Armani exchange gold watch review

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” s scrolling and back with another review. This was the marty them on the exchange exchange watch that i have so you can see it s still a little it a little dirty right now. But whatever it s still the same color and all that the problem that i found out what my watch is if you look really close see it says 30 25. I was worried if i was taking really good care of this watch and i don t know what happened.

But that started moving around so i got a slap it around now so like get it to go back to the right place. But other than that it still shines and everything s and still looks decent and i got a lot of reviews on the last one. So i figured i ll show you this is what it looks like um about i don t know almost a year. So it looks pretty good but i m replacing this watch.

I m night you re gonna use this watch no more and this is a review for this watch. But i just want to throw this one out. There. Let s put this one now the watch that i am gonna be using is i could reach it i don t know if everybody knows about it but that s it right there the samsung gear s.

Watch. I think this is way better than that watch and i ve been using it for two days fell in love with it see i m paid for that screen. See my shack. We ll see about make it a little brighter.


But i love it and i think this watch for people that are into watches. I think. This is a better choice to go with not i want to make this a big review for this watch. But it is a standalone watch you can make calls on in everything like that depending on who your provider is i think.

It s better than the gold watch. But that s just me i used to be flossing. I love wearing that watch all the time and i still do and i kind of miss it but this is replacing it i go out i get all my messages and everything to the watch for everybody that thinks that you can hook this up to the iphone yes you can t hook it up to your iphone through the bluetooth. But you will not get emails.

I believe you will not guilt get text messages stuff like that it s pointless to have it on the iphone. It is better to have it on an android phone and right now this is my phone that it s connected to as you can see this is the note edge as you stand if you look i have a screen protector on there because i put it on afterwards because it was cutting my finger sighs. I had no choice and get it replaced in a few days. So i m just rocking.

It with this for now. But the big thing is that i do rock with this is because it links up with that watch and you need it so because that s all cracked. And everything i don t use it i use the watch. And it does a lot of stuff that the phone could do so i m happy with it but i m still replacing my screen.


I m not gonna be rocking out like that but um smoothies out the way guys go watch stud. The same mine is a little dirty could be a little clean probably clean after video. But um. That was the only issue.

I had with that movement everything else there pretty good like i said. I was very really really careful with it i don t know exactly how it happened. But my last job. I didn t did get into altercations with people and stuff like that so it could have got hit pretty hard without me not even knowing it and that s what probably caused it i don t know.

But other than that it still works pretty good and everything like i said the colors still pretty good what i recommend it if this is what you re looking for yes. This is still a good watch. It s a very very good watch if you re into this kind of stuff and yes. I would recommend it as you can see like right there right up here kind of hitting something as i can see now.

But yeah. It is dirty it needs to be cleaned. But it s still shining and everything it still looks good i would recommend this if this is type of watches you re into. I would go with this what if you want to try something new and i think that s way better go with the samsung gear s.


Watch this is way better and yeah they make different bands and stuff like that they actually make bands like this oh. No i dropped it oh my god thank god to do snap hey god didn t break i m not gonna head this video. I m uh let it rock out cuz look it just fell. And there is looks to be no no damage.

Thank you thank you god but look it just dropped. It no it s not a crack not a scratch good what s up. But um. Yet if you want something new.

I mean. That s not news came out i think. In i m not a hundred percent sure in november 7. 2014.

I think but it s still nice i m flossing that for now and getting rid of this. But yeah so this was a review for this watch. And because i had a lot of people looking at my watches looking at my video for this watch. So i think it was like 3k.


I want to you know put you guys on a little bit of this to let you know cuz a lot of you guys. I think are gonna go to this if you don t have it so i just want to put you onto that but this is the original review for this but as you can see it s a little dirty. But they re still shining. It was very shiny and actually like i said um.

There was a lot of girls you know coming up to me about this checking out my watch. This one has only wore for a day. And i haven t really been outside too much so i m waiting to see how many girls want to stop and talk to me about this. The note edge before it got damaged there s people.

A lot of women. Ask the questions about this they love that phone so i m sure they re gonna love this watch. But this was a chick magnet also and that s just the end of this review. I just want to thank you guys for looking at my videos.

I appreciate it if you liked this video like it there will be another review for this watch so look out for that ” ..

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