ARK Survival Evolved – Riot Gear Showcase!

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” s going on there paraders. Thank you so much for coming hang out with me me once again and in this video. We re gonna check out the new riot that s just released i ve already cooked it up so that we don t have to sit there and wait on that but let me go into the folder here and show you what it costs so it s pretty expensive right off the bat. I mean you re looking at a lot of polymers.

Some crystal a couple of silica pearls for each piece polymer is gonna be your biggest 70 for the chest. That s i mean. It s pretty big 70 for the legs. That s a pretty big polymer here.

But the great and cool. Thing is is it better than flack better than primitive flex. So here we have primitive flack. Let s take all this stuff out we ll compare it real quick.

I m super excited that we finally have a new best armor to be running around in it s getting all in order. Okay. So the helmets durability is the same. But we get 15 armor points.


And the only thing. That s different is that it s slightly better for hyperthermic insulation. Let s check out the chest. It s it s better with a hyperthermic insulation.

Again this is better all overall. Wow. This is all around better this is a 100 upgrade all around to flak and primitive level of course. I mean most people by now like myself have journeyman blueprints for the stuff.

And that s not available yet for this. But that s pretty awesome so it s just a straight up upgrade all right enough talking let s put this stuff on the suit. It looks like oh. My god he looks so cool i love it i love the way it looks.

I m gonna curious to dye. It now yeah he looks super badass now this is supposed to drastically reduce your where s my stuff. Here. We go drastic really drastically.


Reduce your influence from torpor inducing effects. Like gas. Grenades. So.

Let s see. What that does oh. This is great. Normally that would have knocked me out like instantly.

By now. Hello. Oh. There goes finally even though.

I kind of ran out. So. Yeah. Let s just sit here passed out that s fun bigger breeze.


Okay we re awake again and we re gonna take off our helmets actually hang on mulligan. We re gonna take off all of our stuff. And see just how quick that knocks is that again so tink tink get in there is this way faster. No it s that way faster at all sort of a little bit faster.

Maybe yeah reduces the amount. I took less for sure okay. We ll brb is once i m awake again okay. Let s test it again with the right gear to see just how much it is yeah.

I mean it s it s not a whole lot slower. But it s definitely slower. I mean for sure oh there we go yeah for sure running through the gas. It s it s a little bit slower wasn t as quick as when i was naked doesn t seem.

It has like it has any effect on going down or anything like that though even though it s relatively quick because my for two dudes hi. Alright guys. We are back we played with the die a little bit i kind of tried to die the cool colors. But i don t know if i really liked the die.


Option green does not look super good with this i might just go all black. But yeah. This is i mean this is kind of how we re looking with the with the new riot gear. And i m all about it i like it i like i like the new right here it s pretty cool.

I ve definitely super excited the fact that it s better than flack at primitive level. I can t wait till. We get some some drop improvements or something maybe find some blueprints this will be amazing. But i hope you guys liked the video.

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If you want to come play on this server. Just post. Me a note in the comments or something like that saying hey you i want to play it i ll link you the steam group of nerd paraders you can pro search for it on there and get you access to the server well guys take care stay awesome stay tuned for ” ..


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