Amazon Echo Wall Clock – Setup and Review

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“Is the echo wall clock. Let s open it set it up and get some some first impressions on it hi. My name is craig here. I do tech videos.

This is part of my weekly echo series check out the description. If you want to learn more about the echo wall clock or even buy one let s get started. This is week. Number eleven on my 2019 echo series check out last year s series right here.

Also i change the name of my device to amazon so hopefully. I don t trigger your device at home. The echo wall clock is meant to be a companion for an echo and it s timers. It is a basic wall clock that will give you a visual representation of your timers with the light up leds around the clock.

When you set a timer it ll show you where the minutes are of that timer and for the last 60 seconds of the timer it ll give you a per second countdown. It s a very basic clock. It s a 10 inch clock. You can only pair it with one echo.

A cool thing about this is it will sync up with your echos time. So in the case of daylight saving time it would roll it forward an hour which has got a nice worn analog clock but it is a cheaper plastic feeling clock let s open it up we ll take a look at it and set it up and play with it a little..

The echo clock doesn t need to be within 30 feet of the echo that you re pairing. It with also something to note is do not touch the hands of the clock. It is very important they show it in multiple places. It will throw it off here are directions like most echo devices.

It s relatively easy to set up in the box. Here we have four double a batteries. It s nice that amazon does include these for you you flip it over open up the back stick the four batteries in next grab. The echo that you want to pair it with and then you ll ask bayer echo wall clock.

Okay press and hold the pairing button on the back of your echo wall clock for up to 10 seconds until the light on the clocks face pulse is orange perry may take up to a minute and the light will turn blue once there you can also pair on bear. You re clocking set out under the bluetooth settings of your echo device. Your echo. Wall.

Clock is paired the light will pulse blue for a few minutes. As your clock is set to the same time. As your echo device. The hands will start.

And stop. Several times during this process..

Once the time is set try setting a timer or ask what can echo wall clock. Do it s now set to the correct. Time let s try setting a timer set a timer for 10 seconds 10 seconds. Starting now then the lights will flash letting you know your timers done set a timer for 5 minutes 5 minutes starting now and you ll see that where the minutes are the brightest light will tell you how much time is left set a second timer for 20 minutes.

Second. Timer 20 minutes starting. Now. And there you see it put a nother light right there letting us know that s where the 20 minute.

Timer is set a timer for two hours third timer two hours starting now so. When you set a timer that is in the hour range. It lights up above the 12 for some reason cancel two hour timer two hours timer cancelled. You can see our five minute timers down to three minutes.

We re down to 19 minutes on the other timer set a timer for one hour third timer one hour starting now now we re at 59 minutes. On that one hour timer and it ll work its way around cancel five minute timer five minutes timer cancelled. So if that five minute timer had completed then it would light up everything back towards that other timer cancel twenty minute timer second timer. Cancel and the lights moved over to the one hour timer that was set let s take a look at this with my normal studio lighting.

So you can see with some bright lights. How it looks set a timer for 10 seconds 10 seconds starting now you can see the countdown going so the leds are bright enough..

Let s wait for word to go off the flashing is good now a couple things to know what this is it is compatible with all your different echo devices. It will not sync up with fire tv cube or fire tv. Sticks. You should also be aware that if you re using.

It with a stereo pair multi speaker groups or multi room audio groups. The bluetooth is temporarily going to be disconnected from the echo wall clock. So you re not going to be able set timers at the same time as using these other devices. It will continue functioning as a clock once you stop playing music in one of those fashions.

It will reconnect to the device. And you ll be able to then use it as a timer. So be aware of that if your blissing a bunch of music don t expect to be able to set a timer and use this at the same time now. This thing is super basic.

It s not something you can talk to it doesn t answer questions or do much it really is just a visual representation of your timers. I like the idea of it especially in my family. My daughters are learning about reading a clock not a digital clock. But an old school analog clock.

So i think this is great they also set timers with our echos when they re reading or practicing on piano or whatever else they may need a timer. I think..

This is great that it will support multiple timers and then gives you that countdown and when your timer goes off it does flash. But it is a cheap clock. This is like a clock you would spend 14 on over a target or somewhere else the fact that it s 30. I don t think is too bad because it does work with my echo and it serves a purpose for us.

But it is cheap pvc plastic pretty much with some leds built in i know they had connectivity issues when they first came out and they pulled it so far. This one has worked great for. Me what i recommend this i think if you re okay with a 1500 clock that complements your echoes and you want a visual representation of your timers. It s great for that.

But don t expect anything fancy out of it it is a molded pvc clock that has some leds built in and complements your echoes what more can i say about it but let me know what you think in the comment section. If you like this video please hit that like button. If you haven t consider subscribing and click that bell be notified of the next video. If you d like to help support the channel check out the amazon link in the description.

If you use it amazon will kick us back a little i appreciate you watching have a great day. ” ..

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