AmazonBasics PU leather Red Slim Case for iPhone 7 Plus review and giveaway

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” s that painted peter bomb panda here hey i ordered myself from amazon the amazon amazon basics this is a slim cute case for the iphone 7 plus in red the red iphone is hot damn you know apple look you know is uh the magic continues with offering a red iphone. I know people out there rushing out for it so i thought i would check this out because you can certainly add some red color to your iphone with this case or with any number of cases. I m going to show you some other ones too stay tuned. We might have good news on them.

But this one from amazon basics is like cheap so there s only three bucks. I believe and i thought i d take a look at it and see what you get for three dollars. So pu leather and you can see here. That you know it has like an alcantara like a faux suede liner on the inside.

So that should keep your phone. Nice and protected you know. It s such a pretty nice. It doesn t run up the sides that this kind of pu.

But it s like up it s hard it s like hard molded the the exterior here does look like leather. I mean that looks pretty good right and see a little like leather public. It s on the cutout here for the camera this dual with this wide dual camera..


Where you can see kind of the layers of the synthetic material or red. The kind of microfiber backing this inner structure. And then the red leather like on the outside. Now.

There s a cutout here for the volume or the mute switch. Volume. Rockers are molded in on this side. Again.

The power button also molded in a little bit of a bump. There why cut out here on the bottom amazonbasics and then the dual cutout. So let s go ahead. And just throw this bad boy in it should be a little flexible.

You know pretty soft and it s pretty good i mean. The red is maybe not quite as red. You know it s maybe just a smidge more tilted towards a rose..


It is red. But it s not like this i think it s quite a brilliant red as some of the other cases that i ve looked at and you know because of the material. Because it s kind of a soft touch leather like pu leather. I should say vinyl like material.

It s not going to the colors are going to jump out. Quite as much you can see here big wide cutout actually gives plenty of room gives a wide berth to the camera housing could actually be even be a little tighter. I think but you can see here that the thickness kind of brings. The case right up or over the camera lens itself.

So. It actually might provide just a little bit of protection from the camera lens. But a feels nice feels nice in the hand. Here it does add a little bit of thickness.

Obviously. But man it s grippy wide cut out open all the way along the bottom here for the speakers of microphones and the port their power button. Works boom boom..


You know volume rockers. No problem with your fingernail to get to the mute switch. You do have to you know if anywhere was going to be cut out a little wider. It s probably this a little bit you know you have to be pretty diligent especially flipping it up here.

Because there s not a lot of space on the lower end. So maybe could have been a little tighter here a little wider there but it s nice i mean i think that s going to provide some protection. I think it looks pretty good and for three dollars. So i mean geez.

Oh peeps. You know the fact that a king amazon prime. Super quickly and looks good and feels good. I think you know what what a deal man.

I ll be honest amazon kind of nailed this one so check it out i ll put a link to in the description. Let s give this bad boy away to someone with an iphone 7 plus. Here..


And i think we should give this one away. Oh. Let s do it at the end of may. How about that so quickly here may 27 27.

Teen. It s a saturday like this video subscribe to my channel comment. Below the comment is what will get you enter put the country that you live in somewhere. In the comment.

Because that s what i m going to verify that you live in the united states or canada. Because that s where i can afford to ship this bad boy to and then you will get this red pu leather iphone 7 plus case in your hands for your phone. And so i m looking forward to that peter phone and ” ..


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