Basic Movement Guide – SM64 Speedruns

how to long jump in super mario 64 This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you Basic Movement Guide – SM64 Speedruns. Following along are instructions in the video below:

“Right. This is a basic movement guide or mr. Sixty four speedruns. If you have have never touched this game in your life.

And you have no idea. What the do this is going to be very helpful. If you already know what you re doing then there might still be some helpful things for you anyway. The punch pretty basic press.

It fast get a combo. A jump holdin a will get you a higher jump tap a smaller jump ball kicks. If you jump at a wall. Or a long jump at a wall actually i ll go over some of the first if you tap a in place.

You the most you ll ever get is a double jump unless you have wind cap. If you can stay in a place and triple dorm for the wind pad. But to get a trouble you never need to be move in time you re a presses just like that you can also do a kick. Holding a and press b.

Or a and then b roll your fingers along. If you want to do a fast or triple jump. A kick has a set high. So you can t get any higher than this so it s good for starting out triple jumps.

Most the time out of a triple jump you can dive around pound hole kick something important for triple jump dives you you just triple it right after you you start your choppers. Know if you dive you can do a triple jump dive. Or you can do delay the dive and you ll go further like that then jump jump. Just regular jump dive is a and then b.

Long. Jump or b. Z. Fall move.

In and then a holds..

A press head you get a back flip and z. Press. B. You get this thing.

Useful going around. Now. Use um z. And then b.

Slide kick. Then camera. C. Left.

C. Right c. Up sit back c. Down.

Tonight. Our will switch from mario fan to back you can whenever you re watching a video regarding. A strat or movement or how to do a star always look at what camera. The person is using you can look at the bottom right like right now.

I m in like to see down mario can sit down or can see normal. Oh cam. So yep you can t really tell if they re see left doesn t show. But you can hear the noises then you have speed kicks.

I want to speak is if i m just running and i press b. I m going to do dive. But i can do a kick. If i hold neutral as soon as i land from the rollout.

Then hold a and kick..

Like this alright you have to look at the the hand cam to see what s going on there. There s also many other uses for holding neutral. Which means just keeping the controller stay like this when you land from a rollout. You can stop your speed like that which is pretty bad or you can just hold neutral before you land you won t slide at all you won t go anywhere.

This is especially useful for something like this if you make a big mistake. And you want to run back. And you hold back like that you re going to keep running backwards like a dummy. If you hold neutral before you land not going anywhere you could start running again.

Another use for this would be old neutral. Let s say you land from a rollout and you want to turn back around you want to get a different angle rollout hold neutral and flick to that direction slightly hold that direction instead of like running around then we are moving around as much you can get around tighter spaces. You can also do a speed slide kick. Which is as soon as you roll out do a slide kick about i think you have a four frame window to do this next you can also change speed kicks.

But i m not that good at it and it s it s usually a task thing. It s not really human levi. Um. Oh um.

We ve also got slopes. There s two types of slopes. You need to know about there is a third. But it s not that important you have a slope like this that you can run around all you want nothing s going to happen.

But if you re facing up towards the incline you can you can t do any jumps. Holding forward won t get you far. The best way to get up these is to do a jump dive jump. And then be a and then b.

Then you have these slopes. Which you can learn run so far i can keep jumping the eventually get knocked down if you re just running on these you only options is a jump dive or you can slide down away. A lot of speed runners get up slopes this with the triple jump triple jumps for whatever reason can just completely ignore the fact that there s a slope double jumps. You can t do that i ll try try getting a double jump.

But beginning a triple jump on a slope works..

Very well you can turn around on slopes and just let slide down them and jump kick back so that slopes trees. If you hold up you go up down down. But if you re at the very top and then tap up you ll do this not that useful left and right will move you side to side a and then b or a ground pounder your options from entry x. Is let s go do is swim in i think i ve covered.

Most things already but let me get some swimming all right so with swimming. It s just tapping a nothing special the timing is very easy once you get it down. You should hear this noise. You ll know when you re doing it right.

When you consistently hear the swimming noise this noise. This is what it sounds like if you re not doing it right then notice the difference once you start speedrunning you also have be in the water. Which is mostly it s used in grb to climb up slopes quickly in the water. I ll show off one more thing and then got everything i believe talking to things in this game.

Actually we have two more things we could do both at one time also i have a couple tips listen up when you re first learning this game don t worry about strats strats or things like bomb clip lakitu skip pillarless breezeless. If you ever watched a mario player you ll know what those tricks are if you don t then it s no good. But you can ask people and they ll tell you so don t worry about those worry about your movement. Running around like this is insane.

Lisa and if you could like be in an optimal player with movement is running as least often as possible you always want to be doing dies or run drinks around these are much faster than running like shockingly faster. He also can use speed kicks wall kick side flips. Oh yeah side flips is just running in one direction. Then hold in another direction.

So that s it now let grabs a for a quick get up. I say once on the large tap up for a slow get up only time you ever want to do this is for back up in thi secrets or cannonless set up when you drop in from a ledge. You can either tap down or press skate. Presidency is much faster and tapping down.

So get in the habit of press. Until you drop from a ledge that you accidentally grab um two more things actually okay when you re dive in notice. How there s dust behind mario. When i died you lose a lot of speed when you get dust.

If you get a really dusty diamond..

Just call it a dusty guy ever try it out does it does a different story anyway. A dustless dive looks like this no dust. These are pretty hard to time. When you re first starting out.

But how it helps to press. A and b to run out press b b. Once. And then hey and b because b.

And or a both work to roll out. So you want to press them both roll your finger across a and b to talk to things like toad they start out invisible. So you have to what i do and what i recommend is run into them and as soon as they re fully visible b. Now.

When you re talking same thing. You can press b. Ready to talk roll your finger across and time it. Well and when you re talking to pink bombs you can talk to them by just running and present.

You don t have to wish them up here. But like i had to wait until then before i could talk if i press b. Before then i would have done a diet. I wash wait for the visible and then when you re starting a star.

Spam a b and stars get optimal. When you want to exit a level you need to be standing. Still if you re moving you won t get the option. I ll show you last thing so if i move in that there s a lot of times in a speedrun.

Where you want to head to the level. If you re moving around at all you get no option hold virtual penny. Thank you for watching and good luck out ” ..


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