2018 LEGO Star Wars Sets CHEAP AT WALMART! + Other LEGO Deals! MandRproductions LEGO Vlog!

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” s going on everyone. It s me ryan here and welcome to another vlog. I i just got a class on this wonderful thursday afternoon it s 75 degrees outside sunny so we re gonna go ahead and hit up a walmart and a target that are usually not near me or that i m not near that we haven t been to lately. So we re gonna go hit them up so i can get some chick fil.

A as well let s go alright. So we have made it to target. I m hoping to see if there s any like final clearance deals at this target. This isn t the target that we were at in the last logs.

But this is a different target. We ll call it new target for clarity sake and the other target can be old target and essentially. I m hoping to find some clearance deals that might still be lingering here. I don t know what to expect maybe.

Some new 2018 sets. So you saw they had the new kylo ren. Shuttle poly bag and i m hoping they ll also have that dog poly bag that i talked about in the last vlog its clearance how it looks pretty good they have some lego sets. But it s still pretty much the same ones from the other target.

This for 20 is a pretty good deal and pretty tempting other than that there s just a few more sets turning about of course. We have the classic buildable figures on clearance and i have found a boatload more clearance including some minecraft this will give some batman movie a crocodile set. I wonder if this is going for 48. Still a little expensive.

70 retail and that s crazy. These are eventually got to come down in price. There s still 40 at both targets. Which is crazy.

But they have a bunch of them at both targets. So i think when they do come down in price. I might buy one like i m i m kind of interested to try it out. But then again last time i bought micro set i was severely disappointed these are now a dollar 18.

So that s pretty cool i bought them i bought one for half off so i could do review video of it obviously i m not hauling and balling like those you know who so i won t be buying them brick heads. I m still tempted to get batman. I should wait for him to go half off cuz. They have a bunch of him here.

I would still like one though captain america for 5. I think if these go down and lower up. They ll definitely get that my urn man for 5. So pretty good prices on the breakouts here.

If you re interested in birkhead s. But not really my thing. I liked the two star wars ones that i got microfighters millennium earth y wings stutter and pretty this one s a pretty good. Shape but the other ones in pretty rough.


700 is man. I i almost want one to keep sealed. But like i don t need that you know what i mean. There s there s no reason for that of course.

Some more the minecraft sets over here. It was a blurred out time. But more than minecraft sets over here. And then some of the the arrowhead from star wars.

The free maker adventures which of course. We don t want because it s terrible. The airport show for 50 like really has me want to just like all these clearance sets. At these prices are so like please buy me man that looks good for 50.

I think it s retail as 92. Because i remember when this came out i was like oh. My god that s a ridiculous price. But 50 is a damn good price here on the actual lego aisle.

We have some 2018 sets again that darth vader. Which is calling my name as soon as it goes on sale. I m getting this set as soon as it goes on sale. I won t pay 40 for it.

But as soon as it s on sale more buildable figures like the chewbacca other random stuff going on down the aisle. So you have some looks like all this is pretty well stocked. And yeah birkhead s a little section over here. But still really haven t gotten much star wars in so waiting on that the one weird thing.

I found is they ve only gotten like a couple of like each of the little things so they didn t come in like the normal big box of six. I think. Which is weird it looks like we have the blue baseplate. The new blue base plate.

I think this is the weird new green color that i don t really like and they also have a bunch of great ones. I just want to know why anyone would pay 15 for that and you can get that for five dollars. More it has a hundred and fourteen more pieces just i don t get it why is the pricing so bad still no pork funkopop anywhere to be found hey guys. I have a question for you what s buggin yet they have the lego tape here.

Which is weird cuz. You know i don t know what i think about this stuff. I hope leg who comes out with their own like i think. It s interesting and like it s a good concept.

But i don t know if i want to buy like an off ramp type thing for that sort of thing. I don t know i think it could be interesting to use and see if it s actually cool or not i think it d be a cool like video for you guys they have some 2018 sets here. Now as you can see they have the boba fett. They have some of the brick heads up there you can see octo island that one that one s actually right there.

But obviously i already have those so i don t really need those grievous..

Peter darth vader. There s a bunch of them in the boxes up there is there shelving space for them. Unfortunately more people have left crap here candle from this i hate it so much so where s part of my walmart now they got the 2018 brick heads a new single brick heads the ewing 35. I think i m gonna take one home 35 bucks that was that was the price.

I was waiting for it was 50 and now it s 35. I think we re taking one home. Today. The u.

Wing oh. Man 35. That is a steal because here. Yeah.

Here was it was 50. Seems like they still have quite a few so maybe the price will drop even lower. I wonder i wonder i don t know if that red that orange like square means anything or not but i think i m gonna take one for for 35. I think that is a damn good deal 35.

I ll put it next to my y wing that i also got for 35 up on the shelf. I think those would be cool looking next to each other sealed in the box. So we ll take we ll get one of these not take it we re gonna buy it but you get the point. We re gonna get one nothing else.

I mean obviously. They have a bunch of new 2018 stuff now this walmart restocked. Unlike the other one we were at the last vlog that was pretty funny that s funny 30 oh helicopter you get that funny looking mountain man. You also get the bear.

I might get this set later that s an interesting looking set i like that mountain the rest. I would i would recommend that one to you guys. If he has like lego city. They also have the minecraft battlepacks.

But they re 1362 instead of which i guess is nice some other good deals they have here they have the minecraft ocean monument for only 60 and for all that sand green. If you re making like a sand green centric moc that is a darn good set for that i mean that s got a lot of sand green in it so. I don t know have to see if my like moc builder. Friends need any of that stuff cuz.

That s a really good price for all those parts 1200 parts for 60. Another thing. I ve been considering is getting some of these rick and morty. Seth macfarlane toys.

So let me know in the comments section. Below. If i should get some of these and review them i mean 30 dollars is a pretty good price for this i think you get a lot of cool stuff in there. I know it s not exactly lego.

It s it s i mean..

It s kind of close to it it looks like lego. It s not quite. But it s a little bit more detailed. But if i should get some of these and do some reviews on some of these let me know in the comments section on this vlog.

I m interested what you guys think also guys. I just noticed something really cool. I think this boba fett is supposed to retail for 30. It s 25 here.

I might be wrong on that however. The one thing. I did notice is this dual pack is sixteen dollars instead of twenty so if you re looking for the two and one micro fighter packs come to walmart this is only sixteen dollars also this is sixteen dollars. I kind of want to get it there s a lot of things i kind of want to get twenty four dollars to five hundred pieces on that it s a really good deal as well so the pricing on some of the walmart stuff is pretty crazy like when they have new sets.

The battle packs are already twelve dollars in 74 cents. Here so if you re trying to get battle packs. They have a ton of them twelve seventy for each instead of paying fifteen retail at lego or toys. R us or target again for 1270 for walmart so pretty darn good deals on the new sets.

I m kind of curious if any of these sets are already like lower prices. Anyway alright guys so something very very cool. I just found out all of the 2018 sets at walmart are actually cheaper than retail. So obviously we have that which is sixteen dollars instead of twenty.

We have this which is twenty five instead of thirty. We have this which i pulled out of a box up there and it was thirty three instead of 40 which is very awesome. I said. I would wait for this to go on sale.

I think i might buy it right now and i don t really want to spend 70. So i might not get the ewing even just so that i just get one thing for 35. This is 25 and a lot of people are complaining about the 30 price point 25 at walmart this set 33 dollars. I believe same prices that darth vader is like 33 and change and then up there we have the defensive crate.

Which is 72 instead of 85. So if you re looking for defense. A crate go to walmart and get it s a great deal in there is general grievous peter. Which is also 25 and this set should be yeah.

This is the 80s d. So 25. 33. Like basically a good percentage off.

You know you re getting some some money saved here of course the battle factor. 12. So well so if you re looking for the 2018 sets of guys to come to walmart they have them for much cheaper. They should also have like some lingering clearance deals.


So the y wings are normal price at this one. They re not super cheap like they were at the other one this ewing. There s a bunch of ewing. Still so i guess i ll hold out hope that they that they go down in price.

Again. Who knows i think the ewing could definitely go down and price again again these y wings are still normal price searcy ewing. So i don t know if i m gonna get this probably not i don t really need it it s it s more of a wine. It s not like the wiling that i actually absolutely love it s just a ewing.

So what is that s it oh. It s another wiling in there and there ewing up here. I guess i ll put these sets back where they came from so i m gonna get the darth vader. I m gonna compare it to the old one i think it s definitely gonna make for a better video than getting this piece of crap so i m excited to compare that to the old one cuz.

I actually have the old one i found that on clearance at walmart for seven dollars. So the last twenty eighteen set that i won t have is the boba fett. So that ll be the last one. I think i ll try to get my girlfriend to give me that for like my birthday or balance.

I think valentine s day were probably good for that then that s nice little gift right. So i think i ll get that for valentine s day that will complete my 2018 set collection and out of all these sets right here the only ones. I don t have besides the boba fett which i just mentioned the arrowhead and the praetorian guard. So other than that i think i have all these which is pretty cool oh this this crappy 55 dollar thing that nobody wants so it turns out that walmart s montreux save money live better is true.

We got the darth vader that literally just came out like a week ago for only 33. And some change so i m very happy about that i had told you guys in the last vlog and even at the beginning of this vlog that i was waiting for this to go on sale and you know what i pulled the trigger. It s better than getting another ewing that i don t need and i m just gonna keep in a box for a long time for no reason i got the darth vader. I m excited to compare them to the old one i think i think it ll be an interesting comparison.

I m gonna build this on the live stream. This weekend. Probably so stay tuned for that other than that i m done with this blog guys thank you all for watching i m a haul my butt on over to chick flicks. I m starving i didn t think the the two trip target and walmart would take this long so i m absolutely starving.

I m very excited go get some chick fil a guys subscribe to the channel. If you re new here guys to hit that like button and if you have anything to say leave in the comment section below again guys check your walmart s they should be getting the 2018 sets like very soon if they don t have them already and they are for a lower price than retail up to like 15 like the defensive crate retails for 85. I paid eighty five four and you get it here for seventy two so if you re looking for the 2018 sets. You don t like those retail prices head on down to walmart in the us at least.

They should i think all the walmarts in the us should have the same pricing scheme. So like my walmart should be the same as your walmart in nevada or wherever you live so thank you all for watching. I hope you guys enjoy the information. I gave you in this video.

I ll see on the next. ” ..

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