1:Face Watch – Cool Watches for Good Causes

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“Welcome back to chronic on terry on your host prem garcia today. We are going going to be talking about one face watch. Which is this is an empty box tray here right this guy. If somebody sent me an email.

And asked me to do a review on these so i bought two of them and checked out what they were about and who they were and all this stuff. It s pretty cool it s a company that does they do i don t know twelve different colors or something like that several different colors one two three four or five six maybe six zero colors hey anyway they offer a couple different colors in these watches and each color goes to a different charity organization like this one right here feed sixteen children when you click on the watch on the website. It will direct you to i have links to the organization that it supports and all that stuff. It s actually really cool this is the one that i m wearing.

Which is the water clean water for one person now. This was my favorite color on there. I also dig the hole wells in africa thing. I think that s i think that s a cool organization.

I watched another review that somebody posted this one i guess when they first came out let s just we ll just talk about it right now. This watch is a fairly inexpensive. It s really cheap actually you can go to like made in china comm and find something very similar to this for like a dollar. Sixty.

You can buy like a red version or an all black version with a stainless steel case..

It doesn t have the coloured case like this one it s not all white like this one for example and you can find on amazon for like four or five bucks. These retail for forty dollars is what they sell them for so yeah i get it there it s a really cheap chinese made mass produced piece. But you know what man if it s going towards good stuff. If it s going to charities and if the company is doing half of what it says.

It s doing then i don t mind spending. 40 bucks on a cool looking piece that helps people out so um. That s it let me show you the packaging. Um.

And there s a couple things that because they did go as cheap as possible and i hope that they went cheap as possible on the packaging and things like that so that they could give more money to these organizations. But i m going to kind of walk you through what the watch does and tray the packaging and some of what s missing at least in mine. The ones. I got alright let s get to it right on so this is the packaging.

This is what it looks like when you get it this one is the hunger changing the world one face at a time as a little logo right here. And it s just a basic mirrored faced led watch here s some of the other things that they support. This is the one day s wages. This one is charity water like i said on their website.

When you click on the watches..

You can click on the corresponding website for this nonprofit and one face. Watch pops up as some of their sponsors and things like that let me show you on this guy. So this these side panels. Just come off there s not a whole lot to it there we go the box itself is just like a real basic kind of cheapy plastic insert there just pops out and this is kind of a mad maybe not you just kind of got to pull this guy out.

And then you got to kind of turn that to the side to get everything out of there that s it basically this is the watch. It s water resistant. It has a mirror face it s pretty good sized. I mean you can see the size on the wrist.

I think of where is pretty cool. Most of the other ones that i ve seen online like on amazon or made in china. Calm. Or whatever have a red readout and as far as i know all of these have just the white lcd.

And basically. It s just a day in a date function and with seconds. So the top button will flip you through what you got going on there the bottom button. If you just press.

It you can set your time and date..

Now that it s pmma as well whatever scrolls through there s our date day and year. I don t know how far goes up oh and then you can do 12 12 or 24 hour timing so if you want to do 24. Hour. Then you have that as an option as well and you just let it go or you can hit this now.

I the thing that is missing from these watches is that there s no there is no instruction booklet. So i just kind of played around with it and figured out how to set the time and date. I have no idea honestly what either of these two buttons do i think that i don t know i don t know if this company makes i don t know if they make a different model that maybe has an alarm perhaps or a stopwatch or i don t know. But this just puts up 8 both buttons just eight.

I have no clue what it does so if a lot of you out there smarter than me so if you if you know what this is put it in the comments below. If you down then that s cool too maybe somebody from the company can tell us what is going on with that. But yeah that i mean really that s it there s not a whole lot to these i think they re really cool looking. The silicone on here is very soft.

It s very pliable so it in my opinion. It wears really comfortably ah like i said i like this clear one. I think. It s cool looking with the yellow and really like i said for me i got these because i liked i liked the charity organizations that both of these represented and that s it.

But there s i mean they do want for cancer..

They do one for they do one for aids. They do one that feeds kids they do one specifically for breast cancer. So there s there s a lot of good causes on here have on their website. You go check it out that little scrolling total how many watches they ve sold and how much money they ve raised and all those types of things.

I just think. It s cool that there s a company out there that using watches to do something good in this world. So i hope that you found this useful. I will post the link to one face watch below.

So i encourage you to go at least check it out and if you see something on there that makes sense to you or that you can get behind. Then buy a watch man you ll have a cool forty dollar watch. Well you ll have a cool two dollar watch that you paid 40 bucks for. But you ll know that it went to something so you know at least check it out and see what you think make the decision yourself.

And until next time thank you so much talk to you soon real soon. ” ..

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