Audio Technica: AT-LP120XUSB Unboxing, Setup and Review!

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“Everybody and welcome back to vinyl talk with tavis and i m tavis as you you can see here. I have a brand new turntable. It s the audio technica 120 x. Usb.

It s an upgrade from the lp 120. It s a little lighter and a little cheaper. So we re gonna have an unboxing and review. So let s get right to it okay here s the lp 120 x.

Usb on a sturdy surface ready to be unboxed. The box is quite nice. I must say and i love how the company pays homage to this man right here today. Oh matsushita.

The founder of audio technica. Which was established in 1962 in tokyo. Japan. Let s check out some specs on this turntable.

You say. The red drive is fully manual. It has adjustable dynamic anti skate control..


It has 33 45. 78. Rpm speeds comes with its own cartridge. The atv m95 ii.

It has a built in switchable phono preamplifier for phono or line level output. Which is just what i needed okay the unboxing here s a word of advice for you while you re unboxing this don t throw away or disregard. The styrofoam because underneath. The styrofoam are all the accessories that you need to make the turntable complete such as the needle and all the other things that come with it if you throw the styrofoam away.

You won t have those things so please be careful and don t throw away the styrofoam at least just yet now i have all the parts outside of the box my accessories are sitting someplace else so on the count of three. We re gonna see everything opened one two three well there you have it all the parts ready to be assembled and hooked up let s take a look at all the contents. We have here okay first up we have the ac power adapter. We have the usb cable and the rca cable and the 45 rpm adapter.

We have the felt mat. We have our platter assembly. Looks really nice then we have our dust cover. Very important then we have the head shell with a cartridge or needle.

And we have the counterweight assembly. This little thing right here is the stylus cue light. And we have our hinges for the dust..


Cover and finally our psd resistance. Our turntable chassis. Now as i m recording this video. I m setting this up for the first time.

I ve never had a turntable of this scale or magnitude. So as i do this i m learning along with all of you okay. So i have my instructions and i m just doing it and recording it as i m doing it so let s get it on first up. We re going to place the platter on the spindle.

So just align. That hole with the spindle and put it on there make sure that it s really on then we re going to get our felt mat and put it through the spindle as well and there s that next. We re going to take off that tie that s keeping the arm down just twist that thing off there and unlock. It then take that white paper off there.

This is kind of a bugger to do when you re filming with one hand and doing this with the other but i m gonna get that little booger out of there sho nuff. I m going to do it then put that arm back and lock it back in its place just like so next. We re going to install the head shell and the preinstalled cartridge just slightly push it into the arm and then turn the loo will there and it will just pull itself into place like magic now we re going to install the counterweight make sure that the numbers are facing the front thread that counterweight in the back of the needle arm just like so and this should look just like this now. We re going to set our anti skating dial to zero it may already be on zero.

But just turn it again and make sure that it s on zero. This is very important for our next step at this time. I m removing the plastic covering from the cartridge do it very carefully now i m at the part that i dread..


This is called balancing the tonearm. So what you re gonna do is unlock. The arm. And it s going to kind of flop up so be sure to take care of it treat.

It carefully then you re going to rotate that counterweight and gently hold the head. She ll you know and we re going to make sure that as you are turning that wait that the arm eventually is horizontal with the turntable and you don t want the needle to get on the platter or anything like that so make sure that it just is floating horizontally as you turn that counterweight and once it does that then gently place the arm back in its resting place and lock. It for the next step now. We re going to turn the number dial portion of the counterweight until the number 0 is aligned with that line on the arm.

Now we re going to rotate the entire counterweight counterclockwise until the number 2 is aligned with that black line on the tonearm. The reason. Why we set it to 2. Is because this is the recommended tracking force for this particular cartridge that comes with this turntable now.

I m going to set the anti skating dial to to the same number as the counterweight dial was set make sure that they are the same in this case. It s 2 2. Now with this turntable. I m going to be using the cr3 ltd multimedia monitors and i m going to be using the rca cable that came with the turntables packaging.

I m going to connect red to red and white to white from the power monitor and i m going to connect it to the turntable in the same manner red to red white to white and also on the back of this turntable. I set the switch to the line option instead of the phone. No option..


And i think i m set if all goes well it really wasn t that hard and the first record. I m gonna play on this bad boy is whitney houston. Let s see how this turns out. I ll let you know if is plan the way is supposed to hey y all.

If you re looking for a turntable. This is the bomb. I can t believe how great it sounds. I am in all i am so excited.

Oh. My god it sounds so. Good. And this has made the listening experience even more better this has been fun my first time doing something like this i hope you all enjoyed it don t put me down.

Too. Much i think i did a pretty good job. So as always with music and with good turntables be ” ..


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