit the floor.

This case has never done me wrong alright. I m highly recommending this so let s drop. The jeep on this and see what it looks like this one s gonna look like now real quick let me show you the difference between ash and clear. Now here s my s6 edge.

This is a clear uag case. So you can see now the back of the phone is white completely transparent. Now here s the ash version on the same white s6. But now it looks kind of like grayish.

I so if you debate in between ash or ice. This is the choices right here personally depending on now which phone you get in if you got a gold iphone. 6. And you want to get ice if you got a great htc m9.

Then you might want to get a sh now. I just got the two two different colors for these two because i wanted to be able to quickly tell. Which phone is which wise upside down. So i know when i see the ashwin.

This is my s fix and when i see the isis the s6 edge. But back to the lg g4 beautiful grip beautiful feeling phone like when you got this case on you re gonna you re gonna know you re gonna you re gonna feel the protection..

I rub on the top well tpu polycarbonate whatever material you want to call it plastic whatever you want to call it it s gonna protect your phone. All right and it s raised up on the front once you put the case. Let s put the phone. All the way in the case.

Then it s raised up in the front. So if you notice you know i m a heavy hand. It s not coming. I slammed my phone down like that you re gonna you re not gonna get any damage to your screen.

And it s like that for all of them so i coming out slam. The phone down keep it moving access to all the buttons let s make sure they work well of course. I m dying. But i m up and down work and that s that s for the lg g4 that s the only buttons you need to cut out on the back ice on a scale of one to ten this case for me is mandatory.

I this is one of those mandatory cases for me. Now i ll put a number on this cuz. A lot of people been asking me to use the number. I ll put a number this time on the scale of one to ten.

This is a go back that s my number on a scale of one to ten. This case is a certified go take my work for it alright. Now if you re looking for maximum protection. And you don t like those big giant out of box cases.

You don t like the big heavy duty. You know extra extra protection maybe you don t need that much protection. This is what you want to look for i had a highly recommend this one hit me up in the comments. Let me.

Know what y all. Think about this like i said..

You ll see this on any phone. That you ever see me get if you ag. Makes a case for it you ll see a case you ll see one of these on one of my phones. I even got some more uag cases for my iphone 5s for my g3 i got a bunch of cases on deck.

But ya know you ag certified go alright hit me up in the comments let me know what you think shout out to everybody that rock with me on facebook foursquare twitter google shout out to all the google gangsters i see how holding down that facebook page shout out to everybody hitting me up on boxer and a special shout out to everybody rock will be on instagram. Yeah. I know that s why i m at full time. 100 full throttle and a special shout out to everybody rockin with the amazon warrior on sundays.

Yall already know stream gangsters on deck get your drinks ready no meat boys allowed shoutout to the scissor squad. We re going back in next sunday night. Oh yeah. One more thing.

I almost forgot fellas. Ladies. Say. It with me or y all.

Haters or yeah. Trolls close your eyes. Picture. Me.

Rollin your boy for some out. ” ..

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