1660 ti vs 1070 ti Mining Profitability Overclocks Efficiency

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“Guess shane your crypto fish youtube channels. So today we re going to see which which one is better the 1660 ti or the 1070 ti find out here in bit alright. Real quick. Before we go on guys be sure to subscribe hit that notification bell below got a couple of these videos coming out every week.

Speculative coin mining. Comparison videos what s the best miner a little bit here and there on trading. So do that real quick and if you like this kind of content hit that thumbs up as well helps the channel helps it grow and i would appreciate it alright. So i recently got the 16 60 ti.

I got two of them ordered them off b h. Photo. Not really that important where i got them from got a decent deal on them. Although i just looked not too long ago and they re 40 dollars.

Cheaper now so if you interested b h. Photos. Got it for 239 each maybe. I should have waited about a week.

But anyways so i wanted to see which one was a more profitable. Which what was a better card that 1070 ti or the 1660 ti. So i ran both cards side by side through a bunch of different algorithms and came up with results put it into spreadsheets and that s why i m making this video for you so let s pull up my nvidia rig right here as you can see i get better hash running right now two dollars six cents a day not bad. That s just a 1660 ti s 1070 ti.

And my little. The manera. Right. Here is the cpu.

I have core i5. 80. 600 k. Cpu.

So. What i m gonna do is stop this cuz that make sure it s closed exit. Yes. So i get a little fuller test.

So the first we re going to look at is um z coin..

I use the latest miners on all of these to get the best results as possible so let s double click on this and we ll pull up my sheet. Actually. I think i went to 100 and 0. On this so as the 1060 there are 16.

I keep call them 1060. But it s 1660 so about right there and this one here as well you seem to like no memory at all on the mtp all right so it s running it ll take a little bit to generate let me pull my spreadsheet up. And then um look at that so here s the spreadsheet guys can pause this video at any time to look it over so right now i ve pulled up the crypto just 191. Mtp z coin.

That s the point. I was mining as you can see i labeled all the coins. I mined here there s the algos right there there s the hash rates. Top guys right here is all the 1070 ti results down below here is the 1660 ti s.

So these are the best overclocks that i found now they they vary for you depending on your system miners you re using etc. But these are the miners. I used right here now goes everything this is what i did so you should be able to pull this up on your rigs and get the same exact results. Power efficiency everything so let me pull this up ok.

So it s already going to accept. It. Share so as you can see. Right here about.

21. Killer or 21. Mega hash on a 1070. Ti and right around.

2 for the 1660 t. Eyes so if we pull up my. Sheet that josh. Pretty well about 21.

And two those are the overclocks 23. Killa hashes. A watt for the 1660 ti. As compared to 17 for the 1070 ti.

So as you can see mine better on mtp..

Let s pick one that s let s go to prague. Pal. So that s one that not a lot of people have any info on so let me stop this miner here real quick now the prague pal was hide nora it was a speculative coin mining video. I did should be popping up here so the developers came up with their own miner for this.

So. That s the only thing. I could use so it s like a run let me see what the overclocks for that were we did one hundred eight hundred and one hundred thousand so let me pull this back up. So one hundred and eight hundred and we go here to a thousand that s close enough and miner has started now this one goes really fast.

This miner as you can see so it s hard to catch the actual hash rate. I have to like stroll with my mouse here but we re getting twelve point nine. Now let s go to its yeah. I mean it goes so fast you re getting so many coins.

Because there s nobody on this on this project. Right now well just some people on it. But not too many so we get about twelve and roughly thirteen so eleven point nine and twelve point two so that s pretty close to what i just said as you can see with the miner. There s it s hard to see the first one there we go.

Thirteen and roughly twelve so that will bow around a little bit 13. So that s actually a little bit better pretty close. So so once it gets going it ll settle down so frog pal. Doesn t give you any voltage readings on it minor so i couldn t get the actual power efficiency on that one.

But that s frog pal. Again that video should have popped up if you want to look at that card and try mining. It yourself for a little bit and the last one let s go over to raven even. Though that takes a while to get going let me close that down because it changes so many different algorithms.

But we ll pull that up real quick and where are we at raven for used crypto dredge going here and we ll see what the overclocks. I did on raven 150. Core. 700 million memory.

150. Core 800. Memory. So.

I remember..

That was one of the ones that had like the core a little bit higher. I was working. I was working with this one it took me a while cuz like i said it changes all right. And this was 800 correct.

So boom. 150 801 5700. So that was that so it s the last one. I m gonna do i mean you guys should be able to see for yourselves here.

And do this up yourself just looking at that sheet. I gotta got there for you so just go through that sheet and try this stuff out for yourself. And see if you get similar results. You should shouldn t be any different and this was 150.

It s probably not going to pull this up as fast as like i said it takes a while for this to have her gel alright. So this like i said it ll take it ll take a while to get going so initially we got about roughly right around in a little over 18 and close to 20. Let s see what my results were seventeen and fifteen point seven. But again i ran this for two hours and many different algorithms it ll bump up to sometimes right around 50 mega hash depending on an algorithm.

It s doing at the time. All the way down to the mid 20s. So hit or miss as far as trying to get exact numbers. It s such a short amount of time.

But i just wanted to show you guys the overclocks and results. I got again here is everything you guys should be able to copy this for yourself. I hope this helps you guys out is why i did it lease gives you some baseline numbers to work with going forward on any new coins coming out and of course existing coins like you can see here. I did z coin etherion classic swap was the cuckoo route.

29. Algorithm i did on t minor ravens l. Cash hide. Nora was a prague cow.

And i on on c. Hashed. To ten underscore nine. So again.

I try these numbers out for yourself guys try these over clocks..

Try these miners. These are the best miners like it s fine as well and overall as far as profitability. It is the sixteen sixty ti ventus and at two thirty nine right now as compared to a ten seventy ti at least when i got this one for 450 for this much more profitable. Much more bang for your buck roi is also a lakhs faster than you would with a 1070 ti.

Yes. You re not getting the same amount of house right. But as you can see it s really close to the other ones. So especially on the efficiency side.

90. Watts. 90. Watts.

90. Watts. As compared to 100. 817.

115. On. Qu. Carew.

Z. Hash and c hash. Respectively. So try these out real.

Quick. Guys. If you guys have any questions or comments put them down in the comments section below. I ll get back to you if i can i usually do and if you like this video hit that thumbs up i d appreciate it spread the word trying to get trying to get these overclocks out to as many are these results out to as many people as possible to help you guys out there alright guys.

So that i will um. I ll see you in the next one hit that thumbs up ” ..

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