All 20 Weapon Locations in Final Fantasy 7 Remake (Guide & Walkthrough)

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“Are 20 weapons defined. In the final fantasy. 7. Remake.

5. For each character and and all of them are worth. Discovering as they not only have a new ability can be learned but strengths and weaknesses that may be better suited for your play style. Some of them can t be missed while others are deceptively hidden either way we re here to show you where to find every weapon in the game.

And the first three can t be missed. You ll receive. Clouds iron blade from the weapons store owner in chapter. Three tifa s metal knuckles in chapter.

5. After defeating the crab warden and barrett s light machine gun. Once you meet up with biggs in chapter. 6.

The next weapon you can find is tifa s sonic strikers. They can be found in chapter..

7. After opening the doors marked b. 6. A purple chest containing the weapon is straight ahead at the edge of the wall.

The next weapon is aerith silver staff. This can be bought in chapter. 8. Once the moogle shop has been opened you should easily have the two mughal metals necessary to buy the staff cloud can also obtain a new weapon in chapter.

8. All we has to do is complete the side quest kids on patrol and defeat. The hedgehog pi king as a reward. One of the kids will give cloud the nail bat clouds next weapon can be found in chapter.

9. Once you arrive in woolmarket head for the weapons store to buy the hard edged for 2000. Gil later in chapter. 9.

When aerith is being fitted for her dress. Three new side quests will open up one of which will take cloud back to the cornejo arena..

Once he completes the quest. He ll be given aerith s arcane scepter. The next weapon. You can find is in chapter.

10. With cloud aerith and tifa in the sewers after draining. The first pool of water you come across you can then enter the area slip under a nearby gate to find a purple chest containing tifa s feathered gloves after leaving the sewers and entering the train graveyard in chapter. 11.

You ll travel through two old train cars rather than heading north go through the train on the right on the other side is a chest containing aerith s mithril rod. But this isn t the only weapon for aerith in this chapter during the boss fight with eligor you will want to steal from it in order to receive the bladed staff make sure you ve gotten steel material from chad lee s battle reports before reaching this point and equip it for the battle it may take a few steel attempts. But eventually you ll get it the next available weapon is barrett s big bertha. Which can be bought and chapter 13 from the new weapon shop in evergreen park for 2500 gil of course.

If you re like me. And didn t check their inventory. You could also buy the weapon in the shinra voting in the employee recreation area. However tifa s next weapon can t be missed as as a reward for defeating the failed experiment boss near the end of this chapter.

There are then three weapons to find in chapter. 14..

And they can be found in any order. Personally i found barrett steel pincers next as they re located in the moogle shop in the sector. 5. Slums for seven mughal coins.

Next. Go to wall market. And visit. The weapon shop to buy clouds mithril saber for 3000 gil finally one of the side quests.

Subterranean menace. Has you returned to the secret shinra lab and fight a behemoth. Once it s been defeated weimer will hand over barrett s wreckingball tifa s final weapon. Purple pain can be found during chapter.

16. As she s swinging from chandelier to chandelier after she falls. You ll see a set of bars leading to nearby display cases in the back corner. Is a purple chest containing the weapon later in chapter.

16. After talking with mayor domino..

Speak with his assistant in the. Library he will offer more details on the avalanche contact for 10000. Gil pay it to get the info as well as barrett s final weapon. The ekg cannon.

It s hard to miss aerith s final weapon. As chapter 17 begins you ll see a purple chest nearby inside is her reinforced staff and then there s clouds final weapon. The twin stinger which is found as you explore the drum after his embarrassed fight with a moth unit. He ll spot a purple chest to the left of the stairs.

Leading up inside is his new sword. And that s all the weapon locations in the final fantasy. 7. Remake.

Happy hunting and don t forget to maximize the proficiency with each one to make you a true terror on the battlefield. Thanks for watching. And be sure to subscribe to gamexplain for more ” ..


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