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“This as like this really doing okay well. I m in the screen right now. Now. I didn t call me the hook day on my truck.

But i we seated for the hills. But i actually came because i got a set my reel and the guy they want to burn. When it s time to go cost of shipping and everything i own i got here by now hey that s a design that s a design in my head. But he was warning.

I said i think my other video asked what is my head i got a design and it s growing back you laugh people done with my tongue. I love is that you know cyber light teach them or whatever. Oh wait i got a nice one right here yeah. I just did it up good job with the wheels in the truck.

Okay oh. So that s the administering. They put the little the wheels tired everything went in joint. Yeah.

I messed up all that youtube channel. As i see they shoot videos yes. Sir screen off right before miss douglas oh yeah late day i am a podcast gonna get moved up into here so stay tuned it ll be crazy bro i ll come out yeah. He ll be beating.

Which i spit it d be hit nice going a lot i like that right now. I only like white car. That s great. I hate white yet a gonna putting any money.

Hey listen so i m moving to tell you some crazy stuff right now that i just got so put my truck. It s a lot of most stuff added anything same it s crazy because i didn t even know it ll be this hard. But it s so much stuff added to the beer for my truck. And it s gonna be insane.

Yeah. I m saying and yeah. I can t wait. I m gonna tell you how with all that got put into my leave my uh my baby.

I m a beard. I hit chinna right now so which i didn t know is well i just ai. N t it also so y all. See that platter right there.

It ll take that out there could be something else put. There. And you re gonna say pan. Also but they go the whole thing.

And i all i go light on white like the letters and then look. It s a little learn a lot of white and they re super duty and super ds right now it could be like the same color. The little kid. The words will be like that green and then my clear lights at my headlights.

So hard austin just showed me a picture. So i got some new light that ll be like damn. It s so hard brock can t even spraying. But ever had the green in it oh.

I can t even spray. I might add it to show y all. I m gonna show you this is also quite a deal okay he s in slowly when i was trying to know how to hear let s go be materialized. But i can t even get it out i got it s hard to explain i m attending similar screen shot of it in the air.

I ll show y all. So that s of course..

Whatever. Happy. With this. Okay.

Oh. See some not camaro. Right. Here.

Yeah. Okay. Yeah. Right on for jealousy.

There. You go pitches that ball play. Everybody. The video and the pitch go ahead knock it out that s what s up see.

I told you that i told you man you needed that tight don t you need you got a proven formula. I way you got back up a little bit around the corner. Hey you ready that s it this it this way this wasn t like when you watch carmen s youtube channel cory cory cory no i saw that their money was he gonna say wait that corner oh yeah. I should be does apparently cory.

What all right jordan. Y. all. Huh.

This is eight inch right here male 1. Well. But this 8 year man had a twitter would do dr. Holick to that first right here.

Right there. Lost danny also a rather bitter their way. He just got his beer too by the way uh. I said you gotta cool this got choked around also just telling me love each other more than anything he didn t see it yes.

I got a total job. They just put the little kid on there so he got to see it and we will get here yes real quick you funny tell ya. I m in a short route short were a different broker that short broke man. I usually fall in love and like i just added like i just like everything i had something super.

I ain t ain t i don t know sad this. Time that s it i don t like 3000. More dollars to my beer of the day. I m not true so yeah.

You know i just want my choice be one of the hardest in the game. I stand on that every car should i pull it to anything it gonna be hard and spork my truck will be hey dad bitch hard damn like i want to win number one i go to the truck show. Yeah you know i m saying you know so. I m gonna tell you our song.

Though show of y all. You know ideas and pharmacon man. I really like the around and i broke and i know for gelatine its. But no bitch it s hard to me i them she loved him too so that s hot.

I m addison yeah. They got that black and wrinkly so good on him ah it gonna look real sporty fish over show. She had this really guinea mm hmm. I mean i give you a severe you know sooner or later.

I m not crazy over right now. But i do look severely go don t get me wrong you can t never go wrong with a severe boy that poked at the poet that wasn t my dad don t the og yes..

Sir another order you know. 26 is on a date. The fatty is gonna i think he s seen. It already did.

Oh yeah well like that squat to the bed. Yeah. That s how a bit hard go on he ll be put on countenance. I was just gonna stand around and get austin driving i m awful and i m gonna barricade on my troy brown oh yeah i forgot my true i came to a damn print his range rover.

She s all about the details bro. It s all about the details see that really enough that i was saying. I m gonna do my truck for that black everything with it with about side and a look beyond green. But if i break cowgirl be dream also so i often it ll be too much room.

Small details may i be the harder. I already see i reckon. I would that that s hard to put. Y all.

Hurt librarian. So food. Yeah. Yeah.

It s so boring. A dickless came over here to us bobby want to see something that might cheat your mind it back around nope. See. He always trying to change my mind by my route.

Oh. That word turtle is every time. He does it all right right to the future. Let me put it that way misses you got man.

I see that s it with jason guy. He all come on tv futuristic ideas what you got man this is called an angeles rap. But it don t need a which are ageless rep. You ll see what you mean by ageless man.

Yeah. Well my charging man why not put it on my charger. That looks good on a jido. Because you gotta think about it the g got all the parts on it so you know it doesn t look too bad.

Yeah. I mean i own a jeep just sayin. I mean. It s different.

I don t do my son. Hey. I just told you i just think i just told. You yes.

Oh. He thinks outside the box. So i m assuming. I just told you yesterday.

Though. I m more of a southern guy like i like solid look at the hair can t look beautiful like that bro my brother yeah. Hey bulldogs and said i had to stop eating citizens stare like it daddy i don t know i had to look at it real good look mister sure it s around the corner. Here cat lady.

This is was decorated is ridiculous bro. This is she is crazy they put the ceramic card on in a tent..

They tended it out you know i m saying better the sidewalk and everything and boy. I m bout. Some wish i got one adina. I m at the lead here cuz every time i come lickin anybody that you want to get one you do more and more and i just know how i am bro like i m no good.

I ve been when i got that big quick that d be nice well yeah. It d be hard somebody has city they never the regular here carry with a white by the kid on it. But you gotta understand. Though that there is not no peace that come oh you see on sandy s bumper.

These ain t no that you didn t put on there look at the bumper like it got different details in it got different. There s different details and we gotta look at this you mean come on hearing by the hallway litical playing every year. When they make a new car this is just different. It ain t dead.

It is they only just added these. But you got to think about it though bro. What do you expect it s a car company they not just gonna come out and just make the car look just totally different like they do that every year. I went every cut down new car they come on just add some it get further down the line in the years for a car like that it s a complete different line look at their charges.

No and look at the 2006 charge and like that like come on see i m saying. I m gonna get a back bumper at different details in this man. Y all. Did cleaned it bro.

And just look it how shiny. This joint is but don t say that man. Cuz. Ya.

ll maybe want to keep. It. Black. Uh.

Dan. Oh. Oh oh doing black and light. Green.

You know i couldn t even. Do that proofread okay yada. They scratched my dad calm so i had to get like a lot of stuff paint over. But wow look at this joint that black look good i just love a black car in the way.

We re gonna talk i love a black car hit my bumper then i ll never be lost at all so they re gonna stand out it ll be someone shot my lights real quick so i got the lights added to the grill and my shirt er give me just a second they go crazy when they put device in i get. A critic approximate. So let me see here it quick. So all right man.

See y all. I see the lights checking my man. Got the lights in the grid. And i oh like the lights in that vent night is seriously.

Y all. I know that mean well it ll be like a real good real fruit. Then i got lights in the back hold up silver ice in the back now all the way around yeah can t go wrong can t go wrong. So yeah.

I m excited for this one two minutes. It s gonna be hard. I can t wait. And i got some also i see y all.

See all that on the inside. Determine i got all that green to match the car so of course..

I had to do that but i m i like that real quick alright they are yes sir. But yeah it ll be crazy man stay tuned the feeling s come in tomorrow. So i will stop by the marquee got to update. You show you i had a feeling look in person so y all can really see it and i just can t wait bro.

I can t wait to see how this turned out. But a many black me one i can t do black clothes. If you think about it had too much accent. You could put on the charger.

Like think about my deal on green accent without what i put and i got green stripes. I don t want to ride around online green or mirrors. You know say like nah. So yeah just stay tuned for tomorrow.

Vlog tomorrow videos on the update everything and yeah. It s gonna be crazy. I can t mope all blue or at least right yeah right mmm. What is this right here.

What s going on right here. Oh yeah. Yeah. Jane watching this i m gonna i m gonna see how them stuff.

What other pieces are they going already yeah painting oh. They re going okay. I ll colleges. Okay yes.

Sir yeah. Y all. Read. Her note man.

I ought to uh body. Pieces. Go. Get.

Painting. Gloss. Black. Like i told.

Y all. Already came late this will be hard to miss. Never with everything nice on i actually just go to the next level. But just check out this black girl now ai.

N t about maybe my coming leave it black leave it brat leave it black no no i m not leaving the black. I want to but i already roll with my car black all right when i first got it i had with the floors on it i wrote with the black for a while then i went blue and i with green and i m gonna orange not going back green but a different green though that s why and it got messed. My trucking every time so yeah i hope you enjoyed this video stay tuned man. I ll be back tomorrow.

We look up here tomorrow you got another date. It was going on so i could see everything yeah. He ll keep going with the videos peace out. I forget the light come and subscribe peace.

” ..

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