Walmart Shop With Me Valentine s Day 2020

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“Guys welcome back to desert diy. If you are new here my name is cory cory today. I m going to take you into walmart to check out what they for valentine s day. I know that dollar tree has started getting their stuff in but i haven t seen any videos yet of walmart.

So i wanted to get this out to you guys i love watching youtube just to make sure that i m going to the right store and getting the right prices before i even leave my house so on this little end cap. There was a lot of cute kitchen valentine s day stuff and i really liked how there was subtle hints of hearts inside the solid color towels here and i love these plaid and striped colored valentine s towels they were only just under four dollars oh and then these cute little tablecloths. I don t really use tablecloths. But if i did i would get some over here was another end cap and it s all like kids crafts and some of these things are really neat like that magnetic puzzle piece that you can paint on lots of sparkly things and down here at the bottom there s like a i guess it s like a minecraft crafts thing where you build a robot or a little minecraft guy and they had 098.

Coloring books. Which was great and then 3 activity books with stickers some chapstick sets for just under five dollars. I know my kids would love these and then for the teachers in your life. They had so many teacher gifts this year.

Oh. My goodness they really went all out on this and i think that it s worth coming here versus dollar tree for getting these teacher gifts and the next one you see it s gonna be really funny. And i know get your crayon is something that my teacher friends would laugh about and then there s just a bunch of other little gift sets. I won t show too much of those because there s just so many and they re all kind of the same.

But just some little mugs with with some plush things inside them and in these little pins for teachers. Again. Like i said they had so many things for teachers. A sticky note set.

They had these little cute. A teacher takes a hand and opens. A mind a heart teach love inspire i don t know what you d call these i guess shadow boxes. But so cute they do have things like that at the dollar tree as well and then these are just little notebooks with a pen attached that s a cute little messages on them and then some really cute water bottles they weren t heavy duty metal like they look like they are but they were so really cute and i think that there are some teachers out there who would appreciate how cute these are and of course with star wars.

The mandalorian out there s a lot of star wars mugs and some cute little disney mugs here s some more cute mugs with these are more for like your significant other and family members things like that queen of everything..

And that s pretty funny and then this is kind of like a his and hers cup thing for just under four dollars. I love these ceramic plates they were so adorable. But a little more than i would want to spend and i really like the heart handle on this i love you a lot a mug and just a bunch. More coffee themed.

Things and then oh my gosh. I loved these says my snuggles are fierce and then i look. I lo you very much like i love you very much succulents are very in right now and then just some cute little sleeping masks. I think i might actually pick wear those up for my daughter and then here s all the animal themed valentine s things for the people who are animal lovers in your life.

There s like all dog ones and then there s some cat ones right here these are all cat themed cups. I don t know why the dog things are shadow boxes and then the cups are cat things i don t know again just more teacher gifts and i really like these i think they re adorable the cute little post. It notes and then these were actually a really good deal for the price that they were they re pretty big notebooks. I ll show you look right here.

Look. How thick these notebooks are very cute. I would love this and then some little like pencil trinket holder things and of course. You always need napkins and things to wipe your nose with and then over here this is kind of like the dollar tree stuff.

Although it was way more expensive at walmart. I just wanted to show you what they had as far as like the really bright shiny valentine s day decor. It s not particularly my style. But for other people it may be like just the thing that they love so i want to show you what they had here so that you can see that you might want to head to the dollar tree for these type of things instead of walmart.

Although these were like 50 cent s and these ones were just under a dollar and i really liked the pink one and it has a clip on the bottom that you can clip to something and i thought that was pretty neat cute little love sign some more sparkly hearts. I like that they have white sparkly hearts and then just some more sparkly hearts. Which they probably have things like this at the dollar tree. I know that they have these foam heart wreath things at the dollar tree so i would get those there instead these were really cute for two dollars.

It would be the same price at the dollar tree and then i love this heart garland..

I am. I m going with more of a pink theme this year. So i m really into all the pink stuff they had and some cute little birds they re a little expensive if you ask me ooh and i really liked the one behind it look. There s a pink.

One there too just under 4. Though so a little too expensive for what it is and what it s made of and then i thought this love sign and these tic tac toe games were really cute and i found later on where the price was for those i think they were like 698 and these are cute little felt hearts on sticks. I was trying to put that one back there you go. But they all have little designs on them and some sparkles on them and little bows.

I thought these were really neat that might be something you can do why for less two and then they had a lot of these twinkly light things in there just different heart string lights with battery operated little packs on them to turn them on and off. And some more felt hearts. I thought. 2 was kind of a lot for that now these are adorable.

I absolutely love these and i might actually go pick one up because they re only 284. These are just little. Keepsake boxes. And little ones might enjoy getting these little teddy bears with hearts.

Some more felt hearts. I thought these were kind of cute and then these are just banners and garland s made of felt. And i really liked that felt wreath. But again it s seven dollars and i feel like for that material.

It s kind of a lot. This is adorable you might be able to diy that now this is hilarious you re my biscuits. I m your gravy if you re somebody who loves the biscuits and gravy. Then you might really appreciate that and of course.

The scrabble pieces..

Oh. My gosh so cute for seven dollars. There s another sign behind these and i want to show you the next one cuz. It s pretty hilarious also so we ll check that out right now i love you to the fridge and back.

I don t know if that s a lot of love. But it s pretty funny and this one just says i love you and that one s made of metal. Which i thought was pretty neat for five dollars and i really really liked this wreath. I think that it looks like a diy project.

But you don t have to do the work. Which it might cost that much to make that kind of wreath and then this one s all wood. This is also red it s like stained red. So it looks like it s painted but you can see the wood grain in it and i thought this was really neat it kind of reminds me of something you find at.

Tjmaxx with a succulent in it only five dollars another little metal enamel where this one says i love you to the moon and back. But i couldn t get it to light up so i don t know if the batteries were just dead on this one or what i thought this was really cute too this little wood block with the metal heart on it that says love only 348 and then these little containers. I feel like this is something you could find at the dollar tree for less these are cute. But still i think you could make it for less with stuff from the dollar tree and here s the price for those tic tac toe games and these are all just like i love you the most kind of signs.

I mean it would only 348. There s that sign and then these galvanized buckets are about four dollars and i love these tobacco basket signs this one says you aren t loved and then the white one below it also says something it says love is sweet. I think i would prefer that love is sweet one over here is like the silly dress up stuff. And i thought they were really cute and for only 3.

And you could probably get at least two years of use out of them and here s some more of those twinkly lights. But these ones are neat because they blink to the beat of whatever music you re listening to which i thought was neat you see a lot of that during christmas time and then they had a lot of these like little cans and paper cups and straws and paper plates napkins you name it they had tons of it. But i really like these baskets. I think i might do these baskets for my kids gifts on valentine s day and these are adorable.

I ve got felines for you you are fantastic..

I have feelings for you you are my only one and that was it but they re just so cute for your little ones make them feel special on valentine s day here s the straws dollar. 98. They have these at the dollar tree in a different design so you might want to try that instead and then just like tabletop decor. This is all around the price that you would find at the dollar tree and down here is just more of all the same things.

Although i did really like the the canned and the plush hearts right there. I think those plush hearts were only like 98 cents. I think these are pretty cute and my kids would appreciate getting this as a gift on valentine s day and then down to bottom it s like little takeout boxes. It s just really creative different like tablescape things or when you re trying to put together valentine s gifts for somebody.

They had a lot to choose from here. I also saw these little valentine s day treat containers for the kids that were like the same as those plates that i showed you and then some more tablecloths and baggies and then these silicone molds they have these at dollar tree this year from what i ve seen so i would highly recommend getting those there instead and sprinkles galore. I tell you they had every kind of sprinkle and cake topper. You could imagine so the only things i actually ended up buying from walmart for valentine s day was a loved wooden sign it s actually cheaper to buy that sign at the dollar store.

The dollar tree to be specific. But i didn t want to spend the gas and time to take myself and my three kids and our giant vehicle over to dollar tree just for like a few cents of a difference so it was 1 27. I believe and obviously at the dollar tree. It is a dollar and the other thing that i bought was just some light pink craft paint i considered buying the chalk paint version.

But it was more expensive and this was still a matte finish so as long as it s a matte finish. It s gonna kind of appear like how chalk paint looks with that like not shiny finish. But this was only 50 cents. So i saved about a dollar and some change on that so that kind of makes up for me not going to the dollar tree.

I guess thank you so much for watching and i will see ” ..

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