Asus Strix GTX 1070 with cheap Xeon X3470 Overclocked to 4ghz and Asus P7H55 M Motherboard Benchmark

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“Right i got the gtx 1070 put into the chest pains for the x34. 70. 70. Xeon processor.

So lots of benchmarks and stuff playing it cpu z up and town all right you can. See. X34. 70 is running.

Instead 293. Is running. At 4 gigahertz. Or 200.

Times. 20. And then look at core temp. So right now floating around 35 33.

34. Depending on which core. We re looking at yeah. Yes i ll run prime95 first sorry guys.

I m tired all right the primes running three and let s run past mark. So we run them at the same time without chipping. It out what s wrong then see were a bit hundred percent loaded all cores and then we re hitting about 65 66. We got one maxed out it hit about 68 already there we ll keep it on that all right they run prom and passmark at the same time.

Which really isn t fair to the system. Remember that cpu came out what mm and i think wo in 2010..

I d have to look it up we running it for gigahertz. It s a run at one point one gigahertz faster than its supposed to so i m putting to it we had 64 66 tomb of the cores did max out. There at 71. And then another 71 at 65.

Everything s still 100 alright. This time with some there s some senate being said it in 65 dccc celsius on a percent load across the board. All right 632 a little slower than i ran the 637 was just a little over 4 gators. Let s also run our opengl test.

We have the gt 8. 10. 17. Yeah.

Early call about 17 20. Percent. Load. We don t need cores that s odd.

The second core was hitting about forty percent. Said run that again forget ninety nine point eight nine frames per second. Why would you 3d mark nor a fire strike but in pretty smooth. I mean i know the gtx in 70 can kill this bitch for wood that cpu.

I didn t expect it to run that smooth to be honest second round will give us some frames per second also show us if we have any drop frames and stuff. I got to tell you for a cheap motherboard and cheap ebay processor 30 a decent graphics card in it man i ve seen some nine 70s and i mean you probably could even get some decent performance out of a 1050 ti. Whether they like 120 bucks. Now seen the 970 going about 130 140 on ebay.

I think and you want to craigslist you can probably find one cheaper. I actually saw it was gone by the time i called..

But i saw a guy selling a 1080 not a ti. But just right a 1080 for 160 bucks about 75 miles from where i live. But if i could have got it for that i would have drove down i m sorry. I said at 1080.

I meant a 980 i ran to you 80 90 80 to 95 97. 9900. I don t know if you guys can see yeah. I think you can see the carnage from second ellen right now floating around 90 chopped down to 70 32 584 good you done so the eight and very respectable funny that s more than i expected now we re dipping into the 20s now all right overall score.

13. 7. 34 until the gtx 1070. Graphic.

Test. 1 we pulled 893 six. Frames. Per.

Second. 74 on test to. Physics. Tests we.

Did at 3158. And the combined test. Twenty six point three four. So see gpu load.

Yeah. It was pretty well maxed out the gpu..

A whole way through so except on the physics test of course. There are cpu temperatures. During the process. Let s see yeah cpu humming.

It bumped up to about sixty a couple times. But not much physics test it see if you pegged out 66 68. So it s uh that s well wasn t anything under eighty ninety. I m i m not worried about it at all so there you go um four gigahertz that s the overclocked leon 3470.

Which oddly if you seen if you see in a core temp now. It is reading wrong. Let s see it s accent reading. It is a thirty four fifty.

But then if you look below you will see the cpu z is recognized as a 3470. I don t know why the discrepancy there. But we all read four gigahertz so 199 basically 200 times. Twenty multiplier have four gigahertz well guys.

That s a cheap way to build a fun little system fine you use graphics card to throw in on this thing and and for what probably get that motherboard for 40 bucks on ebay. I would imagine because i came on a used system from the thrift shop for me. So i didn t give it ten bucks for that system. And it had three hard drives and a different cpu in it and some ram.

But i did take that ram mount actually put that in my tad system. He needs a little upgrade. Set but i picked up this other eight gigs of that gskill and put it in here that randy i want to say 30 38. Bugs i think i paid for it so.

Yeah. 2000..

Cooler. You know probably spending 40. 50. Bucks on a decent power supply.

You don t have to go crazy i guess unless you re getting some hog of a powered graphics card but you probably like pretty much anything you want to so if you don t expect to go over 1080p. But yeah there you go guys and if you want to see anything else let as you can see we re getting a healthy 200 180 to 200 megabits per second wirelessly with the second generation fire stick. I was barely getting 90. Megabits per.

Second. The amazon fire tv. Stick 4k edition. Is an absolute upgrade.

And if you want to take your streaming to the next level. It s an absolute buy so check out the links down into the description make sure you guys tune in on wednesday. We are going alive. I m giving away a hundred units of something just don t know what it is yet.

But you guys got a tune in on wednesday 9. O clock eastern time and yeah. I m giving a hundred units of something away anybody s make sure you guys like share subscribe. This is gay both for you turk.

I am signing out ” ..

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