50 Hilarious “Injustice 2” Clash Dialogues

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“If i play video games do not insult me look. Sinestro s behind you not not falling for that one should modernize your gear. Our could not be walker green go like fish means stop embrace your inner feline. I m good with challenging how is your back never better.

It s a pleasure to kick your ass. Oh hell no you re taking the fun out of this now. August is fine a little boy your head crashing just like your father forget scared..


I m angry then hurry up and down. You are not a man with a gun eagle eyed sugar. They re definitely a headache hashtag grumpy back you kiss like a bitch to mara you ve got no sense of humor hello boxing glove arrow just wanna rub my face on that belly not that kind of cat i can see why bruce likes you he does he really don t your pick dynamite or crowbar die. Joker.

You must have swallowed the red pill. We kissin matrix make like a translate. I think you sonicboom when you fart definitely not how the speedforce works you re worse than nod..


Wow. Need a diaper change. I ll spit on your grave. It could use a polish tell bruce i made you suffer i ll tell him you died trying you re no warrior.

What are you sword. You d be delicious battered and fried enough with the fish metaphors they ll make me kill myself the black racer is coming gonna shove my fist up your it could use a polish how s this gonna end. I m a doctor not a court to tell it don t lick your wounds that s just gross selena you familiar with the laws of physics..


I ve broken them all so yeah make that other lightning guy with the bamboo hat. Yes. Oh yes. Please.

Stop having fun say good night good night holly. I see why you re batman s chew toy a pleasure you ll never have i love you i know still trying to tickle me yeah are you scared yet. I m back man..


I am vengeance. I m back back man now cone try asking mr freeze take it man snow cone. It s not tell you to ask me that eyes up here kid focus. I can t tell which of us is evil.

I know we both got feared our racial bridge that would be incredibly impolite gonna shove my fist up your shoes are obsessed with scatology taste my bile never on the first date. I can go all night promise who put a hit on me everyone is ever mention order shall prevail you really need to get laid damien despises you can have it you d make a dot can apply see what is a blushing ” ..

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