ALL HYPER FATED FOUR AT ONCE – G-Rank – Pro and Noob VS Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate! #mhgu

the fated four This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you ALL HYPER FATED FOUR AT ONCE – G-Rank – Pro and Noob VS Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate! #mhgu. Following along are instructions in the video below:

“Want to know something. No. Just please look at my feet. Yeah.

Oh. It s s your little cute. Gun or outfit. Yeah.

Say cute yeah you not know okay is a calvi skull you re not wrong you re yeah. No you re not it s just a justic heavy heavy head. It s not even just the skull their skin still attached to it that i can see clearly it s not skin. It s like leather.

I i don t know how to tell you this so that s kind of another animal. I felt a great disturbance in the force as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced so you know how you really enjoyed and absolutely loved fighting v. Piper flagship monsters back to back oh yeah really sure sure feelings any boss hell yeah sure hey i stopped replacing yourself we ve automated cotton. I can tell sure how do i how do i press that go in the arena button.

I know okay okay okay initiating fight protocol. How would you like to fight the entire fated fall back to back all hyper. I feel like you don t know the things i like i m mounting her that was quick like alarmingly. Yeah.

Just met what can we and i work fast. When i have a hammer walk it all up into the club like what up. I got a huge hammer walk us in the club like what up. I got a big one mammoths.

Appreciate it when you just fucking walk in with a rock on a stage woo mammoths yeah woman just died i don t know if she snuck that in that lied i m not we re not late night will end that slide on by not even that s obviously the term for female mammoths. I think a female mammoth. It s still a mammoth yeah woman don t you anything really mostly you i don t every times to keep telling you this. But i am not responsible for your general education.

Oh. Say you think you could crow crow. He seemed like you wanted to fight some more so i wanted to help hey hey how s your time as a ball. I would like it to end please okay well.

I was also a ball no i m not but i ve decided to hit her instead well start working what a tale. What a rendition of such no i don t have a tail. Yeah. I don t have to be happy you got something right about anatomy or upset because you re pedantic fuck.

She s landing. Oh i wasn t tremor and i was just making fun of her monster coming to play. Oh. You think you re so cool don t you with your trunk and your snow feet.

Actually where is the snow coming from her body made sense to me how did that mountain go well. I mean. She s on the floor. So yeah.

I know but i wanted to know how it felt for you like because it could experience. A good mount experience like do you feel pretty good man. Like you feel woman with the world. Made me feel like a man s stop talking about mammoths.

Just honestly stop then stop making me fight them i want her to be dead. I don t know why she s not dead we ve just hit her. So much please die just die. Just die.

Okay. Fine. Oh oh oh she she yes. He she did so who do you think is next.

What one of the not flying ones so mrs suen. A orb lavitus yeah. I think it s not as loose a few moments later i know why you giving me an old hottie professor voice cuz. I can t do yorkshire that s not yeah i know it s not i just said i couldn t do yorkshire okay good i m just making sure you realize that you really cause i m aware that york says very much not posh bracing the situation you look.

She s not that bad to do it s just yorkshire just bring this ass to lost her ground and then i will put my sword through his head working on it. But he s really really the flaky flaky like he keeps yeah. He keeps telling me we re gonna go out for coffee. He doesn t show up that would totally be a nasty lost thing i know right sorry i killing something you know how it is i should really get a move on i do that is how an astor loss.

Do i was too busy because he s too hunted started literally trying to kill me wait you were one of them..

I know i m sorry. I was also late for coffee. I thought we were cool well then you got hyper cuz you had coffee without me that s what creates hyper monsters coffee it s when they make coffee dates with hunters and then they go without them i feel like your skin is darker than normal you get a ten you can t just ask me that no i still us no asking us no no no no ashley lost. No what are you like writing a song do you like it so far.

Yeah. I mean i want to know what. The background is so is it is it like um. Oh.

We just got absolutely catapulted. You know the sheep song. The sheep son. You know what s the song about the sheep.

Shaun. The sheep. No it s like a nursery. Rhyme song.

Oh. Marina. Baa black sheep. Have you any wool.

Yes. Sir yes. 3. Lambs.

4. Bags full mary had a little lamb little lamb little lamb mary had a little lamb also i have to say all the rest fleece is white as snow fleece is white to show is white as snow review is that like a just like it s like a fashion review person. All the switches on so fleek right now so in style lamb clothing is so fleek. Oh.

I don t trust this. I m just gonna stay in valve. Oh. Hi.

Spongebob. Okay. Good yeah. That was a dangerous of you i like to live dangerously.

Oh. Nice oh how rip in my defense. It s important that you remember that oh haha. I knew it i could feel it i had the deaf radar.

I d senses apparently he does to most like shakespearean monster death. I ve ever witnessed go. Here. What if they were all there deviants.

No no no no no oh eden no like that they did not gonna like they say that i m fine oh. Failure hunting guide. That s not even missing. Oh.

No mrs. Suen. A. But at least.

My sharpness. Oh dude hit me fuck with that i just want someone to hit me. Hey. Mrs.

Suen ai. N t no mrs suen. A no no no mrs. Suen that s not beautiful.

It s all beautiful things that i ve dad beautiful voices. So they could i mean stop that no stop it no i m not talking to you why why what did i do wrong sorry. But i m just not speaking to you right now. Oh my god i knocked about the timing.

The wonderfulness..

Oh bloody lord a pump get destroyed oh friends with jesus would you say this oh god mrs. Sunni. Please this is it this is it this is it. Oh oh it just killed him.

So yeah. This is it fuck you mrs. Suen. A that s what you get look.

I want some neck scales from the inside that s a great bad name. No. It isn t exhales from the inside of my head a rock just really interested in the length of our necks from the inside from the inside. Gordon stuff.

Who s excited to know that glavin s is here he came borrowing in from underground. Whatever. This is there must be a longborough looking off the side. Oh come on he s upset.

He is mad. He s a very angry dad it s laven us. I don t think he has a son know that don t insult cleverness junior. He tries his best people our sons.

Don t have the time to burrow up a mountain. You don t know that maybe. It s a bonding trip maybe a tiny glavine is gonna pop out in a second we re gonna kill him oh fucking nora are you gonna love us so what you gonna do oh sunshine. What is of and now i m gonna take your tail.

Hey glavine is your new name is my bitch no oh okay fine. I guess. That s uh it s fair enough. I got really caught up in the moment man what do you want from me.

I was really really into them not to fucking make fun of the deadly monster. Please. Know that deadly now did it boom jaya under my weight foul creature. Oh my god great now hit him hit him very hard.

I have been well hit him harder grease your elbows and wind up your muscles. Because we re going to spain for christmas. I don t have elbows and why do you need them to be greased for spain. Oh.

There s a lot of grease requirements in spain. It explains where the people always look so moist what s wrong with you that s a weird observation. Honestly oh you know how that works man could be no thank you i m telling you that s not how that works all right i m just i m gonna throw that out there oh bloody hell. I m going to don t question boys.

Spain. So. If you want to be a winner just deal with it you understand. It s just a part of society as a whole.

What s he doing he s being killed is what he s doing because i am the king of glass all right so josh. That s not how forth the blood is all upon me. And i feel good. This isn t how the number four works huh.

Oh yeah. There s a bonus. There s a bonus monster. Why do you just leave out these things well.

I thought i d be a nice surprise. For you what could it be what s up guys. Oh oh hi. Guys.

I heard. There was a lot of nothing. Going. Oh.

My leg. Well joe was really smart about this though. Because he came he was the second burrowing monster to come in so. He just fucking straight up used the whole.

The gladness had already made put a minimum effort to get into this fight..

Well. He wants maximum energy for chewing that the monsters you know alternatively. Maybe. He s a big idiot.

He made a second hole next to it i could totally see deviljho making a second home. Oh oh god damn it so much easier okay he s angry we got to play this smile. We got to play this tactical. See we got to play this careful we don t want to die.

We want to live to see the next quarter. Don t yell that it the monster that s quite happy to oblige. I say i do declare that he is running to oblige. I m dimmesdale level deviljho.

The dimmesdale deviljho. The dimmesdale deviljho. It s intelligent oliver sabel. Double.

Joe over the dempsey level. Joe. I got an lg over sale. I got a devil.

No not for sale. I got two devil joe s one i want to part with the other one is made the fuck. We doing with my life. How did you how fucking weot.

So part we have to kill a level chair without dying once and i m with no healing. Which means we got get hit really at all so we gotta be careful we re gonna ride the devil joe literally we need a mountain gosh adam okay i need help on this ridge. It s gonna be fucking. Hard.

I m already helping a fair bit okay currents. No now come on come on come on come on come on come on he s coming down. It s coming out it s coming down coming down. It s coming down coming down.

There. He is there he is get the face dimmesdale double. Joe order. The gym stepped up joe oh.

That was not a good amount. I mean as no came out. But like i wish for more damage essentially on and on our heroes battled coughlin elisa. There of health with no healing merely surviving no longer attacking me chipping away as best as i can survive and survive win dig deep till the five minute left warning drop down the battle can in news.

We ll come out on top. I m painful oh. My god no all right we re not completing this quest. We did the fated for that s what i was told the quest was to quest complete quest fails quest complete shut just slap gretzky really i ll put it right here.

Here you go quest complete that is the origin story of how deviljho became the fifth member of the fated for after avenging all of them and the war mammoths yeah. That s that s part of the fade. However you want to retarded call that it s still part of the fade for so. Yeah.

I agree look we all have a lot to contribute to this outro. But what i think you should contribute is silence. Oh. Oh my god is this what it feels like like you ve enjoyed this guy s subscribe for more and i ll see you next time oh.

and yeah. I m really interested in because i don t know i m not that familiar with orvis the brand. But it s got a lot of good reviews on the site as well and i was really happy to see this one recommended cuz. This is definitely one i wouldn t have seen before although i have had a number of people recommend different orbits watches for other videos.

Before in the past. So. There must be something to it because they keep coming up. But yeah so there it is orbis another kind of cool watch.

This is the sq chronograph. Okay so moving on to number eight on today s list and seiko gets on here twice. Because i had to put in the recraft snk p27. There s actually a number of different models here that come in different dial colors and slightly different styles and different bracelets and things.

This is my favorite..

The green dial with the kind of gold accents. And the leather. So this one s a fair a little bit larger. I think this one s got kind of like a little bit a 1970s vibe going to it.

And yeah. You can pick this one up for around one hundred and fifty dollars. It s got 50 meters of water resistance. One thing to note in addition to this being one of the larger watches on the list with a 40 millimeter case size.

This one is an automatic movement with the seiko 7s2 6e movement. In it so it s going to have basically the same movement a lot of the older seiko v. Models have where you don t get hacking or hand winding. But yeah it s still a very reasonable price for a very stylish cool kind of retro watch so yeah.

I think it s a really fun one on to get in there. And yeah. I really like the overall design of this one moving on to number 9 on the list. This is the fake fika fm 301.

So this is kind of a bow house inspired watch. But it s this very square. Very definitely square bauhaus inspired watch. I ve seen a number of other brands do this kind of same style of watch.

But this one is a chinese chinese one but it s got an automatic movement inside it s got a seagull automatic movement. So it s a chinese bass movement. But seagulls pretty repertoire as chinese movements go. It s also got a sapphire crystal.

And yeah just a really cool clean fresh design. I love that flat white dial in the blue hands small seconds hand and that square dial just a really unique looking watch a very fun looking watch. And i think you know pretty decent one for the price. Yeah pick it up for 150 for you know a very unique looking automatic watch with a sapphire crystal.

So yeah. I ve recently been really interested in these kind of more minimalist bauhaus style watches. And so i was happy to see this one pop up. It s one that i really like the look of it.

But i d like to get my hands on something like it at some point in the near future and finally looking at our number 10. Most expensive watch on the list. We ve got the sigue design. A z series.

So sigue design has been putting out a number of different skeleton watches. They put out a square one. I think was their first one it kind of looked like a smart watch. But it was definitely not a smart watch of skeletonized automatic mechanical watch this is i think their newest one it s a little bit different design reminds me a lot of what you would see from like rashard mill.

He s really high end kind of stuff that they re going for but this is a 200 watch. But this is i think really embodies what a skeleton watch should be like they re really are trying to show off some of the craftsmanship. They didn t just go grab any off the shelf. Skeletonize chinese movement and then kind of throw.

It in a nice looking case and try and dress it up a little bit. This is a movement that they built custom for this watch you know the bridge was custom made to fit into this case. And they put a lot of thought into it it s a very skeletonized case as well so i think if you re looking like if you really want a skeleton watch. If it s like like that s the main draw you want to see the craftsmanship and you want to see the movement and you want something unique if that s what you want i think.

This is your best option in this kind of budget price range. And it s a it s a squarish watch. So it s fun to be able to get that one in here as well so yeah. So that rounds up our list you can pick that one up for around 200 from a lot of different places.

Does have a sapphire crystal and incredibly they re advertising. This one has a 100 meters water resistance as well so really i think really cool watch for the money if you re into skeletonized watch movements all right now we ll wrap it up for today again thank you guys for watching drop me down a comment below if you have tried out any of these watches or if you have any other square watches that didn t make the list that you think people should be aware of leave me. Some comments. There but especially also let me know of small second watches that you like that are under 200.

So i can consider them for next month s list and we can put that together and i ll be coming out in november. Hopefully i ve got a little bit of a busy month and november. I m gonna be out of town and i ve got a lot of reviews to do so hopefully that won t get pushed back. But yeah.

I m gonna go for it thank you guys for watching. It s always great to talk to you and to get some comments back and hear what you guys are thinking let me know if there s anything i can prove on let me know if there s anything that you liked in the video. And we will see you ” ..


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