XBOX CROSS-PLAY – World Of Tanks – Console Gameplay – #4

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” s up everyone. This is samurai eight six one zero. And today. We ll be be opening up a cross souls box for you guys just got this today.

So let s see we get from it hopefully. We ll get some good also of course as you can see here i got this from strikes on like calm be sure to check them out link in the description as always and hopefully. We ll have as good of luck as we did yesterday with our booster packs booster packs evidently worked out pretty well for us so they don t get the rest of the zipper stuff. Any i don t know see still enough is gonna build them or not but i happen to get all the cards needed for it well.

Then i ll build them let the cards decide right evidently. I should build fright furs from the last opening penalty box. Then we get fright for a fusion. There you go again and neck.

Rose of sophia. Which is a ultimate rare man that s the way to start an opening. Very nice it looks awesome. It s a kind of a weird looking or you know.

It s kind of cool so very cool artwork on that one go ahead. And yeah. We ll separate our hallows like normally until ruiz network. Looks more like the world premiere artwork to me.

Doesn t click the normal artwork. We go see we have moon mirror shield for our rare let s still i still think that s funny that putting card or fluffles uae s think i have all be wise any now ed jump tomahawk. I m still happy that all the uae s are rares and comments for this set. They re all common.

It s a lot easier yet. I hope they get like well those boxes like noble knights. Did we can get them all as a holographic then that d be really cool get their own plane. Mat.

And everything too. We have a raid raptor revolution. Falcon. Kind of the go.

With raid raptor seems like all them are are like rares and commons. I don t think there is a holographic raid raptor for us in the tcg that i can remember at least raid raptor. Blades falcon and then we have the madolche card. This is a madolche putting sis chocolate ala mode.

There you go. It s kind of weird to say. But yeah. It looks awesome and i think what my friends is after this cartel uses madolche so kind of cool.

They got a new card forgot about that one being in this. I remember thinking that it was going to be like an exclusive. And it didn t turn out that way a suture rebirth and then we have chao feng. A phantom of the yang zing.

Oh. That s a super. I forgot about that bing super air that s pretty cool card. I like the way it looks doing it the eggs things look pretty cool.

I ve been debating on going back to eggs things because i think they re blue cheaper now so i don t know they re cool our time here. I made gusto s let s reason i like them. And i really like to gusto s have rank up magic revolution force the melodious cards are pretty good too. I finally got a bunch of the cards they need it for the tcg.


I m a test not a lotta different things on you ve your pro lately. We have moon. A mirror shield let me get the clear wing from this looks like in have fright fur chimera camaro looks just way different than the other pipers. It actually didn t look as scary as the other a so tellarknight zephyra sight on there you go this should all on the settler together the difference look really cool read rapture.

See you send you om and then a zephyr. A divine strike. They have a playset of these now that s cool super rare now they re super rare i guess that s one of those zephyr cards. I need down and i said i think i have a place it of those now i got the field spell yesterday.

I think it s all the hollows. I have for zephyrus at the moment melodious allusion cut the right side of the box. So you get from the other side fry perfusion. A lot of you a cards like i said.

I think i have more than i need only ways now. Which is good they re your cards are really good. Too. I m glad they re on you you re pro finally.

I think def pro got them too. I m sure if you your pro did a dip row did edge imp tomahawk. What are we missing. I think we re missing an ultra rare in some supers.

I guess possibly a ghost rare. I don t know that d be awesome void of purification and a galaxy eyes full armor photon dragon man that s pretty awesome. I ve been won this card for quite a while i ve wanted to add it to my photon galaxies and i thought we d have to wait a lot longer to get this card so i went to handed the galaxy deck profile. But yeah it looks like i can finally add that to it glad to see oh there s risk cards too.

I m happy that we finally got that though. I was thinking it could be possible you know maybe next pack or something we would get it rank up magic revolution force want to get the utopia as well shining utopia people get that get add that to my number collection. Suture. Rebirth and then we have bloom diva.

The melodious choir. So there we go that is our ultra rare and this card is actually really good too melodious or a lot of fun to use like i said. There s one the archetypes. I ve been testing out lately and they re a lot of fun they work really well that s one of their main new cards that finally go here to the tcg of course.

They get a lot of support in this set that helps them out makes them a lot better before i m pal. Ella. Hammer. Send you performapal.

Let s see you send you oh um. Only a few checks slip. I guess. We re just missing super air.

Where are we like two super ears or one. Something. Like that we have a ritual beast tamer as if for a windy and then a super heavy samurai battle ball. I think it s funny how they change its name a pretty cool card.

I like the super ivy s as well i know people i say i like all the art types. But i mean there s a lot of cool stuff coming out lately. I enjoy the game isn t it people like like that s a bad thing. These days.

See melodious illusion. Yeah. I don t see what that hurts anyone like a bunch of the different art type that coming out lately. But there s always those negative people unfortunately nope upside down a sneak preview card.


And that is c. Dragoons of drakonia and all this artsy. Oh yeah. I forgot we did encounter c.

Career. Yet. Oh man. I can t believe that dante a pilgrim of the burning abyss and that s a good secret rare to get to it looks amazing.

I love the artwork on this card. It s just so cool. I really like the burning of us too. It s just their little price ease.

The reason. I have really built them and i know i spent a lot of packs. But and that s different. But anyway this card looks awesome.

I m glad i got this what i forgot i didn t get my secret yet from this box. I m not saying. I should have been kind of worried about that what we only have like a couple packs left. There.

We go. Oh dante looks awesome and of course konami. Did it world premieres. The right way after noble knights were done they did burning abyss you know they actually gave them the support they need and stuff man.

I wish wish they would have done better with noble knights maybe on these days. We ll see them kind of come back to them i don t know probably far off in the future if it ever happens junk anchor. No my knights was just for practice for them because they make you waves right can we stay on this fairy tail archetype is will don t know what it s going about purdah might be like wizard of oz. Which would be pretty cool that we have the melodia semestre and number s.

39. Utopia prom. There we go that s another one the cards. I wanted it s actually pretty good card and i mainly went from a numbers collection though above anything else.

But yeah there we go so i think i got a pretty good box from this i got a lot of cards i needed and stuff so of course. We got our number card dante. Which is awesome super heavy samurai melodious cards. Which i might test those out i don t know galaxy eyes.

Which one the cards. I needed gatos ephra. One omen dolce s yang. Zing s and on the necross.

So there you go very good. I think. It was a good box at least. So yeah.

I hope you guys have a joint as always thank you guys for watching or to comment rate and subscribe. But of course. I will catch you guys later see you hope you guys have enjoyed where we going let s go this way. I m kind of dictating where we re going i ll follow you for a change.

Yes. Where you going well you want to go you want to go down. There. Yeah okay let s go down.


There. Then let s check. The mic making. Say.

Alright. Again that s pretty good for a scalp. Brisk out matchmaking. That is pretty good wanna go down.

Here. Yes okay. Come hunt. You oh god there s those tanks.

As kanava ass. Not very good right just get this ball bulldog is he up there just on top of that hill or is he there he is right he s coming down the big slope. Hopefully. I ll take some damage.

So we all know enough hopefully we can finish him off come on yeah. There he is you saved me hey. The is finished him off jolly good right object four four and six probably not we have to take them out. But we can give it a good go we can fiddle with the gum sticks and hope something happens.

That s why anything anything oh. Well it s all right 36. I want to shoot the tier six. Let me shoot the tier six.

Please oh hello. You 95. Yeah. You know t69 get all my times mixed up.

You can i don t know what to do in this position. Let s do what we do right i ll get him from behind come on come back here stop running your own die tired come back stop running. I miss hope he died that was that was over quickly don t even have any equipment on this. I mean consumers.

Oh. No don t shoot us our hellcat behind. So i mean by hellcats motherland. You escaped the motherland.

Oh. You know what oh i hope this actually caught it if it didn t you see that very good well. I didn t check that it recorded. Oh hello is 3 are you doing buddy i really want to get the is 3 like i m frantically.

I i got the kv 1s like a couple of weeks ago. And i ve i ve been grinding that out and i ve nearly got to the kv 85. I just i struggled too i really do struggle to concentrate on doing one tank for a long period of time. I ve been doing my best.

But once i get to the is i should be okay. What you re doing buddy you re cutting off an is that s not a very good idea. I ve had experience in cutting off isis and it doesn t end well. Nor does it cutting off is threes.

They don t like being cut off. Sometimes. Oh. What are you doing have you got oh you ran out and your power power can t get up what other wow.


Other tanks do we have we ve got an elk at got a jumbo honda cr v. I think he has the package with the upgraded armor we got a panzer 5 and 10 9 kd. 3. Is hammer.

9. Is 3 take 2 and you great oh latency issues they can see you gonna fix yourself oh you just run this you re picking fights with this is made and then you shot him oh you re you re a lovely parent font you parent. I just say words like you re smaller than in know what i m saying i m just saying stuff. And it comes out in weird ways alright.

Let s watch some more action. Because you re getting a bit boring. This is basically if made to look like a new broom or the m10. It s pretty cool so tear rapes leave me nothing is there right oh it s tier seven.

Okay yeah right premiums premium medium. What we want a loader watching this is the is that you ve been bullying. It for the last four minutes. I want to know whether thank destroyers.

He s just taking a shot one of our biases. Who is that doesn t know he s not be right there and then that s how you d say i drink stick okay. I don t know where that shop all areas. I thought that shot came from behind him and whatever it wherever it came from it bounced other than what it was from my have been from me yo fan over the egg panther falls henry done much this game one more tank left you got a tiger yeah that target is on poor.

Kill zone ggg. You sir there is take him down not losing over thank hopefully we can ma. Oh. We lost the m10.

Nor. The wolverine look. Alike. Come on jon ninja.

Get him in the side. Yes. Oh you did some damage to him. And then he goes down.

So just check the results screen and then we ll end the video so victory all enemy vehicles destroyed really very good game. I m not ready i m very good at playing these type of tanks. But where did you come you came higher than me at least. I didn t come back one.

And there he is tap typing something other know what that there is all that stuff so. Unfortunately yeah. So we got time for in this video. If you liked it don t forget this masha like one.

If you haven t subscribed already. Please. Subscribe now we really appreciate it and there might be another game play tomorrow might be i don t know whether i ll have time to do one. But i definitely will get one for the weekend.

Definitely that is a promise it s not only you but sharon and jeff because yeah. It s a promise and he s probably saying something like i don t know. But i don t know what he s saying. He might be saying something nice.

He might be they saying something horrible that i won t make my promises but yeah we ll catch you in the next video bye bye bye he s you say oh blimey we re saying bye yeah bye bye bye bye bye bye no another one there we go bye he s he s typing it he s busy typing yeah. ” ..

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