AEW Highlights HD 2019 – AEW Double or Nothing 2019 Highlights

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“Belief in your i am prince. There s no baby main event. Only lead wrestling wrestling fans here from all over the world. Joining us.

So now uncensored smirnoff against heart. A lot of folks are asking about the world title right here. Tonight. Cody wants to put.

Dustin rhodes out to pasture. Dustin watson. Won last and the bride phoenix and pentagons junior kidney omega there s bad blood. It damn sure it s personal.

I see you lost burgers sin city. You re a bad bad town. Because the all early era start tonight. I got three letters.

I love this day here and only wrestling. It is a 10 count to get out some of strong arts. Shima t. Hawk and l.

Lindemann. Michael. Neither. Vice president as well and listen they are bringing professional wrestling.

The japanese contingent of strong hearts shima l lindemann feet maria they are gentlemen competing daniel s then in the fuku minh masked men tournament the machine agility these two oldest competitors in the match. But no shortage a little scouting report as well quite honestly tried it the exchange has been laid now and then the mongolian wolf clan is sick man match finish frankie kazarian takes down t hawk a man who hood. Oh taylor means been in the restaurant business for 20 years. Because aryan also two decades in the ring.

My entire arrest. A scorpio sky looks like he might have busted the nose of one of the manifesting you about that so you ll see his first action. The match. The powerful judoka be introspect at the time change you wonder if it is no perfecto.

The max in store. For scorpio sky would score fighting up out of it he ll sky. But they have high hopes around. Daniel swamy.

Wait forever you know what i mean i mean that shot frank. Because they re doing a great job isolating. The least experienced inside together from the beginning drop toehold on losing control. You don t want to do that in a six man tag.

Because there victory over some racing fans are not familiar with their organization. Some eyes toward shanghai china as chi minh. Illegal men in the ring tip speak. And i think now that that low fulcrum.

There we see i m surprised they re not dams trying to find out about the drop rate great tag team instincts on auspicious yet he wished in motion in the past difference. Christopher daniels. He has him dead center of the ring the middle of the logo. But he was in a tough place there a lot of jeopardy that racin territory.

Mr. Donna quinn enough to create an opening. Hello shark diving man in the ring. Escaping from that fireman s carry scorpios with the upper hand going down lindemann go for the sunset props to peppers.

The opposition leg lariat frankie s team has had an advantage for any length of time doesn t really go in that order there s at least two men in the ring tag was made he s got a nobody there and another load dropkick successfully executed these six lads are in good hands to flag. If knox hadn t gestured to i would have thought that was the ring pal wonder man and christopher daniels. But he s isolated there is super daniels s. See you strong hearts christopher daniels and frankie kazarian in the basements.

There it s abusive was there well deserved take your happy be guys get ready to have the first ever women s match here let s go down to justin roberts..

Who s always standing she i think she s the underdog but i really believe that she s how do you prepare for someone like that it was kylee having her movin at the rally and you know kylie very sweet. But when you get when she gets mad she could break your teeth and then give you a referral aw ali. I know you got to be excited i m so excited well she is the chief she ll appreciate for us. She does this triple threat match could be a great i want to match that is awesome also claw to over 200 pounds.

Our house first ever ae. Tummy. A women s bath kylie. Smiling.

Anymore doesn t know vanek centers are ringing now i m fucking awesome call fest mac fits of nick kitt asleep lower had an effect the call over the top turn around bob girl he was gone for the pig predicament brick baker dodge. The superkick rolls into a biddeford economy way get the pin before nilo rose right now we re finally ready charge again nobody homemaker. She s really there nuts off her feet rose kylie right and immediately turned her attention. I ll our rose.

If it was me i d be going after tyler thinking perhaps powerbomb nakata s on a lot of heart judging by the look on her face. You guys what i live on that way i really i m not after all the things. That she s been saying behind my back. Britt baker.

Did not even see it there s a big difference. You notice the symbolic arrow gesture up to the top but brick highly ray getting up to her feet brandi looks pretty happy doesn t she dr. Laker back elbow. Where is the doctor in the apron.

But still endangered entity in the world the big ladies on the outside and alack. We re ready to do some nail art dmd pin tucks reversed. I m highly go bring her up looking for the german brick piglet. Wow.

He is our head official here and all the way wrestling so you got to respect and as you say their names. The doctor made a successful house fall a tremendous scouting opportunity for you ali 13 dailies plays cia bank stadium in jackson consists rick baker taking the victory lap introducing we discipline justin 50 years old compass everything he pretty much has wanted to in this business. Brother was so deeply involved in in successful to tell a lot about a fine gentleman by looking into the fighters eyes right back up again honoring their father. Dusty rhodes.

Here we go ladies and gentlemen. Let s get down to some business. Here playing their own burst of a mind game try to tear each other s head off get it out of your system here we go get down to business they won t need any provocation this is faster boy god bless. It that maybe doesn t get this time to shine he is in tremendous tremendous shape.

I ordered room service. I don t know vote i out to see him win and about let me say about to get brutalized tussle. Countering pull the ball out here and the crowd chanting you still got it how much are challenges that podium cody s cody. This is it you would figure coming here and play the greatest hits.

I think gesturing asses that could have happened that would not be good for him you begin a tent camp notice regrouping and rehydrating rehydrating. I saw his good kid inserting herself come on don t tell me shut up. But be there alex how long has it been since you think besson had a man shovel hook from the canvas. There s a power cell.

Got a lot of roads outings years better cardio shape over the later there s some mustard on that one when i first started in rushing. Venison. Making. Make it.

Dustin rhodes. Think twice about it it s an unprotected turbo. Brandy. Megan.

Is back earlier. That s sigma ho. Young master. Cody looks a little disheveled right.

Now. Now. He s got to regroup. He s got to get a new game plan against his brother.

Justin evp..

A close friend of the rhodes family says wouldn t find steel in a straight right hand. But dustin can t see done he just wiped the torrents of blood out of it brought his brothers blood. Very gritty the sick twisted sadistic side of him over his eyes. A wild swing of them is hoping to hit cody in a long time do you see how cody i ll tell ya.

I say if heaven er doesn t want to stop the magic. I can t blind. It he went for the wild swing pretty fluent in the match exposed turnbuckle can t see. This is gonna be super.

Ugly thunder tested over time and we can see it you know. And he s not just trying to beat his brother. He s trying to end a generation broken legs at 50 you re not coming back well it goes. Rich didn t find it and turn his brother and their but to break the hold separate them in having their taking the belt away atomic cuz their spanking to come.

And there s some time past here the frozen. The better a few the blood loss of dustin. Here. Folks cody there s a kick out.

I can t believe it either lady just family battle right on the nose on the button bleeding. Only there s no more left to lose for the weak at heart headbutt. Won t be left of these two men. This is emergency.

There see the suffering bicycle finally gets their reveries camping at every time for dustin road. And to see this it come to this there s not covering they were walking on the edge of the mountain right now folks we done able to answer covered in his brothers blood. But that s what cody wanted to do but now that he s now that he s done it now that he s defeated his brother an amazing way to settle felt. He d be bad news.

You don t get to retire here. You don t get that cuz. I gotta ask you a favor next month in jacksonville for fight for the fall. And you know what the match that i put my name down on it was myself and a partner of my choosing against what i think is the best tag team in the world.

The young bucks. I need my older brother while the sonics looking to tell us about the lift a brother. They have decided to together your toaster. Longtime got you professional training and have been off and running coming together the tag team but this year alone forty eight tag team matches and the chance.

Seattle amanda is that the chant means no fear the champions exude confidence well the young buck before the match starts. They re given all the money they made on merchants are i would say a 18 hour layoff. They rustled last night man and nick jackson ladies and gentlemen attention to the most mature brothers. When they got those tripling our tag team titles mills has ever had his hands full so we have two sets of brothers here in the case of the young bucks.

Their dad made him a ring this guy s got a nice round we re in the dust. But frankly make a claim for the best tag team in the world. Benson kahn jr. Takes the side headlock matt reversing team crowd chanting an emo.

But he s been arrested 12 year. We can t afford to make too many mistakes box to one in tokyo. One in puebla. They re there the top league lands on the apron to kick dodge.

My feet. It s gonna rocket exchange on huntsman ship. The shoulder block. Yeah.

Oh thinking about that too big for arms right. Where he wants him so. It young bucks bingru teen challenge team the cover there here s the cover survive this match will be at fighter fest. He s going to be taking on mr.

Bailey. He s got a lot of rumors that was effective had got a little hurt doing a lot of moves that i have not seen them not seen yet can t wait to see if they re able to unveil that here too much time double team debug style and that has got to be their strategy straight right hand in the corner goes up and over the top flap. Oh waiting for the tag. 15.

Bucks let s go phoenix in which the young bucks..

One they came to the ring and it seems that electro brothers have the advantage tag made low kick targeting the outside of the thigh. The it band getting a wide vertical base limit here s one watch it for any athlete. Including a pro wrestling and as soon as you think one team comes in knocking japanese legend for those who are unaware and now the running bulldog lariat. Common and alex you mention.

Outperforming sky. Would be the limit step through stereo step shooters by the young bucks written all over the face of pentagon you come to america to win your titles back you win by submission. I mean that that s really fine strong. Why can t tag team wrestling be great climb to the top pants up breaking it up at the last you know there s these high level matches puts the other team away blow on raw in amazing timing tubes hop.

Matt jackson krona. I think the no it s not this is actually close it s one ball. But bucks tag team titles to their arsenal. They re trying to close the deal ramdev certain join the tag team match feet on the ring.

A pearl at least. Matt is that like to do great. Unless you turn the kitchen soviet. Miss.

Indeed fans hit another phoenix in control with matt jackson up on his shoulders. It was so close to kansas to break that up and nick had to know it he knew pentagon. The legal man in there with nick jackson just routed through towers behind a three second interval. The cheek and go shout out there was that break phoenix springing up charging in sense of urgency here trying to get away to those higher on the shoulders of matt jackson.

So many matches with that yeah man holding his net. That s not good the worst things are where the end shouts i feel the same way as matt. What s it gonna take to win this match. We saw them shout out elgin.

Erica kevin s rivals in their submission time that left arm. We don t know if it s dislocation is separation or what to myself right now and the pinpoint accuracy. The arm connects to the children. Oh.

My goodness emma glisten. If we didn t do it there. Though when their backs are gets the wall and just some amazing. What they do what it takes to win women somewhere scheduled for one fall.

Average person shit nigga. So my crowd the main event and journal hoes omega one. I think jericho gets it here tonight on so look away judas himself could that match all of the stripes with the knees by penny omega yeah. It s something that he s been working on down in tampa with a big time mma trainer.

Yes. Getting the cracker barrel barrel out. Look. What their garrett.

Put is up settle in could be right right. Because jericho s a master manipulator in every major company in the world. Knowing it. And he says he can t sleep at night.

He should pass the early going omega s not going to be intimidated under the rule of threshold rough lengths. It shows you their motivation looking at that big night passed by jericho they are an excalibur. I have tonight where he feels so confident topping unique experience and if you notice that barricade camera chuckles now this is a discretionary thing pounded out the main event of double or nothing. Ollie wrestling.

Koya jericho. Jericho is chest crystal megara curses. Now on the screen overalls jericho chat excalibur. I think there s it like juice and omega biggest complaint about his right eye line.

If jericho heats that he hates. It that s one of the things that add styles. So chris has got a little you make fun of you sometimes omegis is not ready yet. And it s more punishment me omega with those trials.

They ve been a lifelong wrestling fans jericho got their first but jericho that helped scouted knows..

It s coming be trigger a running beat trigger from all those shots to the face from omega to jerrica body his age may come into play. He s got a hold on here got onto the spine chris jericho. Just came crashing down to the mat and omega but jericho over oh jericho that s instinct right there a wrestling world champion. That s what s at stake here.

In this matchup hot rivals back elbow live bait turtle. Staggering jericho teetering on assassin. Okay jennifer comes at the back door. Wait slow jericho to the pros body obama actually landing on his head gonna get those bad hands you just got to dig deeper and when you can t you can t think he d go any farther you can now.

He s hooking him up omega getting set. I gotta think the moat these men are we re testing there s i got to get chris a lot of credit because i think this talib is exactly right he knew where that tapes when you do that combine that with then broken potentially broken nose seen for the last time. These guys are just hell bent on beating. The hell out of each other that title shot raking.

The eyes by jericho drop straight bar drop get in the face. Exactly or jericho was aiming between that the lionsault. I mean. It s like this would be an mma type man and now jericho is hell bent on returning the favour dough mega mega and that right there left hand just better counter that veteran jericho now jericho s doing some frustration on his veteran face jericho slapping omega can t be this omega into making a mistake.

This equilibrium is going to adversely affect another one something could be wrong hope. It s not omega definitely has to keep that in mind well that newer these two lines here now very nearly takes out paul turner everyone to do that toe kick. That s a mop no jericho. I m not sure jericho s blue.

I mean look at it it s got none you know their home country their hometown winces fan page drag another sun s out jericho s left it jacob pop the big trigger stop coming out apart into it roses back. That s that s smart. But another to the face. James fries.

Trevor goes. Derek oh. You re exactly right alec. And omega.

Put jericho. Away give. Me one wing. An angel reverse jericho goes out he could feel jericho s dead weight up on his shoulders.

I don t you mean buddy. Part of the lane pro wrestling world wha insecure man his boot. With kenny omegas. Medulla.

Oblongata and no driving nice try jericho oh omega here that was wing an angel no jerk on jonesy jericho kept lunch and close to the car a car what could he do now what if you think about it jericho never once fainted for the judas effect. Iron men. The chris jericho was insufferable before wanting crazies wanting things what are we going to get now there s a key perhaps even cruel sense of urgency on the mine. A chris jericho you want to boo me after that huh you can say whatever you want to give a rat s ass about your cheers.

Or your boots. Or your wedding. Tune in lighten up marks and be quiet for months. Let me just say one thing chris jericho is aew which i did by the skin of my teeth.

But i beat kenny omega. I was gonna demand one thing from all of you thank you i don t think he s here to say. Thanks. Tomasz and jon moxley.

Lucas mark old mega. Now he s not exempt. He does have a vaccine can t defend themself you re damn sure i d beating the hell out of each other and here they come. ” .


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