Animal Crossing New Leaf How to Delete a File on Animal Crossing

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“Guys. It is georgia here on another animal crossing you it let s play video video episode free. So guys today. I m going to be showing you how to a file and also if you want to demolish your home.

This is a good video for you to watch too so first you re going to animal crossing new leaf. Just like usual you go down. Here you know you press and all that stuff continue and as you can see i have four files. This is when i go most wizzy so i ve got miranda here now i just made this i could really run them names.


So i just bit more on because it s a first name i can think of one two things what a names guys. So yeah and the thing is i accidentally switched it with a guy. But who cares because i m going to show you how to delete the file. Anyway so i made this file a couple of minutes ago so so this is it guys.

This is if you want to delete your file. Sir. It tells you all the information here so when it says well they should we get started you click it here and of course. It says yes.


Let s and i need help first if you want to delete a file or demolish your home you click i need help first there we go so it says the following tasks here so. If you want to delete your file on an animal crossing you could click demolish. My home also if you re looking for other things to do if you re looking of how to set the date and time then you ll know where to get man from here. So we ve got all these different things here that can do so of course.

I m going to click demolish my home like that if you want to know like to do it so it says if you do that you lose all your records. Everything will be good even julis and as you can see it says no nevermind or it s demolition time and of course. I m going to click is demolition time. I understand then we ll just do away with your house.


Oh. But this is your house is being destroyed alright ok. It s gone man. She looked like she was like very flat by honda.

So it s loading. We got then you ll see what happened guys so if you re thinking what does he know work yourself then before you go and just switch it up and say oh so bad because that s what what you could do sometimes. If you don t know just press a at the bottom here press continue check for your mind. Defer and where is it it s gone guys.


So you can see there s a perfect way to do it perfect so yo. The folks watching guys i hope you ve enjoyed this very short video where i just show you how to delete a file. If you want to so now you ll know guys how to delete it so see you in my next video. ” .


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