Asana Kitchen: Essential Tips Transition from Up Dog to Down Dog with David Garrigues

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” re looking at the transition from upward dog to downward dog okay and we have have scott here with us and so he will go through surya namaskara and get to and to that transition. Okay so you come to the peak here. And remember that your move is led from your od on abundant. So it s the navel that pulls back to bring you into position okay go ahead pull.

That s right now let s look at that one more time look at how he rolls right over his feet. So the heels..

They stayed vertical. And that the feet received the action of the pelvis here. We go pull the hips back okay and notice how different that is then go down scott and then come up to then bend your flex your ankles flex. Yeah.

See people you people do it like this and then take the hips back. I m not i m telling you that you want to point the toes and keep them that way keep your legs..

Just like they are and lead. It with your pelvis okay go ahead and do that and then notice what happens though oh so he look at the length of that downward dog stance and i m a lover of long stances. But even this is too long and so. But what if you noticed before when scott did it on his own.

He d take your step whoa that to me is a big step. And i often tell the student to take half of that step okay so it s very common to take a big step and so you just take a little step in and then create your position..

So he goes into upward dog come way up to the peak. Looking up and over with the open chest. And then pull the hips back and step in just a tiny bit okay and then that step you want it to be economical. So that you can because ideally you would not want a step.

Okay because you d want to just go right to your downward dog and poo. But practicality is there so you may have to take that little step and you do it economically and then immediately go into the the femur grounding action..

Okay and so we re working back let s see it one more time up to the peak lead with the hips keep the legs long step the feet in just a ” ..

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