Apple iPad Air MD786LL/A – A1474 (32GB, Wi-Fi, Black with Space Gray)

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” s something you don t often hear in the same sentence apple and clearance or or discounts now we re talking about apple computer products not the apples you eat rarely gives discounts or goes on sale. But we re fortunate enough today to be able to pass on some great savings on amazing apple products and not just any apple products we re talking about the latest models and hottest devices here we have the apple ipad. This is the latest generation of ipad from apple and it gets better every year this ipad is incredibly light with a beautiful display and super fast performance. Now this ipad here is the full price unit that you would find in any normal store.

I have here on my other side an ipad which is being sold today at huge savings. The two ipads are exactly alike. But one is much cheaper than the other now i m sure if i asked you if you wanted to pay full price for an ipad or get an amazing discount you choose the discount we all would i want to show you how we re able to offer you these brilliant apple devices in such a low price. Today.

This ipad..

Is what s called apple recertified apple. Recertified devices are pre owned apple products. Which undergo apple s stringent refurbishment process prior to being offered for sale both ipads as you can see look exactly the same let s get a close up here of the screen on both ipads as you can see both have the same beautiful display and are super. Bright.

The new one again is over here and the recertified ipad is on this side as we zoom in close you can see there are no scratches or marks of any kind that s because of apple s recertification process when these units come back into apple s factory. They are completely taken apart and all important parts are replaced. That means you get a brand new battery. A brand new case.

Even the screen is restored to perfect condition..

What you get is an ipad that looks feels and works exactly like new. But for a better than new price. Let s talk about warranty with any used or refurbished. Item you re lucky.

If you get a 30 day warranty. Not here. With apple recertified products you get a full one year warranty and 90 days. Complement.

Telephone technical..

Support just like with a new product that means if you have any problems. You just bring your device into any apple store. And problem solved. These are the boxes of two ipads.

The new one again is on this side and the recertified ipad is over here. If we open them up. We find brand new cables and chargers wrapped in plastic directly from apple. So with both ipads.

You re able to connect these devices to your computer or charge..

Them. With the included wall charger. Again the deal. We were able to bring you today is for an apple recertified ipad that means you get the same device the same one year warranty the new battery.

The new back cover a brand new cable and wall charger and all the amazing features and technology. You would get at any other store. The difference here is you get it ” ..


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