Best 14-Inch Laptops in 2018 – Are They Large Enough?

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“Today s video. We re going to check out the top 5 best 14 inch inch laptops in the market for this year. I made this this based on my opinion and i try to list them based on their price quality durability and more to see the price and find out more information about these laptops you can check out the description. Below also make sure you subscribe to stay up to date.

With the latest technology. Reviews. Ok. So let s get started with the video.

At number. 5. Today. It s the acer swift.

5. The asus swift. 5. Is an extremely light laptop and perfectly good ultra portable option.

That is fairly well priced. It also offers modern hardware and a good keyboard. But at the same time it does skimp on some important aspects like the screen quality and battery size. Which just shouldn t happen on a laptop of this magnitude.

Design. Wise. Where most premium laptops are made using aluminium this shell is made of magnesium alloy magnesium is stronger than aluminium and it s true that it doesn t feel immediately as impressive. But it remains an excellent material for a laptop shell its keyboard is pretty nice and it includes backlit keys.

Which are well spaced. And there are no obvious layout issues to worry about the magnesium frame also makes the keyboard stiff with very little flex too much can ruin the feel of a keyboard. And it s an issue in some asus rivals. Even though it can t be considered the best keyboard that asus has made it s still a great laptop regarding connectivity.

The asa swift 5 takes a more old school approach that should please most of you there are two usb. 30. Ports an hdmi port a usb. C port a usb 31.

Port and a headphone jack. Which will help your device sync with smart phones tv or other devices to fulfill your needs. When it comes to hardware this laptop is powered by an eighth generation intel core i5 8250 u processor up to 34 gigahertz storage comes via a 256 gigabyte ssd with eight gigabytes of lp ddr3 memory. Which i think is more than enough for any task.

You plan on doing with this laptop as for the display. The 14 inch full hd. Ips touchscreen display with narrow border design. Combined with acer color intelligence technology gives you vivid detail and vibrant colors at all angles.

Moreover. This unit has a great battery life which can handle up to eight hours in a single charge. And this is rare on laptops nowadays in my opinion once you use this laptop you ll see that for the price you pay..


It s better than what you d expect overall. If you re after a highly portable laptop. Which doesn t skimp on performance. The swift.

5. Is a solid choice at number four today it s the lenovo ideapad 7 20s the lenovo ideapad 7. 20s is a 14 inch laptop which has it all it looks great feels expensive is powerful enough for most people s needs and is much better at gaming. Than most of the laptops that cost twice the price from a design perspective.

This unit is a stunner in this class. It s all aluminium apart from the keyboard keys and the glass over the screen. And so feels reassuringly expensive. While it has a heftiness to it you d expect from a premium product.

The keyboard is excellent. It s spacious and has a great layout plus its key action is crisp and responsive. It s also backlit. Although it isn t the brightest backlight you ll find on a laptop as for the trackpad it lacks the etched glass surface as well as the precise click of the very best laptops.

But otherwise it s great regarding connectivity this device offers many options like a usb. C port two usb 30. Ports. An hdmi port and an sd card slot.

Which will make it easier to connect with other devices let s talk about performance this particular model comes with a seventh generation intel core i5 processor with eight gigs of ddr 4. Ram. It also packs an nvidia gt. 940 mx gpu with 2 gigabytes of ram.

Which makes playing modern games more enjoyable than most other slim laptops as for the display. What the ideapad 720 s. Lacks is an ultra high resolution screen 1080p resolution across 14 inches. Makes pixelation.

Fairly obvious. If you look for it. The contrast ratio is 10 20 3 2. 1.

Enough to make blacks look on fin singh. Even in a low lit room. Moving on this laptop is a quick and responsive laptop. The 256 gigabyte drive reads.

At 1 55. 8. Megabytes. Per second.

And writes. 5. 9..


5. Megabytes per second. Which can be considered fast enough to make the laptop feel much quicker than any hard drive model in addition. This unit has a four cell 56 whr battery.

Which can handle up to 8 hours of battery life. But of course that depends on how you use it finally an all metal design. Great screen great performance and good battery life combined to make the lenovo ideapad 720 s. An excellent option for its price.

At number three today. It s the asus zenbook. Flip. The asus zenbook flip is built to give you the raw power.

You need for effortless on the go performance its breathtakingly thin and unbelievably light with the added versatility of a 360 degree flippable touchscreen and a suspends support to take you beyond the boundaries of a traditional laptop. Aesthetically speaking. This model is available on the market in slate. Gray and icicle gold additions.

Both of them look attractive without being ostentatious. There s the iconic asus concentric circle pattern on the lid. And the usual all aluminium build guaranteeing a long life and high quality additionally on the right side you ll find a micro sd card reader a usb c 31 port 3 point 5 mil audio jack a usb a 30. Port and a full sized hdmi port on the left.

Side there s a usb a 30. Port a volume rocker and the power key wild webcam is located in the middle of the top bezel and the fingerprint sensor is in the top right hand corner of the touchpad. The keyboard uses chiclet keys. It s a full sized backlit keyboard and has an impressive 1 point.

4 millimetre key travel making typing more accurate moving on this device is powered by the latest eighth generation. Intel core i7 quad core processor which goes up to 4 gigahertz. A 16 gigabyte lp ddr3 ram. And nvidia geforce mx 150 2 gigabyte gddr5 discreet graphics.

So if you asked me for the price you pay. This unit is more than good since you ll have stable. Fps raid on mid to high settings in most games. Talking about the display.

It has a 14 inch wide view full hd. Nano edge bezel touch display in a 14 point three inch chassis. It offers an impressive 80 screen to body area. Which means that you can see more in less space.

This device emits up to 274 nits of brightness and since it s relatively bright compared with previous models. The zenbook offers limited viewing angles. With color darkening. Furthermore.

The battery life comes. Evidently improved. Giving you an amazing up to 13 hours of autonomy..


This unit also includes fast charge technology that lets you recharge the battery up to 60 capacity in just 49 minutes. Which is a great thing. Because it lets you get decent battery life. Even.

If you re in a hurry finally. If you take into consideration price. And performance. The asus zenbook flip could be your best choice at number 2.

It s the asus zenbook ux302 nall. The rules to provide the biggest screen possible when it comes to getting things. Done everyone agrees that a bigger display is a better display because it makes multitasking. Easier and entertainment.

More immersive. This is the case with the zenbook ux302 stunning laptop. Which will fulfill your needs design wise. It s available in four colors to match your style like royal blue rose gold quartz gray and shimmer gold.

It s mostly metallic construction is well made and also fairly practical the same book is equipped with a full sized backlit keyboard that features a sturdy single piece design to deliver a superb typing. Experience the 14. Millimetre key travel gives you a comfortable feel. While the touchpad is cleverly engineered for maximum comfort.

And accuracy with a glass covering for smooth control. It features palm rejection technology and supports multi finger. Suzan handwriting. This unit has a decent selection of ports on the right.

Side there s a usb 30. Port and an sd card reader on the left side you ll find a micro hdmi port a usb. 30 port a 35 millimeter audio jack and a usbc connector this particular model comes with an eighth generation intel core i7 processor it houses an nvidia geforce mx 150 graphics card a ram memory of 16 gigabytes and a storage of 512 gigabytes on a solid state drive. So you have enough memory for super fast app loads moving on this device features a 14 inch nano edge.

Anti glare display. Which has a full hd resolution of 1920 to 1080 pixels. It also has an ultra wide 100 srgb color gamut which means it can display more accurate and more vivid colors than a standard display thanks to wide view technology. The contrast and color reproduction.

Won t be degraded at viewing angles of up to 178 degrees making. It perfect for collaboration additionally. A special 50 watt hour lithium polymer battery. Gives the zenbook up to nine hours of life.

So you don t have to worry about deteriorating battery performance in general those who ve purchased this laptop claimed that it offers great gaming performance and that it s perfect for everyday use overall if you re looking for an ultra portable laptop. This one should definitely be on your purchase list and top of the list today at number one it s the lenovo thinkpad x1 yoga. If you re looking for the best overall laptop. Which impresses with its design and slick performance.

Thanks to new silicon from intel and blindingly fast storage. Our first recommendation is the lenovo thinkpad x1 yoga. There s plenty to like about this product..


However. We ll focus on the most important features next aesthetically speaking the first impression of the x1 yoga is that it s an elegant machine with a slick matte black or silver finish. Plus. The signature red dot motif.

The material here is a carbon fiber hybrid that offers unique durability and strength while remaining lightweight on the left side of the. Unit you ll find a usb 30. Port and two thunderbolt three ports on its right side. There are the docking thinkpad.

Penn. Pro a headphone jack the mini ethernet port a usb 30. Port. An hdmi port and a security lock slot.

The keyboard features the new wave design. Meaning that when the machine is closed the keys retract. They also do this. When the hinge.

Passes a hundred and ninety degrees for. Tablet use the. Keys also feature 14. Millimeters of vertical travel.

So it feels great to type on as for performance. The thinkpad x1 yoga packs. An eighth generation intel core i7 processor with 16 gigabytes of ddr3 ram and 512 gigabytes ssd drive. It also houses the intel uhd 620.

Built in graphics. With these stats. We can easily say that this device offers an all round fluid. Experience the display has a 14 inch wq hd resolution display with the 2560 by 1440 pixels ellucian.

Which can cover up to a hundred percent of the adobe rgb color gamut the screen also has a brightness of up to 500 nits the most interesting thing about the display. Though is that it supports dolby vision hdr for greater brightness contrast and color palette. This makes the screen look more vibrant and dynamic with deeper blacks and greater color range. Moreover i have to admit that the battery life isn t the strongest side of this product.

It can handle up to around 6 hours and 24 minutes. Which isn t something extraordinary at least. It charges quickly having rapid charge technology that can get the device back to 80 capacity in just 60 minutes overall. If you re looking for the best surely.

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