Acer XZ321QU 32 inch Monitor Unboxing, Setup, and Testing

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” s steven here and i just got my new monitor in so we are going going to unbox. This thing. This is the acer x. Z.

3. 2. 1. Q.

And then all the other stuff that they put on these i don t like their naming system with monitors. They are way too complicated right. But this is a 32 inch monitor. This is a curved 1800 r.

1440p 144. Hertz freesync monitor and it even says on here on the front. It says hdr ready. I don t know how much i actually believe that with here.

So it has blue light shield anti flickering here wired viewing angles. And all of that as you can see i have an asus monitor right here. This is the 34 inch ultra wide 100 hertz 1440p monitor here and i truly love this thing. But when it comes to content creation.

What i m trying to record videos and all these other things youtube doesn t like to have in screen annotations with that you can t do the subscribe to my channel. Here are some other videos that you may like at the end of your video here and i don t like displaying the 16 by 9 aspect ratio on a 21 by 9 ultrawide monitor. It just looks looks really weird. I don t like the black bars on the side.

It just doesn t seem like it runs as smooth compared to what it s like this now for personal use i love this thing. It s phenomenal. But because i m doing content on youtube. I am switching back to a 16 by 9 monitor for that so i m actually taking this it ll go downstairs.

I m still gonna use it but it ll really just be for personal use with this now. This has 2 2. Watt speakers on it. This actually has 2 7.

Watt speakers. On it if i remember correctly here yep. Two speakers. 7.

Watts per. Speaker here and as a display port mini displayport one. Hdmi 20 and then one. Hdmi 20 mhl.

21 and then it has the extended usb 30. Ports on it as well. Which this has also some of the other monitors that our i was looking at in this 32 inch. Monitor curve monitor kind of i kind of frame that out these are the things that i want with this.

But when it came down to it one of the things that a lot of these ended up lacking was the usb extended extender expansion. Whatever you want to call it with this so i run a lot of different peripherals off of my computer. Here so having that expansion is really really nice where i can plug things into the monitor like my keyboard my camera a couple other things here because i don t have enough on my actual motherboard. So a couple different things that i wanted with this that that that this actually meant one of the 32 inch.


I noticed that all of these for the most part are 91 to 93 ppi pixels per inch. So they re all kind of comparable in that regard. I did want a high hertz. I wanted something 144 or higher with that this actually fit that bill.

But it has free sync and not g sync. This is a g sync. Monitor. And i love it.

But this is actually g sync. Compatible. So it still should be super smooth. I shouldn t experience any tearing or anything like that any lag.

This actually is if i remember correctly. This is a one millisecond response time to some of the other ones that i was looking at they ended up having like a five six one even had an eight millisecond response time so i wanted something that was gonna be one millisecond. Response. Time just like my monitor here.

Now. This is a va panel compared to my ips here. But i don t view my monitor at odd angles. So i know that s one of the downsides with it more vibrant colors with this but ips has you look at all those comparable videos right like this has backlight bleed with it which a va panel.

Doesn t have as much or t8 tn panel doesn t have as bad. But the viewing angles are really really good on this compared to this they all have their pros and cons. I m never reviewing an angle. But the side though so that s never an issue for me.

But it had the speaker s the usb expansion. It had 144 hertz. It was gc compatible with that as well and like i said ppi was very comparable with this i don t care about the hdr on this. It s just it s an hdr on gaming monitors isn t where i think it should be right now unless you re gonna spend thousands of dollars and then with that if you start watching some of the videos from like linus tech tips where it works in certain games.

And it does look really really good. But then in other others. It doesn t and windows still is having a hard time with it so it just it s not where i want it to be just yet. Although.

I m seeing some good things coming out of ces right now with samsung that i m curious to see all the other monitors that are coming out or that are going to be showcased in the next couple weeks here. But this fit the bill with everything. This is an led monitor as well it says mercury free on it so let s go ahead and get this thing unboxed. I didn t see a ton of unboxing videos.

And it didn t see a ton of reviews on this thing. What i noticed just with the basic structure of the body of this the stand this is basically the acer predator. But it has free sync. It s not g sync.

And they changed. The color on the stand a little bit. So it s actually silver and black instead of red and black other than that it looks super comparable to it and i actually had that monitor. I had a couple dead pixels pop up on it so i was at the point.

Where i saw this and i was like i was kind of having buyer s remorse. I i i had it for i don t know three or four weeks. I sent it back ended up getting missing and like i said i love this thing. But let s go ahead and like i said.


It was one of those things were is hard to find i looked at so many different monitors lg samsung i mean a seuss acer all these different things it was just so hard to find everything that i looking more into sort of it what s the ppi because when you go from 27 inch to 32 inch. I mean your ppi is going down right so for some people there that are editing or anything like that they re like you can see around text certain pixel. I m not sitting i mean you re close to it. But i m not analyzing everything on screen that much so i m just an average gamer here we have our hdmi cable.

We got our power brick instruction dp. This is our usb extender cable. That s one of those things where i am having a hard time with the words for what that actually is here. But we ll look at it on the monitor here.

But it actually has four of them some of them i was looking at only had two i liked when i had at least three or four. So we got that cable here and then the remaining portion of our power cable here we got our mount alright. The fun part the tricky part and this does slide up and down a high stilton and all that as well just like this monitor does this must be the amount for it right that we might thinking of best amount or whatever with that i mean here are some the other ones. I was looking at.

But if you look at it right here. Which is gonna be harder to see on my phone here it literally looks like the acer predator gaming monitor it s the same base like same everything. This is g sync. It s the big thing.

And it can be overclocked to 165 hertz. Where this is standard 144. That looks clean gaining the vertical space. Here is gonna be interesting because that s the first thing you notice when going from it s a regular monitor to an ultra wide and i thought was off a 27 inch.

It would just be i have that expansion. But if you are coming from a 32 to an ultra wide the first thing you notice that it gets shorter. But it grows wider. I will say another thing and i ve done a review on this monitor how this manages the cables.

I love on the back of this because it floats everything and then actually have a just an opening on my desk. Here that i can run everything through so alright. So this is it whew its hefty. I love the buttons on the back very similar to this one here where and i ll try and get some footage of this where you can actually click this and move these buttons around they re not underneath on the front here and this actually can like a dial that you can push around alright this looks really really good so let me turn this around and actually before i do that will this showcase right so we can tilt.

So we can pan. We can do all that good stuff with this so on the back here right we can see so let s go ahead and get this set up. I m gonna go ahead and swap this out and then we ll pull up a game. I have to tinker with some settings here and mess with that a little bit to make sure that it is running essentially g sync.

So we re not gonna get any horrible. Tearing or anything. Like that i don t think i can put this right up to this and have you guys see. But there is a noticeable size difference with this like i said with the vertical space that you get with this so let s go ahead and click over.

I ll have this all set up and ready to go alright. So i ve got it all set up super easy quick. I literally just like swap them out kept all my cords where they were so it was easy to plug in and just get going. I m going to showcase some footage of me trying to make a comparison between the two it was really hard to spaced off the angles to showcase that it s one of those things that you need to really see in person.

But this is thirty one point five across right you deal with the 30 for the 34 is going at a different angle in order to get it so when you deal with like the vertical height of this really. It s almost like taking an inch off each side shortening this to this and then going wider. So if i had to make just a general hand comparison my previous monitor was about here. But it wasn t this tall you drink this down right so harder to do but having the vertical space feels great to have but you are losing that horizontal space here so setup and sanely easy i went in to check to make sure that g sync was enabled.

When it s not connected it automatically made sure that it said hey do you think is running. This is juicing compatible. I didn t have to do anything i ve barely tinkered with the settings in terms of using the dial back here i like the clicking button like i said the fact that it s kind of like that radial dial where you can move it around changing all the settings has been easy. I just went in to make sure that hey is overdrive on we can do that right there.


It s pretty sync on yes mo second. We ve got here let s see if that ll do anything for us. Yeah. Not a fan you can tinker with hdr auto.

It does not look good everything is let s see if we can turn that off that s better i need to tinker around with that a little bit more let s go off so these are my user settings from messing. With that this is 100 volume by the way so based off how much you can hear that one of the other things that is an upside not only the youtube stuff. But i have the g5 60 speakers here. I m gonna turn this down a little bit so.

The g5 60 speakers here based off light sync. They re going to mimic the colors that are on screen here. Right you can kind of see them moving just a little bit there we go it only likes to do that with certain games. When it s an ultra wide when it s not it s easier for it to do so red dead redemption here only did it maybe.

10 of the time other than that it wouldn t actually display this at all because i just didn t like to do it in ultra white doom was the same way. And this is one of their games. That it s actually touted as having another layer features. When it comes to light sync or it actually does certain flashes and things like that to make it more immersive.

So that is another upside for this as well pulling 74 to 78 frames per second right now. It is i did tinker with the settings. And read dead to make sure that hey this is going to shoot for the 144 hertz here and all of that and actually make sure that yeah. That s off actually and we re done okay so so far so good looks really really good.

Now. This is like mid high settings just coming from the ultra wide. It was harder to run because it does have more resolution to deal with it s 34 40 by 1440 versus the 2560 by 1440. So i haven t had any like weird screen tearing or anything.

Like that with this i haven t had any flicker trouble or anything so looks really really good so far. But i do need to mess with this more the other thing is the where i put this grommet is where it was convenient for the previous monitor. So now this is kind of offset from a visual standpoint. Which i actually don t mind.

Because i wanted to be able to scoot this stuff over and it actually gets me more centered. Which is nice as well although running the cords and trying to get them they look about the same so it s one of those things that visually it looks very similar to the way. It was i have my camera here that i got to get set up later. But so far so good with that let s actually go ahead and exit.

The hdr feature. I m curious to actually tinker around with that more it s not something that based off everything. I ve seen is something that especially. I don t even know.

This is most likely a low hdr like hdr 400 or something like that if it even is that because i don t even think they said on here it just says. It s hdr ready. But then it doesn t tell you what that means with this so here s to see dig into that a little bit more that wasn t a feature. I was looking at this it s like oh i have to get this or anything like that and a lot of times.

It s fake hdr. It s not even true hdr when it comes to this so yeah. It says right here. It s not real hdr.

Because it s not the thousand nits here so i don t know what the amount of nits with this is either so i m not gonna mess with that but i do need to tinker more with the settings in terms of color. Let s pull up another game here just to see what it does dooms kind of standard with this stuff. Tell you what let s pop it up let s see what we can do with this. He s a game.


It always shoots for i mean. Previous monitors. Hundred hertz and it was throwing it up there towards 200. So we ll see what it does now it s one of those games.

Where i can go in there and tweak the settings. I haven t done it yet. I had to keep it turned off because it was the ultra wide sound is sound quality is really really good with this. I am impressed with that going from the 2 watt speakers on the previous one to the 7 was i can tell the difference.

It s very subtle. But i can definitely tell the difference. But like i said i don t really use that i actually use my light sync ones over here. Which will keep it on that for right now i don t want to cuz.

It s still gonna showcase everything there i mean it s just holding at 200 fps. So the ultra wide would do that but it would it would dip. It would go like around anywhere from 130 to 160 and then it would jump up on certain points. Now i have a gtx 980ti.

I do want to point that out so same thing. I m not having any screen tearing or anything. Like that yeah. So i mean.

It s not having any problems at all not that i would expect it to but if you like to see how smooth it runs. When it s a g seem compatible monitor. Here all right so not bad at all volume is good right something. I m gonna have like yellow hurt with this so very very good that has the speakers.

All the features so that is it with this please just with the quick test here. But i do need to do more so review hopefully. We ll be out and i don t know the next came full of weeks and kind of behind with some of this stuff just cuz. I like to sit with it for a little bit.

See if there are any corks that if i only spend a couple day with with it i m not going to see do i see dead pixels later. Do i have any problems with that which every single monitor had on amazon. Some review that said dead pixels quality control was complaining about customer service. I didn t find a single company where that wasn t the case it s in some regard right now if it s one where it s like the vast majority reviews were like that i was definitely shying away from that but with this i didn t see a lot of that at all there were some.

But i want to sit with this also because of that i want to see down the road. Am. I having any difficulties with this so thank you guys so much for watching hopefully. There s answered a lot of your questions.

But because i want to be toying around with it if you do have questions let me know in the comments section below. Hopefully. I can streamline this to a shorter video answer a lot of those questions with the review as well so check back soon for that as well the other videos that i need to do as well still need to review the logitech g 560. Speakers.

Still messing with those very very happy. But i wanted to switch back to this also to give my final stamp of approval on them where i m not dealing with the 21 by 9 aspect ratio. So thank you guys so much for watching check back soon for more ” ..


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