Best Accessories For Samsung Galaxy S7 And S7 Edge

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“Guys adam lobo here this samsung galaxy s7 edge was released way back in march march this year but when the samsung galaxy note seven had the battery issues which of forced them to stop their production or phone and with the release of two new colors for the samsung galaxy s7 edge which is a blue coral and the glossy black which is scheduled to release. Really really soon a lot of people have been jumping into the s7 edge bandwagon. I too was one of those people as i have always been a fan of the samsung galaxy series coming from the samsung galaxy note. 2 2d not for i was eagerly waiting for the note 7 since there was no note.

6. As they wanted to keep the s series phones number consistent. So is either that you just got one or maybe you have gotten it for a while by wondering what are the other gadgets that complement the best for your new device. I ve got you covered as this is the 6 best as a series for samsung galaxy s7 edge now for the first accessory is the external microsd storage for your samsung galaxy s7 edge if you don t need another sim you can definitely take the advantage of the microsd slot as it will definitely give you great storage games samsung has mentioned that the s7 edge supports up to 256 gigs but i went for the 64 gig as it was a more affordable option be sure to get a class 10.

Version for you to have faster write and read speed for your phone. Next is a virus vrs design hi pro shield case as slick as the s7 h. Is it is also bound to be very slippery with the gloss finish therefore with any phone that you purchase. There definitely is a need for you to protect the phone and this phone case was perfect because of his slim profile.


But hardy case. It is made of polycarbonate hot frame and a tpu impact resistant. Layer which has a 15. Mm layer to protect the front of the screen.

When the screen is laid down flat and the overall tpu body also absorbs shock upon impact the case is compared with wireless charging capabilities with the case on and since the frame is not made of metal like its previous version of the case. It won t be interfering with the gps signal as well and of course it looks really really classy. And it s available in different colors. Such as dark silver satin silver shine gold and rose gold.

Following. That is the samsung fast charge wireless charging stand. It is a follow up to the charging pad. Which was introduced before this charging.


Stand. The charging stand is quite simple as it charges phone wirelessly four key enable devices including the previous variant of the samsung galaxy s6 and the s6 edge with fast aging capabilities to charge a phone by letting the phone stand. While it charges it requires a separate fast charging adapter. Which you will usually get bundle up with your phone to combine with this wireless charging stand and is available in black or.

White and for default item is the anchor power cord quick shut 30 portable charger yes there are so many portable power banks out there but the main reason. Why i choose this power bank was because of. These 24 watt. Quick charging capabilities and a small built.

Of. 39. X. 25 times.


09. Inches in dimensions. With the power button on the side. To show the battery level as well it comes included with the microusb cable a travel pouch and with the amount of 10000.

Qualcomm capacity this device proves that is definitely tiny but mighty another device is another day oh damn it another great device which gives you great battery gains is the samsung galaxy s7 edge backpack battery case this stylish and functional case not only gives you three thousand one hundred milliamps of power which you could recharge your phone approximately 90. But also gives you good production for your phone as it acts like a case by itself of course that also means that you need to remove your existing case. But you won t have wires dangling from your phone since it s charging the device wirelessly as well there s also a battery indicator. Bar at the top of the case.

And it comes in with black silver brown and gold. Last but not least is the hp 64 gig usb 30. Otg flash drive yes. I was wondering what the otg stands for but until i googled it i found out it means on the go ot g on the go yeah.


This flash drive will benefit you if you want to transfer photos. And any files between your phone. And your laptop or pcs device. Easily by connecting the micro usb to transfer the files into the flash drive and then to your laptop or your pc devices so guys let me know whether if you have any suggestions of as a service which you think is important to where i ve missed out and you can put it any comments section below.

I ve also have a link of each of the items below as well for you to get them online hope you found this video. Helpful and hit the like button and subscribe to you please don t do that instead this is adam lobo and i ll catch you guys really. ” ..


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