Almost Christmas (2017) – Christmas Dinner Scene (7/10) Movieclips

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“Must have sweet potatoes baby. So daddy how do you like the cranberry salad pretty pretty good huh. Very good. I made the stuffing you like it tasty.

Sure would like something yes i would rach s. Very nice y all copy. You can t get enough stuffing can you share ten. Don t do that do you want some stuffing baby boy i m a grown ass woman hey cameron you mind passing me dogs babies please don t eat too much we should save so from the shelter right granddad that s great buddy.

This is really delicious listen if i promise not to cook can we do it again tomorrow whoa careful watch the floors at the camp..

You never know we got a resale right pops right you know if you wanna get scratches out of wood floors. Here s a little trick you get some shoe polish. And some crisco oil get a pail all underwear wrap. The old underway around your hand.

Nice and tight buff. It out put more muscle to it buff. It out real good. Yeah.

So you got a pail..

All underway laying around walter a little trick. I learned over and croatia. Yes. I must stab yo ass with this fool do you hear me i would love that evan what s going on with you you ve been moping around all day nothing i guess i just lost my appetite well that s never happened before i love the new paint on the porch pop s evident.

We were talking to you and the hedges you meaning to clean those up for a while now it s nice. I guess you finally got around to it now huh. Yeah. I guess i did know they have these new fiberglass gutters right with a water lining the water jet johast please damn.

Evan baby what you talking about tell them dad tell everybody what we re talking wait a minute..

What the hell is going away dad you re selling the house. No you re joking right you did this. Without saying. Anything oh.

Give it to me. That s that s not let me. See this let me see oh come on now. Walter.

You know you should have said..

Something to somebody pop mom would have spoken to everyone in this house. Before she made that kind of decision. Even think about selling the house. Suppose they ask you permission to sell my house.

” ..

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