Agents of SHIELD Season 5 Episode 5 “Rewind” REACTION! (Part 1)

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“It do ski. It s your boy fela. 34. And today.

I m here with with my agents of shield season 4. Episode. 5. Reaction video.

So shields been you been pretty hectic. Y all. In case. You just dis your first video.

Watching. I ve avenged watched. I ve caught up on agents of shield cyrus knee fix my pop vinyls out of order. So i ve caught up on agents of shield.

This is the last episode before the the show comes back from its little break you had and i m very excited to see what s gonna happen i ve been digging the hell out of this recent in the future arc. And what s been going on i ve been wondering where s my boy fitz you know we had this thing. Where him and virgil were potentially talking in the past and then he was mentor some shit it turns out fitz is here or is it really fits is it is it some other person who just looks like fitz or a feature fitz. We don t know.

But i am excited as hell to watch. As one y all. Been telling. Me.

The episode. 5. Is super hype. So let s get it so.

Without further ado. Let s get this one started yo as always if you enjoyed this video. Then be sure to leave a like and subscribe. If you haven t already again all my social media links is right over here.


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On the app links to download is in the description down below. Anyway. Without further. Ado.

Y. all. Let s get this. One started.

And the new episode comes out tonight. Too. So that s just like a double. It s just like an extra bonus three two one eat working on it fits.

How we started it off y all. Let s get it okay. We re going i. Love.

When they do this you see the other side s other perspectives of philip j. Colson yep that s me the goddess nice work and congrats on the whole power outage thing that was very ominous. This is my fault. I m gonna take what the hell full responsibility oh man i love each of this field so much man.

So i did. Some medina security camera confirms all lots before he arrived what happened tell us this be like they told us the fracture dossier fits. It s impressive. The big bad brain of shield.

Did you help them escape with some kind of new shield technology. How did you know we were coming scottie. I don t know how they got away. It s such a glow well it s not general talbot says agent johnson put a bullet in his head.


That was another that was empty and jeffrey mace. Yes. They re not let s go for that that damn okay you re done. When i say you re done.

And then you don t cooperate you re gonna be here for a very long time do you understand loud and clear. Oh god fitz is a imprison is this what we re doing a prison break arc. Oh boy probably wanted it all he ever wanted to do was be with jeff one make shit like that s all he ever wanted i don t know where s john the sons. I wish i knew cuz as much as you want to find them and bring them to justice.

I want to find them side on it they re okay. He s not well swear i will do anything i can tell be framed. So he joins them and helps them go to the future. You know i hope they just coming.

I hope they just get over this quickly the machine. I don t think so i want to fry as much as anyone. But it s the smartest guy. We ve ever had in here okay.

I want to know how the hell. How will the help fit to gets 90 years in the future in a possible mother to another world let s go get those gains boy. But all those fing one of those pens. We interviewed everyone there since they all had the same two minute lapse in memory.

It wasn t you okay. It was okay. That s good okay yeah. It s got a couple months.

This watchkeeper those in life. So let her do a soccer fan z. The least offensive. Part is when he calls the goalkeeper a cro magnon twit.

I believe the monkeys are days it s so good i have fits back. But i don t know if we re ever gonna go back to how things used to be like season three. I don t think the thing. It s over oh so he s losing his uh slightly off.


It s darling angrier than he was always figuring it out he s piecing. It together maybe the framework made him smarter that he already was allowed maybe. There s some sort of loophole allowing him to be like realistically be able to get to the future somehow holy hell. Okay.

These books fits his new nickname is the monkey bad alright. That s it we re done with you no more books no more television. You ve wasted our time he s not lying you re gonna throw all the die alone in that cell. What here how your attorney is here who s your attorney.

It was cuts up my honey the criminal errors. The must six a sheet of ballbuster eleven and how many copies do you think are available in bangladesh. Never pull a bunch of wankers. He signaled him with the letters that make sense well your attention finally after six just throwing them out and let you hear where s bobby.

Though. It s good to see this the saudis. Only what he has left so into this or not unless you give me enough time to come up with a good escape plan. So there s a mechanism that control the assemble.

But i m gonna need you to smuggle it and piece by piece. I m left. He has an escape plan get the hell out of here. My boy hunter roll down.

What they ve asked away part of my lucky boy oh. Well i hope they don t get caught. Now. If you lay here just they re screwed the last thing that we think is that 2x shield agents or b student us trying to skate in this well apparently.

We are they don t the dumpsite. No that s a coconut there it looks like the the tennyson. We are vehicle they ferment it except for the sexy variable that you might that became human once you stick your floppy and i love drugs he missed the whole interesting part of this seasonal data message received perfectly boring by comparison fifty percent of the time nearly got married again until the ninja showed up so you want to get together forever just doing our own thing distance is our savior. I bet.

The florence you can type in their surveillance. Yeah well here s your ferret. I m confused okay now that s a postal truck. Unless you changed it to muppets the same vehicle fam oh no way there actually will find the dude.


No way those guys clearly nearly been expecting you no wait surprise you so act. Surprised. There s no need for violence. You are the diner.

I saw you you put them in your truck and you brought them here where are they 2 09. One earth year 2099 120. 91. Confirmed what i get a feeling.

There s a killer in the basement. He s showing them the video that is this get your photo recorded hell are you i was sent here 30000. Years. Ago to observe and record the evolution of your species.

33. Call. An anthropologist. My earth name is enoch.

I am a sentient prana come from a planet. Which revolves around a star in the constellation. You know as cygnus. Yeah.

Will do sir look. There s only so much crazy talk. I can take before i start shooting holes in it why didn t you take me he wasn t in it you weren t part of the seers prophecy. Mr.

Fitz i seriously believe felicity. I only knew when it would open. I have no knowledge of who opened if somebody does the this year. Let s start there take me i don t think.

It s wise you don t think don t take the gun hits god dammit god dammit ” ..

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