Apple iPad Air 2 – Should You Still Buy It?

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“Released the ipad air. I think it was october of 2014. It s now just just over two years later should you pick one up i did and this video being filmed before christmas. And no this is totally not a completely veiled attempt to purchase a christmas present for my son.

Maybe today. We re going to take a look at the ipad air 2. And determine if two years later if it s still a good useful product. So let s get started yes going ahead and throwing it out.

There. This is going to be a christmas present for my seven year old he s had the ipad mini 2 for i think two years now it was a 16 gig model and still to this day the ipad mini 2 is a fully functional. Very useful device has great battery life has a great screen. It doesn t have touch id.

But he uses it day in and day out to play video games. Except he can t use it while we re on the go. And he can t really ever put new games on it because he s constantly got it full the ipad air 2. We actually picked this up on black friday it s the 128 gig cellular model and we managed to find a super cheap data plan from straighttalk so while we re on the go.

He can actually play pokemon go on this he can play any of these other connected games on it. And when he runs out of data. He runs out of data that s it it s unlimited. I think.

But it goes back to superduper slow speeds after that. 4. Gigs is used now in terms of just everyday usability on this device as you can see i don t have a huge amount on here yet. I m if we go in here and look at the storage.


I ve got 112 gigs available. 9 gigs used which means there s loads and loads of space on here for him to put whatever games he wants and for this video. I tried to put together a list of games that i thought he would play and some games that i thought were a little bit more intensive. Some games that would just eat it up a little bit so of course you start off with minecraft.

He actually does play a load of minecraft and you ll find out when you come in here and hit play turn this down. Because it s actually got very nice speakers. It s not got the four speakers like the ipad pro has but it s got it s got enough and now we re in the world and as you can see we re easily able to move around we can interact with things i m not a huge fan of the pocket edition of minecraft. I ll just be real honest here.

But i mean it s playable. It s fine and actually this compared to his ipad mini 2 is a significant upgrade. So it s going to appear to be a lot faster for him which is great. But you can see we re moving around.

And it s a very smooth very easy to do experience. So that s definitely a big plus then you ve got games like monument valley. Absolutely love this game. I saw a deal on it a while back so i picked it up play through the entire thing in like a couple of hours haven t played through it on this device yet though.

But as you ll be able to see here. It s you know it s not a hugely demanding game. But it plays just fine. It s smooth it s fast everything s fluid.

I can do multiple things at the same time. It s a very nice experience then you ve got a game like stack. This really depends. Upon your reaction time.


So you know back and forth. This is kind of like a little arcade game. But it s got beautiful graphics and i m not very good at it but you can see everything s going nice and smoothly because of the device size being a little larger than the ipad mini it s pretty easy to play yep and then you start spazzing out and lose that s okay so yeah definitely not a bad experience. There of course you ve got super mario run.

I don t know if i ll be leaving this on here because it does require a constant connection. It is going to sit there and eat through data. But i just thought since it s a brand new game it might be worth trying it out on here the loading time took a little bit there. But i m sure that s just making the connection.

If we go in and just look at the tour play through one of the levels. I ve already done and here we go everything smooth and good sound. So yeah. This is going to be an excellent addition.

Then you ve got a game like goat simulator. Again. I already looked at this very briefly. But there s loads and loads of options here this has changed quite a bit since the last time i played it on previous devices.

But let s just go ahead and take a look at it so we are the goat in the goat simulator. We ll go ahead and get our jetpack on there we go oh and now we re jetpacking. But i mean even with this game. You know it s a little bit of an older game.

And it s still doing just fine. Oh no oh there we go yeah. I m not very good at the end to know if anybody s really good at the game. But again so far the bit that i played this off camera.


And everything. It s it s very smooth it s working out just fine and then we ll try a racing game. This one actually was very highly rated on the store. I ve never played this game before so i don t know how it s gonna go and i think the biggest thing about any of these games is going to be the loading time since it is an older tablet.

It is going to take a little bit of extra time. But it s for a kid. What does it really matter if it takes a couple of seconds. Longer yeah.

That actually did take quite a little while hopefully that s just a first time startup kind of thing. But it took about 30 seconds. So far this intro cinematic is very nice it s very pretty playing smoothly. But it s a cinematic you would expect that so tap the pedal move the needle to the green zone.

Yeah. I m not really sure how to play this game. I guess when it hits the green. I ve got to hit the plus sign again the game looks beautiful.

I didn t have to do anything. And that loading screen was not that bad. It was just like three or four seconds. Anyway not gonna spend a huge amount of time on that and then this is a game that duncan plays an awful lot.

And he probably shouldn t. But he has fun with it he saw it played on youtube and he wanted to play it himself so there we go. It s flash mobs and it s basically cookie clicker. But with mobs you just tap things.


And i will admit i played this on my own a little bit. And that s how i know how to play it player update heroes and get heroes. But anyway this game is not hugely demanding. I mean once you get to super high level.

And you ve got all of your heroes and everything up here it might slow down a little bit. But i ve seen his ipad mini to handle this game with no problem so it s it s not going to be in you so yeah not to take entirely too much time on this. But let s just go ahead and suffice to say overall even though this is a two year old device apple has continued to update it so it s still receiving the latest and greatest updates as soon as they become available the games and apps. That my child is going to want to play do work just fine on here there are a few of them that might have slightly longer load times.

Because again newer games are taking advantage of the newer hardware but in terms of the playback. The actual general day to day usage of it still perfectly fine. And then when you put on top of that the fact that it does have that sim card slot available he s going to absolutely love this. I was able to pick this up with a case which i think we may take a separate look at in a different video.

I think it was 560 on black friday with a hundred and twenty eight gigs of storage and a cellular sim slot. Which is significantly cheaper than it was at launch and a whole lot cheaper than getting the pro would have been and he s still getting an amazing experience. That s quite a bit of an upgrade from his previous tablet. So the point of the video here is just if you re in the market for a new tablet.

If you re in the market is specifically for a new ipad. Don t think that you have to get the pro model because you need all these brand new features in the new the pro model does offer some great features but the ipad air 2 is still a great option and that s we re going to wrap it up for today. I ll put links to where you can find this down below. I ll see if i can find a really good deal on it or something.

But thank you guys as always for watching make sure to hit the thumbs up if you liked this video and subscribe to receive all the videos. I make as soon as they become available and i ll see ” ..

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