AMD FX-6300 Overclocked vs Stock – Benchmarks!

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” s up guys frankie dingleberry here. If you re new to pc stuff. You ve ve probably heard the term overclock. Quite a bit and if you don t know that is it s basically increasing the clock speed by screwing with the voltage.

And the multiplier in order to get every bit of performance that you possibly can out of your cpu and some people are intimidated by overclocking and i don t blame them because it is quite scary going into your bios and screwing with all these settings that you may or may not know exactly what they do so today. I thought i d do a little experiment and test the differences between my cpu when it s overclocked versus. When it s running at its stock speed and so i thought that you guys might find that interesting so if you do then hit that like button for me. Because it s awesome and subscribe and yeah so with the intro out of the way we are going to be doing three different tests.

The first one is going to be a cinebench test the second is going to be a sony vegas rendering test and the third will be gaming benchmarks and so my specs will be in the description down below but we re basically going to be doing a gtx 960 evga super super clocked version with 16 gigabytes of kingston hyperx fury ddr3 clocked at 1866 megahertz and the cpu. We are going to be clocking. Today is going to be the amd. Fx 6300 normally the cpu runs at.

35 gigahertz out of the box with. A turbo two. 38. Gigahertz and then also turbos to 41.

Gigahertz. So there is something interesting to. Know and that s the stock value is going to..


Be. 35 gigahertz it turbos. 238 and there s also a turbo to 41. But when doing anything multi threaded.

It will only turbo to three point eight gigahertz. It will not go to four point one. Unless you re doing intensive single core applications. So.

The stock clock is going to be three point eight gigahertz because everything that we re testing is multi threaded and the overclocking speed is going to be four point four gigahertz. Which is usually what i run it as so yeah with all that said hopefully we can answer the question of whether or not it is worth it to overclock now let s jump into those benchmarks. So there you have the cinebench and the sony vegas render tests and as you can see there s quite a big difference between the two so yeah. Now let s go into the gaming section of the benchmarks.

And as usual benchmark numbers. We re not taken during the recording of the gameplay used in the video. So there you have the benchmark scores. And so i asked if it s worthwhile to overclock and personally in my opinion.

I do think so i guess games and get too much of a boost as i was kind of expecting them to but then again. I don t have any cpu intensive games like ashes of the singularity or gta. 5..


But the games did play more smooth and the stutters did happen less frequently so in relevance to gaming. I do believe overclocking is definitely worth and as force in dimension sony vegas. You can tell that really cpu intensive things do benefit from overclocking so there was a 27 increase in my cinebench score and there was an 18 increase in my sony vegas render times and considering i m about to be rendering out this video with many many video tracks. I am definitely glad that i do overclock.

But yeah i just spent the last about six hours working on this video and i am tired as poop. So if you enjoyed it please leave me a like because i d really appreciate it it did take me a long time. And i ll leave me a comment. Letting me know any other things you d like to see.

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