5 Reasons to Buy a Sony A7 Today – Medium Format on a Budget!

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” s been almost 30 years since i published my review of the sony a7 as as the cheapest way to full frame and video since then a lot has happened the market and sony has released several sequels to the camera and i have reviewed for example. The sony a7s mark 2. But one question that i still very often get asked is if the original sony a7 still is good buy for taking stills well here are five reasons. Why i think yes first up.

We have the sensor. It s a full frame. 24. Megapixel sensor.

And it s definitely no slouch. Even with today s standard crazy amount of detail and a good dynamic range. It s also very good in low light like here on a foggy night just after something certainly we have the price this thing is even cheaper today..


If you are willing to hassle. Some classifieds you can get it for as little as five hundred bucks. I ve seen stores sell them brand new for as little as six hundred the third reason the size and ergonomics for a full frame it s downright tiny with this 35 millimeter lens. I have often had it in my jacket pocket the ergonomics is also something i really dig.

It has a nice grip and i m definitely more fond of the old design with a metal wheel system of the new design. Really teeny tiny plastic wheels are actually quite difficult to you at least for my an external sd slot is sweet and the big evf sometimes makes my life. Easier for a low angle street light. Myself a teal screen is almost a month.

And i prefer it to a fully articulating. When shooting stick. It s also extra comfortable for me the temp to shoot with my thumb on the trigger..


The last thing that completes it for three cheering is a distance scale on the display. I can pre focus that for example five meters at. F. 8.

Giving. Me a focus on of 25. To. 71 meters.

And with a quick flick to f11 r. Which infinity. The camera also remembers the setting as well as the focus..


When turned off all these shots were pre focus and shot from them the next. Reason. Spigot is the ability to use adapters due to the short flange tip. I can show them the old video you can get a whole bag of lenses for just ten bucks.

The top or even left i can adapt almost anything like modern icons with manual aperture control modern canons with electronic smart. Adapters or pretty much any other less ever made still one of my favorites. After all these years is the minolta mount and especially the 50 millimeter f. One point seven rope you.

But the last and biggest reason. I currently like having an sony a7 around is another type of adapter to keep on medium format. Focal reducer in acts just like a normal speed booster..


But instead of turning a microphone charge camera into aps c or aps c into full frame it lets me shoot medium format 645 lenses with full coverage giving the cheap sony a7 sensor a lesser crop factor than for example. The newly announced fuji gfx 50. You i would make a separate review video. Where i tell you everything about the adapter and try it with loads of cool meaning for my glass.

Until then you can lead the evolving review of my site. Or follow me on instagram for new pictures every day until next time goodbye. ” ..


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