5 God of War Sidequests You Need to Do

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“Don t eat us prepare yourself god of war is crammed full of interesting characters characters challenges and side quests truthfully all of them are worth checking out. And we you take your time with the game and explore everything midgard and the realms have to offer. But here are five optional quests you definitely don t want to miss throughout the game. The dwarven weapon smith s brock and sindri each ask favours of you you should halt your main quest and do these immediately as these quests will net you powerful new gear and weapon parts.

It s also a great excuse to explore the gorgeous open world much of which is left unexplored even after completing the main storyline in addition to the dragons you fight during the main story. There are three dragons and god of war..

That you can set free each dragon is blocked by numerous puzzles. Challenges and some pretty tough enemies. But the rewards for freeing them are totally worth. It you ll learn new special abilities.

Rare items and a ton of xp for setting these scaly. Giants..

Free. You ll probably find and beat a lot of these chests during your main story playthrough. But if you were thinking of skipping them don t the rune chests holds some of the rarest items in the game. Including items to raise kratos as max health and spartan rage meters.

Which is invaluable for the endgame boss battles when you spot a chest take the time to look around the runes you need to destroy are always close by while both of the additional realms are excellent additions to the game nifflheim really stands out because of how unique it feels from anything else god of war has done the maze is a randomly generated level that changes every time kratos enters. You ll have to go back multiple times and upgrade armor to be strong enough to make it to the end..

But it s the only way to fully upgrade your leviathan x. We put valkyries last because you ll probably want to upgrade your weapons and health before you try and tackle them there are eight valkyries hidden throughout the realm and each one is a challenging boss battle that will test the limits of your skills. If you love god of war boss battles. This is the content you re craving after freeing every valkyrie you ll fight the hardest boss in the game.

The valkyrie queen. Who combines the attacks of every other valkyrie making for one challenging battle in addition of these quests..

There are wandering spirits. A ton of secret chests and a whole region full of classic god of war challenge rooms. So take your time and enjoy all god of war has to offer for more and god of war and all the games you re in to subscribe to fandom. ” .


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