Apple iPhone 6 Plus Leather Case (All Colors): Review

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” s up guys mike here. The detroit borg with a look at the official iphone. Iphone. Six plus leather case.

This is also the same case sold for the iphone just scaled in size and four dollars cheaper. So the plus case is 49. And the six case is 45. So that s 10 more than the silicone cases are reviewed yesterday.

Now the silicone cases of course avoid leather are cheaper and offer more vibrant colors while the leather cases are quite a bit more muted. But they share a similar quality similar design now in terms of colors. We have black product red midnight blue olive brown and soft pink. So let s go ahead and crack into each one of these and take a closer look now just like the silicone cases.

The interior liner matches the exterior color of the leather this nice soft felt material and the case does feel a little flimsy in the hand when it s not on the foam of course. That s because the bottom is completely open now as you can see the volume controls and the sleep. Wake bun are covered so you will have to operate the buttons through the case and leather does need to wear in overtime. So it feels a little stiff at first but once you use it it does break in now of course.

We have a cutout for the camera microphone and true tone. Flash with that black ring around it to prevent glare from the flash..

So on the inside. You ll find the iphone branding designed by apple in california assembled in china. As well as a natural leather stamp on the inside that s different from the 5 and 5s cases. Which did not have this alright.

So let s go and snap in the cases. Which is a pretty basic process here. It s just a snap on case and with a rounded design. It does a pretty good job holding on to the phone now.

If you want to take the case off the easiest way to do is to snap off the corners at the bottom. So with the case on we can see that the bottom of the phone is completely unprotected. But this allows complete free access to the speaker. The thunderbolt port as well as the headphone jack.

Which allows basically anything to plug into this phone. Now. There is a little lip around the back that does provide some protection for that edge. But of course.

It is more exposed so on the back. We ll find our embossed apple logo right above that is the camera cutout so we ll find plenty of room for the led flash..

The microphone and the camera module as you can see here with a protruding camera module this case does a nice job providing some protection to that and of course with the case on that prevents that rocking that goes on when you slay the naked iphone flat on the table left side. We ll find our covered volume. Controls again they work pretty well through the case once it s worn in and then you have plenty of room to operate the mute switch same story on the right side with a sleep. Wake button.

Which is also more tactile once the leather wears in now this case does have a lay on table design. So there s a little lip that surrounds the front glass to protect it when you lay it flat on the surface also protects it from some impacts unless you land on a bunch of rocks. We also have those corners. Which seem to overlap a little bit more with the leather case that could just be the natural variation of the manufacturing of wrapping the case with leather.

But to me it looks like a overlap a bit more now if we compare this case to the iphone 5 and 5s cases you ll see that the leather looks a little coarser a little shinier maybe a little smoother than the 5s leather. Which was a softer leather so perhaps this leather will wear better over time so let s take a look at some of the available color options so of course black is probably the safe bet for most people it s a color that matches every iphone color and is less likely to show wear over time than any of the other colors here especially the lighter colors like soft pink or product red. So when and down. I d say go with black now we also have a new brown color.

This is olive brown. It s much darker than the light brown from last year s iphone 5 and 5s cases. So i think that s obvious they wanted a color that we re two more favorably or showed. We re a bit better than the light brown color as i have here which i use extensively last year.

So i definitely like this darker brown color. I think it looks really sharp now we also have a new blue color midnight blue..

Which is obviously much darker from the light blue color from last year. Again that change is obvious that darker blue color is less likely to show wear. Then the bright light blue color from last year. I really like that midnight blue.

I think it looks really sharp really nice color now perhaps more dangerously you have this soft pink color. Which is a very light color. It s the lightest color here by far and replaces. The beige color from last year to me it still looks more beige than soft pink.

But you can kind of see that pink tone to it it s a nice looking color. It s a nice looking case. But of course. I have some doubts about how well this case will weather over time or at least how much it will show the weathering and of course.

You have my personal favorite product. Red that s the case. I ve been using that s the case. I was using on my 5 and 5s.

I think it looks really good with that black and red combination. I think this red color goes with basically any iphone looks great no matter..

What i think. This is one of the more popular colors to pick from so in the end. I think apple has learned a few things from the 5 and 5s cases by giving us darker more muted colors that weather a bit better perhaps a levitt that s a little smoother and tougher than last year s softer more porous leather. Now fortunately the bottom of the phone is completely open.

But of course you have those corners and the back which does provide some impact protection around that area now. I can understand why they did this because with the 5 and 5s cases. The material surrounding the ports were so thin that they failed in fact all my cases failed around the headphone jack and i know a lot of people have their cases fill around the lightning port so by eliminating that they get rid of that problem. And you have a lot more room for accessories like headphone jacks.

The lightning connectors and those sort of accessories so once again. I ll reiterate these are very expensive cases. I m not thrilled that it doesn t provide full 360 degree protection. So for a lot of people.

I think they may want to look elsewhere for case that provides full protection especially on such an expensive phone. So what do you guys think what color do you prefer here i think again i prefer product red. What is your favorite color please let me know in the comment section below and if you want to see my silicone case review. Please check the description below for a link.

So that s going to do for me in this video thanks for watching and i ll ” ..

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