3 MUST BUY Dell XPS 15 9570 Accessories

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“We re gonna show you some accessories for you and you adil expense. 15. Yes yes allah welcome so these are three accessories. I bought for mind you their legs.

15. Because i want to keep it in pristine condition. And also have a travel charger. With me at all times.

The first accessory of my for my dell xps. 15..

Is a case from eine tank. Let s unbox this ok so it comes in two pieces the case for your laptop and this is for a jelly with 15 156 inch s. Display. And it also comes with a accessory pouch for maybe your external hard disk drive or your charger and the cases do have some nice flannel fabric.

Which will protect your device so i also bought is amazon basic laptop backpack it can keep a 156 inch laptop. Secure. And you can bring your laptop easily with this to your college and have that extra storage for your books. So this backpack has three sections for storage.

One is for some small accessories like external hard drives and other tech stuffs and also pencils and the second storage room is for your college boots. When stuff like that and the third section is for your laptop and for your tablet as you know the dell xps..

15. Originally came with a barrel charger. Not that useful types each other. But it can actually charge through usb type c.

So therefore i bought this apple. Usb c8. 7. Watts charger.

I use this as a travel charger. When i bring it to school or when i travel and this will not charge as fast as your original dell xps..

15 charger. Because this is only 87 watts while the original is 130 watts. But this will do when you re on the go take this up you need the usb type c. Cable.

I didn t buy the apple s original usb type c cable because it s only a usb. 20 i bought a usb 31 generation. 2 which will give me max full speed transfers. When i hook up my pixel to excel.

I can transfer very fast to my computer. This cable also has a pd profile file..

Which allows up to 100 watts of charging power. But on the go this one meter cable won t be therefore i bought apples extension cord. Which you can easily hook up to this charging adapter so these are all the accessories and products. I bought for my dell xps.

15 to keep it in pristine condition and have a travel charger with me on the kitchen. All the links to the products will be in the description down below comment down below. If you have any questions about the products you ve seen today and hit that thumbs up on it to show some support and be sure to subscribe if you want to see more tech videos from human and suture and this is shiva. ” .


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