Who Yoda REALLY Wanted to Train – New Details in From a Certain Point of View

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“Random house has released an excerpt nfrom. The audiobook of from a certain point of of view due out this october. I m about to cover some information revealed nin chapter. So if you want to wait.

And read it for yourself go ahead and turn this nvideo off the excerpt is from yoda s story. Called n. There is another by gary d. Schmidt.

It takes place after obi wan s death. And nyoda gets a visit from obi wan s force ghost. We learn some fun little details like the nfact that yoda has been using qui gon s cloak. As a blanket their interaction is friendly and heart warming.

Nand turns. A little tragic as yoda basically..

Says. He s ready to die. And join obi wan nbut kenobi convinces him otherwise. Because skywalker is ready to be trained yoda immediately perks up and says.

He s nbeen wanting to train her for years. That s right yoda wanted to train leia nfirst. And his reasoning makes so much sense this is something i d never considered before nbut yoda points out the differences between luke and leia and i have to agree with him leia has far more conviction than luke granted. She had many advantages luke didn t nbut.

She s been fighting the empire for three years at this point luke didn t care much either way he literally talks about joining the imperial nacademy early on in the movie. Yoda calls. Luke reckless and fears. He will nnot finish.

What he starts. He says a lot of things that he will tell nluke almost verbatim when they actually meet..

But obi wan convices yoda to give luke a try in case. You re wondering how yoda knows nabout. Either of them star wars. Rebels and the book ahsoka have shown us that both obi wan.

Nand. Yoda are able to commune with each other and ezra and kanan. I expect yoda has the ability to observe other nspots in the galaxy or maybe. Bail.

Has kept obi wan up to date with leia who then passed nthat information onto yoda. I like this difference of opinion between nkenobi and yoda regarding. Who the chosen one is it shows us that both of them have given up non anakin and reminds us that our two wise jedi masters are fallible this does raise some questions that the full nchapter may touch on if yoda agrees to train luke. Why does it ntake obi wan three years to send luke to dagobah.

If yoda had such strong feelings about leia nwhy. Not even consider sending her why not send both skywalkers..

Why not tell them they re related before nthey make out there will be a chapter all from obi wan s nperspective. After his death. So hopefully we learn a little more there i ve linked to the excerpt in the description nif. You want to hear it the narration is fantastic and so is the nstory.

I ve been excited for this book since it nwas announced. I was always a huge fan of the tales books nfrom star wars legends and this little peek at yoda during the events of a new hope has ngot me even more hyped than before if all the stories are this good. We are in nfor. A real treat.

And the audiobook has a pretty crazy cast. That includes. Jon hamm nashley. Eckstein janina.

Gavankar. Neil..

Patrick harris. Marc thompson. And more you can expect me to cover from a certain npoint of view extensively once it s released until then please like this video. Subscribe nto.

The channel. Follow me on twitter. Instagram and facebook. And consider checking out my npatreon page.

” ..

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