25 great conan the barbarian quotes

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“Conan. I have heard of you conan. What is best in life to crush your your enemies. See them driven.

Before you and they hear a lamentation of the women is good. I think we made the merchants. Angry are you surprised well we didn t steal everything he had we didn t have time can you believe that you told big to be a thief wizard right see you re afraid of magic..


And you will have to deal with it what good is a sword against sorcery does it always smell at this how does the wind ever get in here. Why are they trying to kill us maybe you want to capture us then torture us to death a pittance to protect you for me i am evil fitting your slots. I suppose nothing hurts you only pain flowers grow around here flowers ha give us the girl or we ll take her you re not wrong wait wait wait wait wait wait wait hold on are you going to learn how to fight then learn with a real weapon not with a toothpick from laps if you four wins. I swear that if conan will let me ride with him i will give my life for him.

We shall see you killed my father you killed. My taser you took my father swords is his woman over there zulo. There he is like her she doesn t look like her..


But she is the same spirit the same the same uh strengths flanks strength and she s a warrior too a great warrior. A great woman. I ve never prayed you before i have no tongue for it no one not even you will remember if we were good man or bad. Why we formed know how he died all that matters is that two stood against many that s what s important bharath pleases you crumb so grant me one request grant me revenge and if you do not listen then the hell with you it soothes me i must get up now huh fools.

Who ll ever death do you know what horrors lie beyond that wall no then you go first the girl s destiny is normally to deliver the horn. It s just writing on the wall. Here s to be killed sacrificed..


We shall see deston you re not i m afraid afraid to bear yourself. Why you re so big in so well grown. You should be proud of your body. How do you expect to reach emptiness.

Without knowing your own body could we talk over there where the others cannot see why yes of course. I m afraid and i m shy. This is a europe priest rope..


Yes. It s all i have good that s all you re ever need we leave now in the morning. I m the leader here lead in the morning it would be better for us. There is no spring.

Just the wind it smells fresh before a storm fools shudders are with me i will have ” ..

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