Best 2-Bay NAS 2020 (so far)

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“And welcome back and today. I want to talk about the very best to ban ban hours to buy from every brand right now at the beginning of 2020 let face it whether it s your first tippy toe into the world of network. Attached storage or you re looking to buy an upgrade your existing to buy model. Now at the beginning of 2020.

The results of new and old equipment available. And because nance has been around for so long there s an enormous number of devices to choose from what i want to help you guys with today is a few things one all to help you choose the right nas brand for your data. Which is almost as important as it allows you by itself. Because the brand represents both the software you re going to use the hardware they choose for you and more importantly in the event of failures or issues in the future you want to know that the brand is gonna back you up and although all the nouns brands.

I talked about on the channel. Quite frankly all have a very rigid structure of support their priorities and what they will provide to you do change between brands and ultimately that could help you choose which one of them deserves your money and ultimately your data. The other thing i want to talk about is whether it s worth buying new or old because even though. This video is being recorded right at the start of 2020 in ghent january 2020.

Degree in precise chances are they re just a handful of months down the line. These choices may have been superseded by something bigger or better so do bear that in mind about the time at which you re buying these devices. But without further ado let s get into the meat and veg of today s video so regardless of whichever one of these two bonuses. I m going to pick one from each brand that you decide to go for it s worth highlighting the regardless.

You will get the following one you will get an ad that has got at least two years of warranty or in some cases three years of warranty from the brand. It will support the very latest hard drives and ssds that are commercially available. Which currently is around 4 tb for commercial grade ssds and up to 16 terabytes in commercial hard drive from seagate on wolf and 14 tb from wd red regardless of which one of these you go for you will get a support of raid. 0 raid.

1 and j bot. Which means you can either have loose drives or have the two drives mirrored or combine the storage or and in some cases specialize raised specifically. Available to that brand also which regardless of which one of these you go for you are going to get an ads that can support plex media server have a surveillance platform or at least be usable as surveillance software map score each if it doesn t have its own platform or utilizing it for simple multimedia streaming of photos videos music and just general file sharing all of them as parents today. Support access over the network and the internet and all of them as france were talking about today are supported by windows by mac or ios and android.

So if you are one of these users. Any of them are going to be accessible to you but without further ado let s get into my first choice are we gonna talk about synology nas right now the best to base analogy. Now s that you can buy at the start of 2020. And if you re going right for the very best.

It is the ds seven one eight plus now yes. This now. It is over two years old and we re still waiting on the newer generation from synology. But i think unless they re gonna really upgrade that cpu.

I don t think you re gonna get full far wrong of the seven one eight plus before i get onto that why to synology well one this device has got three years of warranty from them. And have a very very good presence worldwide which means regardless of wherever you are in the world. You will probably get very good turnaround on things like an rma or tech. Support also their brand is very very user friendly they re one of the most user friendly nas devices that you can currently buy in terms of to setup and the user interface it may be a little too user friendly for more technically versed.

But we ll get onto that later on top of that if you re a mac user you will love their user interface the dsm platform 62. With dsm 7 just around the corner does provide a huge amount of user friendly appeal and kind of novice hand holding that a number of you new to this world will definitely take advantage of and now another thing that you get with serology. Now is only is sh are so nology hybrid raid. The ability to mix and match drives inside your device.

Now that s not something you re going to take advantage of from ddot chances are the first driver you put inside this device. Whether it s one or two are going to be the same capacity at the beginning. But years down the line you may want to mix things up with bigger and better drives and shr allows you to do that if you want more information on shr open up another tab and type in what is si job. We ll look the back you find my video there.

But let s talk about the dea seven one eight plus. It s by far the most powerful two way they ve ever released and the dea seven one eight plus of right or the quad core. Intel. Based cpu.

The j s 34 55. So this four core x86 chip. Cpu. Six you know 64 bit architecture is a.

15 gigahertz cpu that can be burst after 23. Gigahertz per core. It also rides with two gigs of ddr3 elm memory that can be upgraded to six gig officially. The device can also be expanded by another five base and on top of that device arrives with two lan ports on the rear.

Meaning that you can link our going after two gigabit ethernet connectivity. With this device now i know it may be looking a little bit long in the tooth. But as to bein a c s go..


It s very hard to beat. If you re looking at us phonology. Nat. And as i say other than upgrading that cpu.

There s not much more they can do to this device. Maybe the network port in 2020. As well to make this more appealing to you with the added bonus to a new synology to base such as the des 720 plus. If that ever arrives.

We ll definitely arrive at a higher price tag. Which means that this one may become quite. The bargain now. It s worth mentioning this now gives you the very best performance in the to buy from things.

Like btrfs is a file system to really get the best performance possible and things like surveillance station ran at their very very best for a to bay on this device. Don t get me wrong btrfs surveillance station. Salalah g s multimedia applications. Knology drive synology chats.

Phonology officer knowledge email or an active backup suite and virtual machine. With serology. Virtual machine manager are all available on other more powerful sorrentinos devices. But this is the best entry level to all of those services and talking about mbti fs.

Although it s available on other announced platforms in my performance comparison of btrfs in simple read write upload download and 10 gbe it performed the best on this platform than any other even though btrfs is available on other platforms synology really knows their way around their architecture. And generally gives you a lot more out the hardware on offer. But if you re looking for another nice brand let s move on a little further. Let s talk about qnap.

Let s face it i can t talk about synology without talking about qnap and qnap have a number of to base solutions that have been released over the last few years and although right now the one i m gonna recommend may not be the most powerful to buy currently on offer from them it s definitely the most modern and seems to give the most right nail and at the beginning of 2020. I strongly recommend you check out the soon to be released and by soon. I m in a matter of weeks. The kidnaped es 251 d.

Now. This is a lovely little tube and although. The cpu doesn t technically produce more power than the 2 v. 3 b.

Ii released a year and a half ago it s worth mentioning in the new ts2 5 1. D. Gives you quite a lot for your money. And at a very very affordable price tag.

Now key nap as an ass brand. Doesn t provide you with things. Like serologies hybrid ride fluid right system. And this device.

Only arrives with 2 years of warranty versus 2. 3. Years on that phonology. But it makes up for it.

And just in an extraordinary fashion. First and foremost. The cpu inside is significantly more efficient and gives you so much. More for.

The typical power. Usage. Arise with the j 4. 0.

0. 5 cpu a dual core. 20 gigahertz cpu that can be burst up to 27. Gigahertz.

It supports 4k transcoding and 1080p transcoding both in terms of local output. And i i plex media server. Although not the tippity tippity top you might expect from an i3 or an i5 on top of that the device arrives with hdmi output and usb port that support everything from external storage to wi fi dongles to keyboards mice and peripheral devices to let you control the output of this nat..


The hdmi on there this is a sick 60 frames per second 4k output in the form of hdmi 20. I which is a big big deal because with this device deriving at arriving at the price point that it does for a tube. A you are getting a hell of a lot for your money in terms of efficiency and output on top of that the sky is the limit because even though it arrived with 2gig of ddr4 memory it can be upgraded to 8 gig more than the serology 1. We talked about and this the pcie slot on the rear allows you to upgrade even further with this pcie slot.

Allowing you to add third party unofficial. Cards that allow you to. Add. 10.

Gb a 25. Gb e. 5. Gba.

And even some higher connections. As well. It also allows you to connect m2 ssd cache and nvme ssd cache cards as well. So the kind of fluid growth of this device and the upgrade ability makes it exceptionally appealing along with a much more modern and efficient cpu in terms of what it can do graphically and more now as a brand qnap differs from synology in a few small ways first and foremost their software their graphical user interface known as qts currently qts 441 is only a pinch less user friendly than the synology.

But what it makes up for its being so so much more customizable and you don t even need that much user experience. Because there was a time when i would compare the synology and kidnapped and software user interfaces and say that the synology was more user friendly. But more simplistic ristic unit was a little bit tougher to get your head around only a little but arrived with far more potential and ability and configuration but you not have carved their own way in what they do and. 441.

Is incredibly intuitive application now with a host a whole host of first party apps. That make have really changed the way i look at that software with things like hybrid backup sync with hybrid mount hydra. Backing sims. 3.

But hybrid backup sync. 3. By the way is one of the best backup and synchronization tools. I ve ever used i ve got to say on top of that there are own multimedia applications and support a third the applications as well as providing much better hardware option.

So you can use your own third party apps to a much higher extent make both to nap. Now s an attractive and appealing option for power users as well as being affordable too. But that s the main two brands that we always talk about on the channel. Let s talk about the other one so once it don t quite get exposed as much let s talk about asus tour with that nimbus tour this is a tube announcer.

I have harped on about for most of 2019 and into the beginning of 2020. It is still worthy of your attention. The nimbus thought is one of the most affordable bays on this list with asus tour. Arriving or the host of applications that kind of find a middle ground between first and third pi.

Support and they have really improved. Things i ve done a few years when i first talked about them here on the channel. A couple of maybe two and a half years ago. I mentioned that they seem to not give a great deal of first party stuff compared with third party coverage.

But they found a better balance now in 2020. With the latest update of their adm software. The platform itself. It s nowhere near as notorious as juniper in technology as far as purchased ability.

And where you can find it across the world. Although. They do have a very very good footing compared with other lesser brands underneath them on top of that idm arrived with a lot of first place all for things like surveillance with their own surveillance center application. Which although isn t quite as fluid and smooth as salons your kynapse offering.

It s still pretty damn close on top of that they ve got their own first party application for handling music photos and video and support or third pi applications. Some of which you cannot find on other platforms. So i recommend you check out the live demo of idm to find out more about that on top of that this device arrives with a couple of years of warranty. But you can also have add on packages warranty extensions and different and different cloud services bolted to it that are not available in this way.

With other brands case in point. So now linking up have kind of their own backup management and cloud bakit. Backup management tools or it s one tool that can explore the cloud services. Which again is very very good.

One swiss army knife tall for handling cloud arcing basically mastan has in usb backups. But with isis door. They have got that tall..


But also individual tools for each cloud provider. So they ve got a dropbox tour. They ve got a google. Draw tool and if you want a far more bespoke application for that one cloud management tool.

All usb management tools you just want to focus on the one this may be open to you rather than a swiss army knife. Again there s arguments for both sides on there but in my overviews of idm particularly on their nimbus door for that i was using you can see what i mean by the comparison between them so i recommend you check those out. But if we talk about the nimbus thor. We can talk a little bit more about the device itself now the comparisons between the nimbus.

Thought and that came out. And asked the ts 5 1. D. Are pretty clear.

They both use the same cpu. The j4 0 05. That we talked about and they both arrived with ddr4 memory that can be upgraded officially to eight gig. But the nimbus thought to arrives was an extra little feature under the.

Belt it arrives with 25. Gb e ports and standard two of them to be precise. Which means we link aggregation. This device can support up to five gigabit ethernet.

Something not available on the other platforms. And something if you re someone is buying an ass for pc gaming. If you re using it for editing of large raw files will be very appealing to you also this device arrives at a lower price than this analogy and the qnap offering so again very very appealing. Indeed.

And although. They don t have the blanket coverage or the market share. That s ranjan qnap have it s still a very impressive product. So what follows this i want to talk about a brand that i talk about a lot.

Namely terra. Master. Now terra master is probably the smallest brand of all the ones. We re going to talk about they ve not been around as long a synology qnap or isis door.

But i definitely carved their piece of the pie and with a huge ability to be found on the website. Such as amazon. Then you see that they have a driving market. Share for the economic buyer.

Other people that have got a little less money to spend and are looking for value now the f54 to to niles this to bei that they have been producing is a great little to bei also the f to for to to it is a quad core to bein. As it s got the same cpu as the d s. Seven. One eight plus.

It also arrives with four gig of ddr3 l memory. But it arrives with one hardware feature. I have never seen one or two bayonets and if you re looking for economical purchases or you re looking for an as well you re more interested in using your own third party client applications for your windows or mac systems or mobile devices. And are looking for a rugged reliable set up forget storage.

The terra master might be for you because. This device arrives with that quad core cpu and support the same hard drives and ssd. But it arrives with four lan port on the rear. That s right it can have up to four tables linked aggregated into 4gb.

8. Which with two hard drives or a hard drive and ssd you can get the full potential speed of that raid one environment via those two those four lan. Ports and although it lacks the 25. Gb that we talked about from the acer store.

This is an old earnest and the lowest priced of all foreign assets. We re talking about today. Remember. The keynote and the asus for dual core modern cpu sure.

But with the tera master arriving at a notable low priced an austere or fourth and acid. I m talking about today. It is definitely one for the people are more interested in hardware than software..


Let s talk about tarot master. The brand again in terms of support and kind of worldwide presence. They re the least no to earn notorious of the form by notorious are you hearing the negative word they try to skip away from that where they do live is huge is a huge presence on amazon. And they wouldn t have a prince on amazon.

Without things like prime and their own policies to maintain and stay the course and basically keep in customers good books so in terms of stockage. And when there s returns of items. Then certainly they do have a swift rma and turnaround policy. But it all depends if you re buying from amazon and relying more on there turn policy and replacement policy than the brand itself.

Because if you do have a problem then i can speak from personal experience from a couple of years ago. If you do have an issue and i run with a psu failure got that turnaround new unit next day so they ve got that going for them via the amazon system. But how much of that was amazon how much was them that s what you guys to decide i guess and because we ll never really know but fast the brand in the unit s concerned they have support btrfs just like synology just like a shoe store. They have got support of synchronization tools.

They ve got our own virtual machine platform. Again all four of them as rounds were talking about today. I ve got that but they don t have their own dedicated surveillance platform. Only being available as mapped network storage.

And more and as far as the brand goes. There s a reason that they are at the economic end of the scale. More than anyone else. And that s because although their first party storage is very good and the tos software is pretty impressive for what it is these days.

There s still no denying that off the for that kind of their designs. The most dated of the law and their software feels a little behind the others and although. It s pretty polished and pretty fluid. It s not as intuitive and definitely not as smoother running as serology tunip or asus door right now.

But besides a few pennies definitely want to make your list now what about business. Because it isn t just home users or you know a couple of guys that work above a shop that are using two bonuses. What about bigger business. Bigger business vendors such as netgear buffalo.

And more do have their own range of too. Many devices and i do recommend you check those out in fact tarot master and doctoral master. Buffalo actually have a two by 10 gbe now solution something i have never seen before an it get of a number of solutions that are rugged as hell. But this software not great and although there are other brands that we re not going to talk about today like the zyxel.

If that s how it s pronounced and drobo and more these are brands that although they are existing in the tube. A market they re not i don t really have a presence and i don t recommend them for you but in terms of tube. I used to buy at the start of 2020. These are my four picks one per of the brand.

If we look at the synology once again. It s the diaz set morning. Plus. We look.

At q nap. Mr. Brand new ts. Two five one d.

If we look at isis stories. Of course nimbus store to and from terra master. It is that f2 series do check those out. I will be doing a video.

Just like this on for base and eight base and trust me things are getting you get a lot more powerful. So if you ve got a recommendation that didn t make this list or you think of one of these now c. s isn t the best to break from that brand then do let me know in the comments. But otherwise glossy as you ve enjoyed this kit subscribe to learn more and i ll see you next time thank you for watching spam tv.

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