Walmart Valentine s Day Walk-Through 1-1-2020

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“Are back in walmart and we are surrounded kind of surrounded by love they have have started putting out valentine s day stuff check it out you can get this pack of napkins and plates. These are cute happy valentine s day and oh wow you can get 24 necklaces for 598. I don t think i ve ever actually seen anybody wear these at valentine s day. But oh and they have sappy love movies for valentine s day i m gonna reserve my comments on these i m not a big fan of movies like this it s i just end up rolling my eyes to the point.

I feel like they re gonna fall to the back of my head or something they have white boy read dvd sets wow you get the boy right of the dvd in the digital and they re only five dollars. I would have a ghost. I wouldn t mind having this i actually did like this movie. And i don t have it girls tree up familiar with that movie grease is a good maybe this is only five bucks fifty shades darker.

I don t have the other ones. I don t think this actually goes here maybe it does i don t what s that empty box script. Oh don t look at this look at these cool these are cool things like that you can get plastic cups tablecloth. This is when i miss caught my eyes.

I was walking back check that out hanging decor that s a whole mess of hearts for 499. Or you can get a single one for 98 cents are this cute little hanging thing you for 284 and happy valentine s day that is 284 this wreath is cool scratchy wreath and a valentine s day. Garland. This is 9 feet arms 348.

Big pretty basis since us love. You this has x s and o s on it. Oh. I like this one happy valentine s day.

That s cool. Oh let me get this out of the way now. So you don t have to say it. Oh my god i cannot believe that they it is just after christmas and they already have valentine s day stuff out they ought to be ashamed of themselves.

I just i just i can t i can t even there so now you don t have to you don t have to say that because i just said see i just go with the flow. I just go with the flow. I come in here and i see what s in here and i just get tickled to death like you can come in here. And get a giant hershey bar.

Who can get mad about that look it s 3 pounds of inferior american chocolate. But it s still great or you can get the biggest kit. Kat. You ever saw.

This is two pounds of kit. Kat. You can even get a big ring. Pop what good.

Lord this thing is 247. Ounces. 700. Grams.

You could theoretically you could murder someone with blunt force trauma with our ring pot. Now that is something that would be an interesting story to tell when you go to prison. And what are you in here for i ll murder somebody with a ring pop and you can get a gummy remote control a 12 ounce blue raspberry gummy remote control and they re all blue and if you want to scare somebody..


But tell them you love them at the same time and you can get a hot sauce set that looks like sticks of dynamite. And there are all different flavors heat pepper explosion that happens too later on after you eat it and then you can get these marshmallow freya s fries before going your soda fist and it s still like a drink. I suppose and marshmallow popcorn. My heart pops for you which means you re probably gonna die soon and they have the biggest.

The biggest mug you ever saw my god you would die of a heart attack. If you drink that much coffee hershey s chocolate and reese s but they even have stuff for teachers check that out little little full teacher themed. Things here in starbucks. A starbucks reusable mode.

With starbucks. Stephanie oh look at these these are cute. It s like a it s like a little bouquet and it s actually made of hershey bars with all kinds of little candy flowers on top. That s cool and skittles.

Oh. This one s nice it has airheads skittles and gobstoppers and boxes of skittles at the bottom oh well they do that seems a little high to me. It s 1898. These are all 1898.

They have m. Ms. And all the little little candy bars. And for later.

There s a box of condoms. Here. Ultra thin for ultra ultra sensitivity. Okay a little suggestive selling never hurt anybody.

And then after that you can you got your lighter for your for your smokes so i m gonna. But there you go one two three you re all set for valentine s day and here. We have oh. This is a cute little little unicorn with some candy.

Who are magical these are five for 48 and here. We have scooby let s go be doing a little bucket with the plush scooby. It s also 598 dirt racing valentine s smiling valentine s and hearts or works valentines. I m looking they have the giant hershey s kiss as well this is a 12 ounce hershey s kiss and these are 1098 and you can get an oreo set it includes 2 mugs.

12 cookies to tom s and a cookie cage. But that s a cookie cage for 1798 and they have the yard of twix and my son loved his yard of twix that he got for christmas. He thought that was awesome. I think he s eating it all yet 1298 for that there s one of the giant hershey bars.

I don t know somebody picked it up and got tired and i had to set it down old. I understand it i can t get it in there hang on a minute. No. I m gonna put that back in that kitkat there we go i got that in there and the kitkat and oh.

My gosh. The biggest box of nerds should ever sell this is 998 and you get 12 ounces of nerds. Oh..


That s where the ring pop goes. These are the ring pops or 998. Very okay now they don t have everything out yet. Oh look at the big puppies look at that this bear has just passed out like he s hungover from last night son get up there i m trying to lift him up in the air within the boot pull yourself together.

They re ready look at this unicorn is awesome how much are you 24 in that pretty though i like him and a happy sloth. These are also 24 and then of course you know you can get smaller little things here like this little guys. Only 5. 70.

Dogs and tie. Dyed creatures. Here s a tie dyed llama for 24. And a big dinosaur says you are dynomite you stay there and a pug that says.

I wolf. I love you oh and here s a quick a red panda. He s 24 as well i like the fuzzy. These fuzzy llamas are cute too or alpacas or whatever the heck they are they re not real creatures.

I ll just call him frank these franks are cool this one s getting a ride look. It s taking a ride on now. What are you doing up there dude you get down. There this one s biting this one sit down.

I spent all day yesterday with with family and it was it was so wonderful. I got to see some people that i haven t seen in a long time and had some family over to my house that have never been there and i tell you what it was wonderful was one of the best new year s eves. I ve ever had my wife i thoroughly enjoyed it i hope you had a good new year s eve to look at this adorable will genetically modified entity. What are you europe a category c.

With huge eyes get up there stay yeah big oh. God what is that look at that. What the heck. These are only 998 god they re huge.

They re massive nope here s a sloth with the horn. A panda with a whole lot they ve been doing some experiments in their labs. Or something big old chubby sloth. You like me after christmas.

There you go and over here. Oh well since it s new years they start putting out work out work out stuff all this stuff appears on new year s day. So you can get fit. I.

Suppose oh no here we go we have our valentines and this will be the last year. I have to buy these it s kind of sad. My son this would be the last year. They do it next year he ll be with the big kids and they don t do valentine s anymore.

Oh. It s the end of an era. I ll have to get him to come up here with me one day and pick out whatever valentine s he wants for his class..


They have ring pop s tongue. Painters you can color your tongue with those yep. So these and they have jolly ranchers wait a week last year they fund the up i think we did airheads last year little sweet chairs. You get airheads candy and you tuck him into this little paper and write their name on there i think we did airheads last year.

I don t get fun depth because i hate it when my son gets these because that powder goes everywhere. Oh. And then they have the boxes of chocolates. I couldn t just tell you now don t get this stuff here it s a pretty box.

I know it s pretty. But it tastes like a dog s ass. I mean. It s don t buy this okay.

It s three dollars spend an extra dollar ninety eight. And get something that doesn t taste like a dog s ass. It s actually not bad. This is russell stover and the hershey s pot of gold is actually not bad either these are 898 oh and they have valentine s day cotton candy.

All right somebody s giving a stump speech on the next aisle. And he s really passionate about it my kid just gave me the finger. I m not kidding. There was little kid.

It s like he s about four years dude. Just gave me the finger. I miss his cute little races and a little oh all right. He s singing opera.

Let s go somewhere else i ll look at this fabulous little gentleman. Oh. My god that is awesome how about one of these these are only this is only 578 that is adorable and they have little wolves or huskies or whatever they are from these are on 578. Oh.

This one s cute and they have little bears up here. Oh that s sweet i have dancin poop chocolate sent it i sing not only sing there s some christmas glitter. I don t think that s supposed to be over here little oh. He goes down here have a little dance and dinosaurs and here we have here we have stuff for your teacher little pins and honestly though from every teacher.

I ve ever talked to they don t want stuff like this don t dive in this stuff. They would honestly rather have a little gift card to starbucks or somewhere. They don t want that stuff. They do have other teacher stuff like notepads with little clip boys.

Yeah. They don t want this stuff just from every teacher. I ve ever talked to like tell me the truth. Tell me what would you really like to have they they always say please you know i appreciate the thought.

But don t mom me stuff. Like this if they get a lot of it and they would rather have something they can actually use it s cool though learn create inspired teach you are positively amazing. He said..


I was delusional i nearly fell off my unicorn. I would love if you were coffee my dog is my valentine. I like cats more than i like people and see they have these little things down. Here you can get for teachers.

That kid has no indoor voice look at that john shark that s 45. But he is me mastiff he s magic here s a brush. I don t believe that s supposed to be here that cool and you can get from body ecology cherry blossom fragrance mist. These are three 97 or body cream body wash and bubble.

Bath or pink vanilla. Wish body cream and body wash. And bubble bath or the fragrance mist. These are all 397 oh and up here they have dark cherry orchid and coconut hibiscus.

397 that s awesome and on the frontier. We have some yoda s and some troy s chewbacca because of cop. I shouldn t even be looking at that stuff as dogs on it 888 and slow kissing hedgehogs hot stuff. And then oh these are cool little parachuting.

People valentine s or you can get some with rubber balls or stamps or dinosaurs. Eight of these for it already for are springy balls you can get your balls to pop up in the air. If you buy these what all these. Hello cameras.

What little mini cameras with different animal photos. Some a little we ll get back in there. Little lipsticks and whatever that is oh and they already have their valentine s day cards out a little sequins little hallmark dog that s kind of hot 597 for that little dog a year of date nights. Fifty to date ideas now that s cool for 797.

So you ll have one for every one a week. That s not actually kind of cool. I like that idea and then okay so these are the valentine s day cards for hallmark. Some for your husband s girlfriends and just funny low cards.

I wouldn t that pretty these are some of those paper wonder pop up cards and here. They have a display. They have a display of what each one looks like when you open it that one s pretty they pop up and then they have the paper and your card here that s neat. I really like this one well with the unicorn that one s cool nice and more little unicorns up here.

Yeah. So yeah. They don t have everything out yet. Oh they have some little bags out little gift bags.

These are only 98 cents for these bags oh and they have ribbon. Too i might get some of this for our valentine s day wreaths your pretty ribbon. There but thank you so much for hanging out and walking around with me a little bit. They don t have everything out yet.

But they have quite a bit out honestly i hope you enjoyed looking around at some of this stuff. And i will see you ” ..

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