Basis Peak Feature Walk Through

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“What we ve got here is a bassist pete that s the newest bought firm firm basis building on the basis be one that was original watch their watch is bit different from most other activity. Trackers meta. Has an optical heart rate sensor on the back of it which i ll talk about in a second. But one do is just kind of walk through what the watch looks like how the touchscreen you i works and go from there so what you see here is display itself.

And it s going to hit it showing the time on it go ahead and set this down. And what you can see is if i swipe left and right. I ll get my heart rate. Now.


I want to show this first because i ll i ll take it off my wrist. And i mostly the heart rate. So there s my heart right there i ll go ahead now to remove the watch i ll show you what s going on the back of it here you see that green light. There that s the optical sensor light.

Along with these dots and other portions that sensor here that go ahead and measure different metrics on the front. Though we ve still got the heart right there for a few more seconds. Then i ll probably disappear. I can swipe right again and this is show me i was up to in terms of activity.


So right now about 4 minutes ago. I was walking and it my step count their 178 and i can go ahead and iterate through the different display fields now in this case since i m not running or biking. It s not going to show me a whole lot of display fields versus. If i was i can go ahead and sway back shove my heart radium and then back to the time and then found these my only other options on the watch or around syncing.

So i can sink right now to my phone or i can go ahead and said do not disturb mode as well and i can restart the watching about you see the watch is pretty slim. Though if i could have the older one the original bassist watch. It s definitely a bit slimmer than that it s nice because the band is flexible so i can go up or down to man whereas the previous band on the b1. It s kind of a much harder plastic and this is a much much softer material than it was previously looking at the back you see a different sensor configuration here on the peak to the left.


There i ve got quite a bit bigger sensor than on the be one to the right in this case that bigger sensor and the different sensor amazement. They were supposed to go ahead and help it when you re doing exercise. So we re running or cycling. Or something like that whereas the previous v1 wasn t quite designed for exercise itself and then finally you ll notice that unlike.

The the b1. There are no buttons previously you have these little silver dots here that acted as your buttons now you just have just one touch screen that s it and you ll see that now that i ve taken off my wrist. It s going to go ahead and search for the heart rate. So you have that little icon.


They re saying on searching for jh so that that s a very quick overview of the options on the basis peak itself. As you can see it s a fairly minimalistic watch in a future firmware update through him go ahead and add smart phone notifications. But it s not that quite there yet today thanks a ” ..


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