Auto Drive HD Dash Cam Review

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“Right so i just want to do a really quick video on this camera. It it s an auto drive hd dash cam. That my husband got me for i my birthday. And i really liked it so i ended up getting one for my sister in law.

But hers is a different brand. So i m pretty sure all brands are pretty cool. I just wanted to get a review on this one because i really do enjoy it and so basically. This is what it looks like it s right here.

I have it it does turn all the way around so i have it posted up here with this little suction cup. I don t know if you can see so this is what it looks like at the front. You basically have it right here you have this cord. We have it going all the way in here and then you just plug it in to the car right here.

Oh and actually it has a really long cord so in case your little thing is not as conveniently close as mine or if yours is broken you have to use the one in the back. Sometimes you have them in the back of your seat reach this all the way to the back console. Because this is an extra long cord. So anyways you just go ahead.

And you stick it in here. I don t have the car turned on. But it will go ahead and play and record just because the fact that it is in the charging station. So because it s plugged in to the power outlet.

It will go ahead and still record as you can see the little red dot is recording and it shows you what is being recorded. Now if you don t want that being seen because people with the cars behind you could probably see it you could just press..

This little button on the side. So. If you want to stop recording you could just press that second button. But since we want to record it i don t know i m doing okay there so then you just press.

It to record and then if you don t want the screen to be seen you press this very bottom button. It says mode. So actually it says right here. There s a power can you see it there s a power button a record button and a mode button so you could just press the mode and it ll turn off the screen.

But it s still recording so that s just how the car is behind you or not being distracted by your light. And you can see it s still recording. And there is other buttons on the side for volume and settings and things like that so this is how it is during the day. I will also show you a little clip of what it looks like at night.

It still records pretty good the only thing is when you re recording the cars in front of you they have to be like immediately in front of you if you want to see their license plate so if you have if you need this footage for i don t know a police report or something most likely you will not get the license plate number unless they re directly in front of you otherwise. It will be kind of blurry and you can t really see it so um yeah. Besides that the very bottom is where it has the sd card. So i m going to go ahead and turn this off i m gonna stop recording and then i m going to power it off holding it a few seconds.

I suppose there you go and then you can just press. The sd card up and you ll come out there you go so then you can just take your sd card and then you upload it to your computer. And then do whatever you have to um. So here is the packaging and then it just comes with basically the cord in the came with anything extra just a manual yes and i am going to also insert some clips of incidents that i ve captured with my camera.

And hopefully. This will be a good enough review to decide whether or not you want to purchase this item..

Or something like it i think anything like it is good just for your own peace of mind. And security. I suppose ok actually i forgot to tell you did come with this button. And it does come with like a sticker.

Where you can place the button on certain location. I didn t need this sticker. Because i didn t want to place it on my car. I just put it in my little cup holder.

So the button actually captures pictures. So if you needed to take pictures. Let s say you did get in a car accident or maybe you just saw something that you thought was really pretty and you re driving and you couldn t really pull over you could just grab. It really quick and take really quick pictures and it saves it on your your sd card file as like a little picture like a jpeg.

I suppose um anyways that was just another cool bonus about this one is that you can like conveniently just grab. Um. Like a camera instead of having to grab your phone and get a person you scribe or if it was like mounted onto your car you could just push the button. So i thought i was really cool okay.

So this video was taken at night. And it was only gonna do like i just want to show you that right here that it is showing a ten minute clip. You can see right here sorry so underneath. This it has the date on here and then here s the time so it s gonna be ten minutes and i just want to show that it does leave off from where you picked up so once this two minute clocks out the video stops so it does pick back up on the next on the next video.

It goes back to where it left off and starts recording again so basically i m gonna escape this oh you can see really quick that whenever alright so whenever you grab your sd card out of the video camera. It s gonna show all these little folders sometimes..

There s gonna be more folders this one i took out early just because there was a video. I wanted to look at. But i mean i don t know how many folders it can hold or how many i had to look at the instructions not include that in the description about how much it actually holds how much data. It holds.

But so for this one the dates are right here and these are just like the file folders so i do have the 23rd these are all from the 23rd. I m not sure if that s accurate. I think i didn t correct my time on there anyway. But let s just go ahead and look so what happens is when click on a folder like this one.

I just showed you it shows you these two that happened. So i had a 20 probably about a 20 minute or less video from where i left work and then i was driving and i showed the continuation on my drive to my house. But then whenever i go to the other files. Let s see if there s so this one.

I had multiple files on that day. And it just keeps picking up on the same day. So i think this one was my dates on that was wrong because i think this is like me going to drop my daughter off in the morning and then me going to work this might be a picture and then two other things. Let s just go ahead and look and see this one this oops and it s a video.

I m not sure why it wasn t a different little thing. But you can take pictures. There s a little button. I ll show you as well for taking pictures.

But i just want to show you that they do continue so whenever it leaves off. They re gonna be probably like 10 minute videos let me see what this one sons..

So this one has the date and has the time. But i didn t i don t i didn t set my time. I don t think on that correct. And i probably had my date wrong.

Yeah 2017. But this is going to be a ten minute video. As you can see right here at the very bottom ten minute video. So then if i go back so the next video after that one continuing picking up was only about five minutes.

I guess until i got to my destination. Let me see if i should do it. Where is that so i was like probably five and a half minutes by the time. I actually reached my destination and then i just turned off.

I you could either power it off by pressing the off button on the the power button on the camera. But i normally just unplug it because as soon as i unplug it it ll turn off by itself well obviously assume if you want it to be charged. There s different settings on there that it will leave it even if you have an unplugged you ll turn on because it is charged up anyways. This is what i want to show you i will just go ahead.

And show you the actual quality. This is just me recording it from my phone to my laptop. And then i m going to go ahead and insert actual videos coming straight from the straight from the camera and not my phone alright here are some videos that i did take while driving with it and using it and the quality is pretty good. ” .


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