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“You like tumble tracks three and share floors. You will love our new 8 inch. Inch. Thick air 4 probe.

It is a bouncier version of our current air floor doesn t need to be put on a padded surface. Several sections connected end to end create longer units. The air floor pro offers versatility in a gym. Or as a portable station for mobile programs.

Or exhibitions..

A red center line 4 inches. Wide simulates. A beam for tumbling practice. Each unit.

Includes a carrying bag a wide velcro strip with a filler can connect two units to maintain a smooth surface for tumbling. Tumble tracks. Mini ramp works. Well for entry up onto.

The 8 inch..

Surface booster blocks. Can be used for spotting off to the side. The air floor pro comes in three six or nine meter lengths. Which are approximately ten feet 20 feet and 30 feet the air floor pro is firm enough to make a solid wall for use with bar drills and for use with floor skills.

They would serve a large purpose in our gym right now not just because of the surface itself. But because of this portability. We can move it around again. We can put it at the pit.

We could put about res d..

We can put it on the floor and of course. It s very forgiving. The girls can get a lot of turns done they take a lot of reps and we don t have to worry about overtraining. But we used to stay on bars.

They use it for the casting handstands with the track leaned up against the high bars just trying to put their feet up on the bar. I think that s a fun kind of fun thing for the kids they like to do it it was a big line over there today so they want to do it so that anything that anytime. They want to do a drill that s a good thing. And that gives them a target area to you know where to put their feet trying to get higher and higher.

So that you know maybe those two things..

It makes them want to do it. And it gives them some kind of visual or some kind of feedback so they can see where they re at rather than most the time when it gets into the cast or a clear hip something they they don t really know how high they are you know they re guessing they d think i was enhanced and coach is looking at and saying you know how do you work handstand this gives them a little bit better feedback. Though they know how high they are we use the video in the gym sometimes for that but this with the air track up there gave them immediate feedback. ” .


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