Apple MacBook Pro 8GB RAM Upgrade: How To & Benchmarks

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” s up guys. This is mike. The detroit borg with a walkthrough on how to to upgrade the ram inside your macbook pro. Now this process works for every current macbook pro.

Configuration and size in this case. I have the newest 13 inch. Macbook. Pro with 4 gigs of ram standard.

Now apple charges 200 to upgrade from 4 gigs to 8 gigs. But i can do this myself for under 60 by purchasing the ram from a third party and installing it myself. As i ve always done. I purchased my 8 gig.

Upgrade kickthrough. Crucial..

Which consists of 2 4. Gig. Ddr3 modules in order to access our ram. We need to remove the back panel to remove the panel.

We ll need a triple 0. Phillips screwdriver to remove the 10 screws. I also want to use a small cup together the very tiny screws. So i don t lose them before we open the macbook pro make sure it s powered down and not in standby mode.

It s important to note that the screws come in two sizes. Long and short three of the screws on the right side near the hinge are longer while the rest are short removing them is pretty easy. But you have to be careful or you may slip and scratch our back panel with the screwdriver with the screws removed. We can lift up the panel and expose the internal hardware quickly looking at the inside of the backplate you can see the plastic vent grilles fastened to the hinge side of the panel.

Now this is our chance to scope out the interior. The macbook pro dominating..

The interior space is the optical drive in the upper left quadrant. The motherboard and fan in the upper right the battery on the lower right and the hdd or ssd in my case. In the lower left on the motherboard. We ll find our existing ram.

Modules stacked. On top of each. Other like we ve seen. In the mac mini and just like in the mac mini.

They are spring loaded and can be ejected by spreading the brackets apart and allowing them to pop up once removed. We can see our two so dimm slots to install our new modules. We need to position our chips in the right orientation. So the notch on the slots matches.

The notch on the modules. Installing the first module is a little tricky just install the chips at the same angle..

You remove the map working your way through the holding brackets. Now make sure your chips are seated properly and push down to latch them into place repeat for the upper module now before i reinstall the back plate. I want to make sure the ram chips have been recognized by the computer to do this turn on the computer and go to the apple logo in the upper left corner select about this mac. And you should see eight gigs of memory.

If you have any issues. The modules may not have been seated correctly or the chips are faulty now. I can reinstall my back plate. Making sure i m installing the long and short screws in the correct locations.

Now that we ve confirmed a successful ram. Installation. Let s take a look at the performance benefits first up is geekbench. Which will test overall system performance and give us a score which we can use to compare to other systems with four gigs the macbook pro scored 69 58 but with eight gigs it scored 7158 this is a marginal improvement.

But an improvement nonetheless next up is the cinebench score. Which analyzes gaming performance with four gigs our opengl score was 11 point 91 frames per second..

But with eight gigs our score improves to 12 point 66 frames per second the cpu scores are marginally different this certainly isn t a significant difference. But it s important to note that because the 13 inch macbook pro uses an integrated intel graphics processor adding more system ram means the graphics processor can now use more ram for gaming. So adding twice the ram means the gpu can use 512. Meg s of ram.

Instead of just 384. Meg s of ram. Now this doesn t dramatically improve gaming performance. But allows more games to run optimally if they require more ram to render maps or objects.

Adding more ram is chiefly beneficial if you need to run memory intensive apps. All at the same time such as final cut pro screenflow after effects and photoshop and since the cost is marginal any more headroom is a worthwhile investment for every macbook pro user. So they ll do for me guys thanks for watching. And i ll see ” .


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