8bitdo SF30 Pro Controller Review – Best for Retropie?

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” s up guys sean here with our tech check. And today. We re gonna be be taking a look at the 8 bit doe sf 30 pro bluetooth gamepad for windows android. Mac os and steam first i d like to thank dear best for making this review possible they sent me this out so i can do this review for you guys.

Today. And if you guys are looking for pretty much any gadget you can imagine out there international phones. That you can t buy in the us go ahead and check out gearbest. They have a whole ton of gadgets and selections for phones.

I ll go ahead and put a link in the description below in case you guys want to check them out so i basically been using this with my retropie simply because it has the old school style snes controller with the added functions of the control sticks. So you can use them pretty much with any game out there because when you re playing the retro pie you not only have the console home games. You have the arcade games. As well that use the little joysticks and sometimes those don t translate very well with a little pad here.

So i wanted to try this out so like i said before this is pretty much compatible with anything that has bluetooth switch windows android max steam so it s very versatile it s got a rumble vibration with games that support it motion controls and it s usb type c. And i ve been using this for about a week now and i have not had to charge it once yet it says that you can use it up to 16 hours of gameplay. Which is incredible it comes with the controller. A usb type c.

Cable and instruction manual. So let s go ahead and take a look at what this thing looks like happen to have it right here..

So. As you can see it looks. Just like the old school superintendant controllers with the added function of that bluetooth. This particular.

One has the control sticks and it has a couple extra buttons here. It s got a home button in the star button and a couple extra buttons on the top here to kind of mimic like that xbox type playstation controller. It feels pretty much exactly just like the old school nintendo controllers. It s got nice clicky buttons they feel very responsive.

They re not mushy like some of the other generic controllers out. There. The only thing that i have to say is when i was using this when i was younger my hands were a little bit smaller and it feels good in the hand. Um.

You know kind of when i m like this. But when i have to use those top buttons. I have to kind of crunch. My fingers up on top and after playing like that for you know a little bit.

It gets a little tiring cramped up so if you got bigger hands this. And he can still use it..

But it might not be very comfortable for some games that you use these controls up here for but other than that i mean they ve kind of slimmed the top buttons down just to add those two extra buttons there and i have one of the old school classic super nintendo controllers as you can see is he just got these regular just plenty of room to stick you know something else just like they did here. But they pretty much look just like the old school super nintendo. So another thing i wanted to let you know i did run across when you re using there are a few games like an arcade game called smash tv. Where you will use both these control sticks.

And that s pretty much it well. If you don t have your thumbs completely on the sticks. And you kind of let them. Overlap.

You know. When you bring them together your thumbs kind of hit. Sometimes. So that s one thing.

That s kind of annoying. It s not like a deal breaker or anything. But it s just something to be you know mindful of another little thing. That is a little hard especially for people with big hands is you know like when you are playing street fighter.

It is kind of hard to hit some of these top buttons and you know all these controls at the same time because there s nothing to hold on to so. If you ve got bigger hands..

You might want to get one that has like a little handle on it or something like that just to help you grip onto the controller. But so let s take a look around the controller here you have pretty much 14 buttons. Not including the touch pad here these little joysticks when you press in on them. They do have buttons and the inclusion of the two extra buttons here on the top you have your usb type c.

Which is great i m so glad they switched over to that because no matter which way you put the usb type c. In its gonna charge you don t have to worry about that micro connection. Where you had to flip it in one way here it doesn t matter anymore here s your little sync button. There s little led that shows you it s charging on the bottom here you have four leds to tell you which controller port.

This is put in and mine. Usually always goes to the first one none of the on the back here. If you don t remember it shows you which buttons to hit to change for the different units that you re using the switch you know mac os and stuff like that so you don t have to worry about carrying that manual around which can get kind of annoying so like i said before i mainly use this for my retro pie. It works really great you can use this with the bluetooth that s built in to your raspberry pi.

I have noticed that there is just a little bit of lag. When you do use it with the built in bluetooth of the raspberry pi so what i did i bought these 8bit doh usb bluetooth adapters and i can tell you that using that with this super nintendo controller it eliminates the lag so if you re worried about lag just pick some of these up i think i got them you can definitely get these off of your best to and you don t have to worry about that lag. And now when you talk about lag for those of you plates streetfighter you definitely know if there s any lag. It s not going to be very easy to do you know some of the moves and some of the soryu khun s and the hadouken x and the fireballs.

So definitely. If you re worried about lag..

Work. You re having lag issues go ahead and pick up one of these usb bluetooth adapters and it pretty much eliminates all the lag and very simple to pair up you just push the little button on the adapter and then push the little pairing button on the controller and you are good to go i have also tried this with pairing with my android phone works great i was playing pub g. It makes it so much easier than to try to play with those on screen buttons definitely recommend this especially because it has the inclusion of the extra little joysticks over you know the regular 8 bit doh super nintendo pads they re not that much more expensive the little thumb sticks also have a little texture to them to make sure that your fingers. You know don t slip off.

Which is really nice unlike the ps4 controllers. Which there s really slippery i really don t like those i definitely recommend picking one of these up especially if you re you know you re gonna use them for a retro pie. But you know if you like that retro feel. And you had you know super nintendo back in the day.

This is definitely a great option to check out so again. I will be putting a link in the description below in case. You guys want to pick up one of these yourself you guys have any questions. Please feel free to ask me any more than happy to answer any questions might have but i hope you guys enjoyed the video.

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