AMAZING Mario Kart Arcade!

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“Guys maybe our 20 back again we re on our way to an arcade and and the great lakes mall in meta or ohio its brand new i hear they a lot of nintendo related arcades there s a mario kart arcade. There that s the main reason why i m going i never got to play an actual mario kart arcade. So i say i bring you guys along with a ride let s go check it out okay guys here we are in the arcade. Here s mario kart dx arcade for the first time.

I ve never actually seen this it looks awesome. I m pretty excited to try it out as you can see it says jump tap the brake while pressing down on the accelerator to make the cart jump so it s a drift. I guess you have to press the brake pedal so that s going to be interesting to try that out that s pure domination. Okay here s luigi s mansion arcade.

I ve never actually seen one of these before it looks downright amazing. Me my daughter. We re very. Excited to play this and try this out to get in you open up this curtain.

Here. And it s like you enter into like this luigi mansion. Fantasyland and as you look down you can see there s actually two unlike..


Vacuums and you can play two players. It s pretty sad though because as you ll see my daughter comes in here. And we actually try to play this game. And then i find out that it s actually out of order and was not working today and we were pretty bummed out as you can see i look down.

And i m pretty depressed about it all right as you can see we have mario and sonic rio 2016. It s like mario and sonic at the olympic games. I never seen one of these before as you can see we re playing like the 100 yard dash or something i m running you have to actually jump at a certain point and as you can see there you go i jump. It s a workout.

It s a workout. Yeah leave a comment below let me know if you ve actually seen or played one of these i ve never seen one of those before you got space invaders here kind of unique you can like play two players. And like shoot guns right at the screen. That s kind of cool.

And then you have like the world s biggest pac man arcade. I ve never seen this before in my life. I it looks downright amazing..


Though then you have like the biggest tetris arcade. That i ve ever seen. I mean look how big the joystick is it looks like a huge lollipop. But that s how you actually control the game as you can see i m actually playing a game.

Now to you know make the tetris blocks move and flip around there s like buttons on the big joystick. I was actually doing pretty good one thing about this game. Though you can t actually hold a tetris block like you normally would normally people would like hold a blue stick. And that way you can do pull it out later and do like a tetris.

But you can t do that in this game. So you have to kind of just use whatever they give you which makes the game a lot harder. So you can t really save any blocks. So that s that s one of the downfalls with the game still a lot of fun.

Though i m you get to play with like one of the worlds of biggest joysticks here s rabbits hollywood. My daughter played this game. It s like a point and shoot game just plant this big screen with a plunger as you can see she s playing she was actually pretty good at this game..


It s a lot of fun. It s really cool and as you can tell since it s a rabbits game. It s a lot of like humor involved as you can see there s like a cutscene here makes you laugh. My daughter was laughs having a good old time.

I didn t actually get to try to play this myself. But she played it she said. It was a lot of fun and she lasted quite a bit so i think it was it wasn t it was pretty worth it she lasted. Quite amazing see she s liking some type of boss fight or something here.

Yeah. There s that it s a classic rabbit s humor. Okay now here. I m actually gonna try to win a mario.

I saw a mario landing on the edge here just laying there and i was like you know what i think i might be able to get this so i ve never actually operated one of these claw machines. Because this is like the weird ufo style claw machine. As you can see it on the side and it s like textbook strategy here boom..


I got it as you can see i m very very excited got another mario to add to the collection that s like a twenty dollar mario. I got pretty cheap first try so my wife wanted one of these little kirby s and i was like you know what since i was so lucky with the mario. One my confidence was high and i was like i m gonna be a superhero here and actually get this for my wife so i was pretty calm so you know what this is pretty easy and then i realize and this thing s rigged it time out i just want to pause the video real quick guys and you re about to see exactly what mario kart arcade. Looks like when you re racing with a full group of people now this footage is gonna be raw and uncut.

The audio is gonna be kind of bad because it was very loud in the arcade. When we recorded this video. I just wanted to show this footage for anyone that was curious what mario kart arcade looks like it s a lot of fun so hopefully you can actually find one of these in your local arcades. So here.

You go oh junior grace will begin well. That s pretty much it guys. I had a lot of fun on that mario kart arcade was ridiculously fun i loved the drifting he just pushed the brake button to drift it really felt really natural and i really enjoyed it man if i had a lot of money if i was a wealthy man that thing would be in my house for sure hope you guys liked this video there ll be more to come shortly guys thanks again ” ..


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