Watch Samsung Unveil Its Foldable Flip Phone The Galaxy Z

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“I m ready to use it all i have to do is flip it open open and i get a full size 67. Inch screen with hardly any bezel. We going to take a selfie so open the camera app. And ready oh geez galaxy z.

Flip comes in three gorgeous colors. Mirror. Purple mirror black and in select countries. A mirror gold whoa you like that one these stylish colors change when the light hits them.

She ll always be catching attention and turning heads. And when closed it lets you disconnect without missing out. You can check the time get notifications of a text alarm or a call all the essentials are right there on the cover display you can even take a selfie without opening up the phone just hold out the rear camera and use the cover screen as a viewfinder with this phone. We ve done the impossible and created ultra thin glass that folds now you might think that a foldable glass will be brittle.


But this glass is built to last and it protects your screen from. Scratches it s so. Durable you can fold and unfold your phone over 200000. Times every time you fold.

It you re not just spending glass you re bending at the laws of physics you can see for yourselves this phone and its display alike nothing ever made before unfolded. The galaxy z flip puts entertainment in your hands with a cinematic screen and with the world s first hole punch camera in a foldable display you get the same sprawling expansive screen. You ve come to expect from galaxy smartphones and as an added bonus. We re giving galaxy users access to youtube premium laughter.

So it s beautiful when it s closed. It s beautiful when it s open. But what about everything in between we built a free stop hinge so it can stay open at different angles. Just like your laptop.


We call it flex mode in flex mode. You get a new kind of smartphone experience your screen is split into two parts a viewing area and an interaction area and we optimize some of your favorite apps for this so they ll automatically adjust for example. If you re watching youtube and you want to leave a comment. You can watch on the top half of your screen and comments on the bottom.

You can even prop your phone up by itself. And video chat or take. A selfie hands free. Let me show you i m going to take my phone out of my pocket and prop it here on the podium.

We re going to take a selfie so open. The camera app and ready jeez. Let s see. If my eyes are actually opening this one.


So oh so go down to the open. The gallery app. And you ll see i can scroll across the bottom half of the screen. Where some of my other pictures are saved.

So here you ll see there s more of animals. And there are of people. But that s just my life you can see for yourselves. We custom built a whole new mobile experience to take advantage of this unique form factor and flex mode.

Changes the boundaries of what s possible just imagine you ll be able to take a night hyperlapse video without a tripod like the one you see here we push mobile engineering to its limits to create this device and none of it would have been possible. Without our new or one of a kind hideaway hinge. Oh. Yes.


The hinge is the backbone of any folding. Phone. It quite literally holds the whole thing together and it also prevents particles like dust and sand from getting into this into the phone and damaging the display now that s because folding phones have a tiny tiny gap between the hinge. And the device.

We created a layer of fibers inside that tiny gap to keep the particles out this secure fiber shield protects your phone so you can make the most of this revolutionary technology. We are so proud of the galaxy z flip. It is a unique piece of technology. One that changes the smartphone experience entirely the galaxy z.

Flip is the new kind of device to kick off a new decade of samsung innovation and we can t wait to see what you can what you do with it it can be yours from fabula. 14. And it s available starting at one thousand three hundred ” ..


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