Apex Legends Crashing No Error *FIX*

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“Guys so apex residents released and a lot of people downloaded. The drivers for it. It. Which was released on for 2019 so on the 4th.

There was an nvidia amd driver that both went out that was released for the game. And people download..

It unfortunately this driver is not working very well with the game apex legends is actually looking into it. But as of right now. It s not working very well with the game. And it s actually causing a lot of crashing issues with no errors popping up what you got to do i ll show you how to fix it go ahead and click the top link in the description.

Which will link you to this nvidia driver. Which is january s which is last month s driver as of the time of this video you need to download that and install that again that driver seems to be working at the game..

It only seems to be the 4th of february drivers. The most recent drivers which i believe is like 18. Something for 18 that s actually causing the issue with the game. It s actually apex license itself.

Now if you re on amd side of things what you got to do is you click the windows icon down here and you want to type in device manager and click that when it comes up you ll see this right here. You want to go to display adapters and you want to go to your graphics card..

It should say like radeon or they go whatever and then you want to right click on it go to properties go to driver and see if your driver date says 2 for 2019 or if you re in the uk. It would be i believe would be 4 to 2019 or whatever then you want to hit rollback driver hit previous version driver had better performance or whatever and then hit yes once you do this and once you install this driver. If you re in video or you do it that way. If your amd you need to hard reset your computer.

So you need to click the windows icon and then hit shutdown. Don t hit restart hit shutdown..

Then come back up and then try to play the game this fixed. The issue for me and five other friends that i know if it doesn t fix your issue. I m terribly sorry you ll have to wait for them to bring out a patch to fix the game. But if this did help with your issue going and hit the like button so more people know that s ” .


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